The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire
The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

Typical Proceedings for a Personal 50th

  1. Accessional Procession directly after the minutes, usually comprising of; JD and SD, Lodge DC, District Team, Grand Officers, Distinguished Guests, APGM,
  2. APGM conducted to WM, who offers gavel and APGM accepts.
    The Birthday Boy is usually seated next to the SD.
  3. Salutations:         APGM x 5
    Past APGM x 5
    Senior Grand Officer x 3
  4. APGM gives opening remarks and introduces each member of the Delegation
  5. APGM announces Item No 4 on the Summons and requests that the Recipient is placed on a chair in the centre of the lodge.
  6. APGM requests:
    –          Minutes of Recipient’s Initiation to be read.
    –          Minutes of Recipient’s Installation to be read. Tribute to be delivered [usually by a member of the Lodge]
  7. APGM:
    –          Addresses the Lodge and the Brother concerned.
    –          Reads the Letter of Congratulations and the Illuminated Certificate before making the presentation to the Recipient.
  8. The recipient is paraded around the room, acclaimed and seated next to the SD.
  9. The presentation of any cheque donations to Masonic Charities made to the APGM.
  10. To collect Alms.
  11. Retire in Procession order.
    [The Recipient is normally included.]
  12. Other Lodge Business  [if applicable]
  13. To close the Lodge.