The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire
The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

UGLE Structure

The Province of East Lancashire (see Map below) extends from beyond Clitheroe in the North to Salford and Audenshaw in the South, from Bolton and Blackburn in the West to Colne, Todmorden and Mossley in the East. There are approximately 5500 Freemasons meeting at over 250 lodges; each lodge has a name and a number. Usually a number of lodges come together to share the same venue, usually a Masonic Hall, though not necessarily. There are almost 30 different Masonic Halls or other venues in East Lancashire. The Province of East Lancashire is one of 46 Provinces in England and Wales. The UNITED GRAND LODGE OF ENGLAND (UGLE) is the presiding body which looks after the administration of Freemasonry throughout the land and we all comply with the Constitutions and Guidance created by this body. The Head of UGLE is the Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent.


Provincial Structure

The Grand Master appoints a Provincial Grand Master to look after the management and administration of each of the Provinces. Each Provincial Grand Master is able to appoint a Deputy, a number of Assistant Provincial Grand Masters (dependent on how many Lodges are in the Province) and other Officers who serve the Province at a Provincial level.

Areas of the Province of East Lancashire

The Province of East Lancashire is divided into 6 Areas, each served by an Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM) who is responsible and accountable for the management of his Area. Each Area is divided into one or two Districts. The Provincial Grand Master (usually following the recommendation of the APGM) appoints a District Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and District Secretary to each of the Districts. Each District will also have a District Charity Steward, Almoner, Communications Officer, Mentor, Membership Officer, Recruitment Officer and sometimes others. The District Officers serve the Lodges which meet in the Masonic Halls within the District. The Map below schematically shows the Areas within the Province.

The District Structure

Each Lodge is a Private entity (albeit that they must follow the UGLE rules and exist by virtue of a Warrant provided by UGLE) managed and ran by its own team of Officers. A Lodge may have anywhere from 5 to 150 or more members although most, healthy Lodges will have 20 to 40 members. In the first few years after joining you may be interested in taking Office within the Lodge. There are progressive positions that most Freemasons naturally follow after joining, ultimately leading to you becoming the Master of the Lodge for 12 months (Worshipful Master). There are also fixed, administrative positions where an individual may take office for a number of years.

View the district structure by area of the province

Lodge Structure

The progression through to senior roles within a Lodge, within the District or within the Province can be seen in much the same way as a person progressing in his career, each promotion bringing greater understanding and responsibility. For many this is the route they follow and Freemasonry has helped many build in confidence and tackle new challenges. For others, they are happy to site on the sidelines or may take much greater interest in ritual, mentoring new brethren, assisting with social or fundraising activities. It is really a big ‘machine’ where everyone has a part to play, a contribution to give. Some see Freemasonry as a gentleman’s dining club, others really commit themselves to the Order and it becomes a very important part of their and their families lives. However you ultimately see Freemasonry as part of your life, there will be a welcoming space for you to fill where we will do our collective utmost to make sure you feel that you belong.