The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire
The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

Tercentenary of the UGLE

Brethren and Companions,

2017 marks the Tercentenary of the United Grand Lodge of England. This is a pivotal period for English Freemasonry. It brings with it enormous opportunities for celebration, for fun, for pride in who we are and what we represent, to engage with our communities and to grow our Order. National plans and initiatives within our Province are well in hand to make the most of all that 2017 has the potential to bring. Within all of this will be our potential to make the most of recruitment opportunities. On these pages we share with you just some of the things taking place and the exciting opportunities you will have to get involved.

 Most importantly of all, how would you like to celebrate your history, your Lodge, your Masonic heritage? Under the direction of our Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, your District Teams will be seeking your help in coming up with ideas unique to your Lodges and Masonic Halls, to help publicise Freemasonry and make it easy for potential new Masons to find out about us. Your District Teams will keep us informed and allow us to share with you everything that is going on.

 I hope you will see that apart from some key events, the Tercentenary is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your membership of our unique Order, have pride in all it has done and put the Fun, Family, Fellowship and Fraternity into Freemasonry – and all in our very special year. We will keep you regularly updated about all of the above and much more besides; moreover, to seek your assistance in making 2017 a year to remember. Together, let’s make 2017 the year it should be. It’s your year. Be part of it.

 It is my sincere wish that the whole membership of our Province take the opportunity to engage in our celebrations and moreover, look to also mark the tercentenary in their own way and within their own Lodges, Districts and Areas.

 This is a singular opportunity to be proud of our Masonic heritage and showcase to our communities and within them, potential members, who we are and what we represent.

RW Bro Sir David Trippier, RD, JP, DL

United Grand Lodge of England

History of the Union

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Celebrating 300 Years of Modern Freemasonry

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Tercentenary Jewel

The Tercentenary Jewel was advertised in Freemasonry Today in June and is offered for sale at the cost of £20 via Letchworths at: A good number of our members have already ordered one. For your information, Letchworths are also the supplier of the Tercentenary lapel pin and the new Craft Tie.

The jewel will be ‘permanent’ and may therefore be worn by qualified Brethren of the English Constitution for the rest of their lives. The jewel may be worn only by Master Masons (and above), but any Brother who will at any time between 24th June 2016 and 31st December 2017 have been a

member of a Lodge under UGLE, will qualify for it. (Those who are EAs or FCs will be entitled to wear the jewel as soon as they have completed their Third). The Pro Grand Master hopes that Grand Officers – who normally wear no breast jewels other than the Royal Arch jewel – will wear it throughout the period, and will not feel obliged to stop wearing it after the end of 2017.

The modern practice is for the jewel of the Royal Arch to be worn on the left breast, (nearest to the centre of the body if other breast jewels are worn). The Book of Constitutions does not prescribe this, but it would accord with that practice for the Tercentenary Jewel to be worn to the left of the Royal Arch Jewel (if a Brother is entitled to wear it).

Although Royal Arch Regulation 84 would allow the Tercentenary Jewel to be worn with Royal Arch regalia, it is suggested that this should not happen and it only be worn at Craft meetings.

Other Merchandise

In addition, UGLE have also licensed the production of polo shirts and caps bearing the special Tercentenary branding. The high quality 100% cotton polo shirts available in white or navy blue are embroidered with the distinctive UGLE 300 years logo. A one size quality 100% cotton baseball cap with logo available in navy blue completes the range.

Place your orders using the form which can be access here, and if you need further details at Redcliffe Regalia on 0117 9628622 or by email at:

There is also to be a new tie. At a distance it looks very similar to the Craft tie introduced about 15 years ago, but it incorporates the new version of the square and compasses which has been adopted as our new logo in the run-up to the Tercentenary. While the old Craft tie may continue to be worn, it will go ‘off-sale’ from 24th June – so if anyone offers to sell you an ‘old’ tie brand-new after that date, you will know how to react.


Use of the UGLE logo and brand, is the subject of a legal agreement to preserve copyright. All proposals to use the branding on merchandise must be submitted for approval in advance to the Brand Manager at UGLE. In the first instance, any queries must be sent via the Provincial Grand Secretary.

Finally and by way of summary, further details concerning all events both national and Provincial will be issued as and when they become available. It is the sincere wish of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master that the whole membership of our Province take the opportunity to engage in our celebrations and moreover, look to also mark the tercentenary in their own way and within their own Lodges, districts and areas.

This is a singular opportunity to be proud of our Masonic heritage and showcase to our communities and within them, potential members, who we are and what we represent.

Forthcoming Events

The Tercentenary celebrations are being held at various levels. Nationally, the Tercentenary will be marked at a meeting to be held on 31 October 2017 at London’s Royal Albert Hall, which will be followed by a banquet at Battersea Evolution; arrangements are progressing well. More than 190 Grand Masters from around the world have been invited as our guests, and although many would wish to bring several other brethren from their Constitutions to accompany them at those events, it has been explained that there is great demand for the available places.

Instead, those other brethren, along with wives and partners, are being invited to a parallel, ticketed event in the Grand Temple at Freemasons’ Hall, where proceedings at the Royal Albert Hall will be streamed live. This facility will also be offered to the Metropolitan, Provincial and District Grand Lodges.

On 30 September 2017, UGLE will also hold a Grand Ball in Freemasons’ Hall. The Temple will be transformed with an illuminated dance floor, while surrounding rooms will host bars and buffet areas, with food and drinks included in the one price.

Other events in 2017 include the opening of the Freemasons’ Memorial Garden at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire on 18 April; the unveiling of the Victoria Cross Paving Stones at Freemasons’ Hall on 25 April; the classic vehicle rallies across the country between May and July; and a series of organ concerts.

Learn more about forthcoming events.