Holy Royal Arch of East Lancashire
Holy Royal Arch of East Lancashire


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This new section of our website is aimed at you as the Chapter Scribe E. Your comments / suggests on how we might improve this section would be welcomed and appreciated. Please email your comments to Susan O’Neill on: secretariat@eastlancsmasons.org.uk

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Chapter Scribe E’s Handbook

Scribe E’s Handbook

Current Online Forms available

Honours 2018/2019

Documents and application forms relating to Provincial Honours for 2019 can be viewed and downloaded here

Revised Royal Arch Registration Form
The latest RA Registration form can be downloaded here

Data Protection Notice
Please make all Exaltees, Joining or Re-Joining Members aware of this Notice

Personal 50ths / 60ths Celebrations
To submit information regarding Personal 50th / 60th celebrations, please click here

Change in Membership details
To inform the Secretariat of any change in membership detail, ie change of addresses [inc email], resignations, deaths etc please complete the online form here.

If you wish to apply for a Dispensation[s], please complete one of the online forms available here.

By Laws
If you wish to submit a change in your Chapter By Laws, please complete the online form here.

Summons Distribution
Summons Distribution list can be downloaded here.

Guidance Notes for Chapter Celebrations
Information on organising special Chapter Celebrations eg Centenaries, Golden Jubilees, etc please click here.

Are you reading this to every candidate, just prior to his Exaltation?

A Link to the Latest Copy of the Royal Arch Regulations