Royal Arch Presentation Team

The East Lancashire Royal Arch Presentation Team

Who are we?

The East Lancashire Royal Arch Presentation Team is a group of Royal Arch Masons who have performed various pieces of ritual and other presentations throughout the Province and beyond since 1992.


The team have an extensive repertoire, including a special version of the Exaltation Ceremony, demonstrating how Chapters can divide the ceremony between many Companions. It is an exciting and worthy example of a wonderful Exaltation. The team is also very adept at carrying out double and tripe exaltations.
The team also perform self-written presentations which bring the characters, places and events from our ritual to life. These lively presentations vary from witty to serious performances with a commentary intended to help Masons understand more about our history. We have presentations suitable for Craft Lodges, Mark Lodges and obviously Royal Arch Chapters.

Passing of the Veils Presentation

The Passing of the Veils is a very special ceremony which at one time was included in our progress to the Royal Arch. This presentation can only be performed with the authority of the Grand Superintendent. The Team is currently seeking permission to perform in the Southern area in 2019 and the Northern area in 2020. These presentations are only open to Royal Arch Companions.

Changes to the Team

During the past few months there have been a number of changes in the management of the presentation team. E Comp Dennis Heskett was appointed team leader and E Comp Chris Cunliffe appointed as the deputy.
The team is constantly evolving and seeking new members to support the stalwarts, many whom have been with the team for many years.

EComp John Hesketh


EComp Chris Cunliffe


The team had a busy year in 2018 with performances around the Province and beyond!
Blair Chapter Salford Craftier Companions Jan 18 with the Grand Superintendent in attendance
Hillsborough Chapter Sheffield Crafty Comps June 18 with the Grand Superintendent for Cheshire in attendance
Lodge of Concord Stockport Crafty Comps Oct 18
Egerton Chapter Audenshaw Double Exaltation Oct 18
Chapter of Friendship Audenshaw Triple Exaltation Oct 18
Red Rose of Lancashire Chapter Burnley An adaptation from 3 members including an insight into the Tribe of Levi
Ardwick Chapter Audenshaw Double Exaltation Nov 18


There are currently 2 confirmed presentations for 2019:
28thMarch Rochdale First Principles Chapter No 9211 Rochdale: The Raise and Fall of the Twelve Tribes of Israel
16 May Lodge of Godley (Cheshire) No 361 Crafty Companions although this is a trip to strange lands, and being an incomer, I am reliably informed that Hyde is not far for from Manchester!

It’s all about Fun

The overriding intention of the team is to have fun, and to pass on to Companions old and new, the pleasure we derive from the Royal Arch. But especially to highlight the Royal Arch and encourage Master Masons to join the order, additionally to reinvigorate those Companions whose interest has waned. It is the intention of the team to see a continuing expansion of the range of presentations along with more East Lancashire Masons to join us.
If you would like the ELRAPT to visit your Lodge or Chapter then please contact us through the team leader below. We do not charge for our attendance and we pay for all our meals and expenses. However we do ask for a donation to our Chapter Charity account of a minimum £150. Indeed the Chapter of Friendship (the home of the team) is a Grand Patron of the 2015 Festival.
Contact Details
EComp Dennis Heskett PProvGStdB
Mob 07719498607
or by email:

Discovered by one of our members E Comp Graham Rawlinson PProvGSN

The practises we follow are not meaningless and odd,
They are ancient and significant,
Lets us keep them, and let us explain them.