Holy Royal Arch of East Lancashire
Holy Royal Arch of East Lancashire

Educate – Stimulate – Retain


Each month when we visit our Lodge or Chapter the evening should be special and memorable, so that we look forward to our next meeting with keen anticipation. That may involve ensuring the company is good, the venue, meal and service are excellent and, as far as the meeting itself is concerned, that we learn something in an enjoyable, dignified and entertaining manner.

There should never be a masonic evening in which the business agenda fails to contain some valued masonic education, a short talk, a paper followed by a debate, some questions and answers etc. The papers and speakers are there to support the work of Mentors or whoever has responsibility for guiding and supporting the new brethren in your Lodge or Chapter.

The Education and Development Materials Subcommittee is responsible for the production of nearly all the material available through these pages and the work of the committee is designed to complement and support to the best of its ability the work of the Provincial Grand Mentor and Provincial Grand Orator. The tables below will show you what is available.

These are available to Chapters to download and to deliver in their own Chapters

Some Features of the Royal Arch
A 30 minute lecture giving some interesting detail on aspects of the Chapter furniture and explaining the meaning and derivation of some of the ritual workings
Royal Arch Closing Eulogy
As it says: let us never forget our heritage and past
Stories booklet
A collection of 5 minute papers on separate characters and aspects of the Royal Arch
The Story of the Two Scribes
A paper explaining the Scribes - Ezra and Nehemiah
Peerings from within the Royal Arch
An interpretation and explanation of the Royal Arch for Companions
Readings for Peerings within the RA
An interpretation and explanation of the Royal Arch for Companions
There some things I didn't know
A collection of 5 minute papers on people, places and things from the Royal Arch
The Royal Arch Jewel
An explanation by EComp Jack Leggett PGStB
Origins of the Royal Arch
The thoughts of EComp John Hamill PGSoj
Chapter Officers
Protocols and brief descriptions of the various officers
The Grand Sanhedrin
Presentation by EComp Richard Crane PGTreasurer
The Legend of the Royal Arch
Historical perspective of the Secret Vault
Mystical Characteristics
A brief explanation of the Triple Tau and the Triangle

These papers are not Downloadable

This second section is a list of knowledgeable and experienced Masons who are available to visit your lodge and to present a paper of your choice from this database. This section provides contact details and a synopsis of the contents of the speaker’s paper.

The Royal Arch (About 30 mins)
harrison.dave@blueyonder.co.uk (Contact Author)
01942 -236267
The author’s personal view of the Royal Arch and what it means to him as a Mason.

Well, I didn’t know that! (30 mins)harrison.dave@blueyonder.co.uk (Contact Author)

01942 -236267

A talk that traces the history of the Royal Arch and goes on to explain much of today’s Exaltation ceremony.

The Royal Arch Certificate (About 20 mins)petermason5@talktalk.net (Contact Author)

01524 – 811244 Mobile: 07809 114984

Illuminated presentation of the Royal Arch Certificate. An explanation of its symbols with references to the history of the Order. (PowerPoint assisted)

Why should I join the Royal Arch? (About 40 mins)petermason5@talktalk.net (Contact Author)

01524 – 811244 Mobile 07809 114984

A talk for Master Masons in a Craft Lodge examining all the clues in the Craft ritual which tell us that there is yet more to learn after the 3rd Degree !

Symbolism and Royal Arch Masonry (About 45 mins)dennis.c.brierley@hotmail.co.uk (Contact Author)

01204 533644

From whence it came. Chart illustrations with paper.