Holy Royal Arch of East Lancashire
Holy Royal Arch of East Lancashire

Royal Arch Provincial Grand Mentor

The ME Grand Superintendent has recently appointed EComp Brendan Harte as the Provincial Grand Mentor.  This is a new position within our structure and has very different duties, responsibilities, ideas and functions from those in the Craft. 


The aim of the Provincial Royal Arch Mentor is to pursue Mentoring programmes, initiatives and activities to support Chapters in the development and growth of Freemasonry in the Province of East Lancashire, in particular: –

  • Implement policy set by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in conjunction with the Royal Arch Cabinet. Communicate, explain and emphasise such policy to the Royal Arch District Officers and other relevant parties
  • Increase the recruitment of new members to the Royal Arch
  • Provide pastoral guidance information and support to Brethren new to the Royal Arch.
  • Be a member of the Education and Development Committee and to assist in their programme in the development of Masonic knowledge within the Province, particularly in the field of Mentoring in the Royal Arch. Develop materials and resources together with the design and delivery of training related to the Royal Arch
  • Attend Regional and national forums as directed/invited on developments in Mentoring in order to allow the Royal Arch Cabinet to assess their value in informing policy and objectives

The Provincial Mentor together with the Royal Arch District Officer and the Craft Lodge Royal Arch Representative will combine to become a formidable team to aid recruitment, retention and Retrieval in the Royal Arch

Recruitment and Retention of Brethren into the Royal Arch

One of the most important people in the recruitment of members of Lodges into the Royal Arch is the Royal Arch Representative in a Craft Lodge, who is ideally placed to introduce, at the right time, a member of his Lodge to that which the Chapter has to offer and is, of course, himself a seasoned and experienced Companion.

It is appreciated that this Officer is entitled to, and deserves support in his very responsible role. This will be provided by the Royal Arch District Officer of the (RADO), who will maintain a constant and supporting role to the Chapters within his District in co-ordination with the other District Officers, especially the District Chairman, and through him the Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM) for the Area, from whom he can expect the maximum amount of support and assistance.

The Provincial Grand Mentor for the Royal Arch, this is a new position within the structure and has very different duties, responsibilities, ideas and functions from those in the Craft, although there is a strong connection and liaison between the two Officers, who are working to a mutual ideal.   It is anticipated that these three Companions, the Lodge Representative, the RADO and the Provincial Mentor will combine to become a formidable team to aid recruitment into the Royal Arch.

Our attention now turns to having recruited the Companions, how do we ensure that they are happy, satisfied, fulfilled and remain with the Order for the long term.    To this end it is now suggested that every Chapter, who has not already done so, appoint a Chapter Mentor.   The role of the Chapter Mentor is very different from that in the Lodge. He is dealing with accomplished Masons, in expected and familiar company, who are used to the affairs of what has now become their Chapter, often with many friends from the `feeder’ Lodges and there is a `one to all’ atmosphere rather than a `one to one’ relationship.