Provincial Secretariat

The Provincial Secretariat
The ‘Illuminated Certificate’ and the ‘Letter of Congratulations’ duly signed by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master and any other additional information brought to the attention of the Provincial Grand Secretary, will be conveyed to the AProvGM in adequate time for the celebration. The Principal Officer and the Lead Officer will be notified when these are completed and ready for presentation
All brethren on the Schedule of Personal Celebrations, who achieve the personal attainment of 50, 60 or 70 years of service to Freemasonry, will be recorded in the report of Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire.
The ProvGSec is responsible for the ‘Illuminated Certificate’ and the ‘Letter of Congratulations’ duly signed by the ProvGM.
When the ProvGM or the DepProvGM is in attendance the Provincial Grand Secretary has overall responsibility for the administrative arrangements, including the Provincial Deputation.
On receipt of the confirmed details via Details of Celebration Form, the Provincial Secretariat will: –

  • reconcile the details with the computer database,
  • advise the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies of the agreed details for the celebration and
  • placing the appropriate information on the Provincial Website Calendar