The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire
The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

Provincial Almanac

For greater ease and accessibility for all our members, the Provincial Yearbook is now an Almanac which will be updated at regular intervals throughout the year. To allow any changes or amendments to be made, they can be advised at any time using the email address: Please advise on the actual page(s) the changes are required.

DO NOT send any updates or requests concerning it to the Secretariat or any other email address which the Province uses.

Please Note: This update link is ONLY for entries on the Almanac and should not be used to notify changes in the existing ‘Blue Book’.

To assist you, the Almanac has been broken down into three separate (PDF) files:


East Lancashire Almanac – Craft 

East Lancashire Almanac – Royal Arch

East Lancashire Almanac – Additional Orders 


These are all password protected and this has been circulated to all Secretaries and Scribes E. If you need to be reminded of it in the future, please contact your own Secretary/Scribe E or the equivalent position in your Order.


You will need an up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer/device for these files to open correctly.


Other information which was contained in previous Year Books can now be found on the relevant pages within our own website e.g. District Officer information and membership/structure of Provincial committees.


Additionally, all information concerning the East Lancashire Masonic Charity can be found by visiting:


Similarly, the Masonic Charitable Foundation information can be found by going to:


Lastly, the Year Book also contained useful advice for Secretaries/Scribes. That has for some time now been consolidated into guidance documents issued by the Province. These can be found by visiting the Secretariat pages at:


Please note that the password to access these documents must not be shared with anyone who is not a member of the Province of East Lancashire or a member of an Additional Order meeting within it. Furthermore, the contents of these documents – particularly contact information – must not be used or shared for any purpose other than for official Masonic business.