Lodge Secretary Check List

The Lodge Secretary
The Lodge Secretary should liase with the District Secretary regarding the administration of the celebration when an AProvGM is in attendance.
The Lodge Secretary may be advised by the District Secretary, or may already be aware, of a brother approaching 50 years service to Freemasonry. It is vital that the Lodge Secretary checks any joining member to the lodge as to his initiation date, especially those joining from another Province or Constitution  (eg Scotland).  This will ensure that no Brother will miss his potential celebration.
The Lodge Secretary should ensure that the:

  • application for a dispensation, if necessary, is requested,
  • spare Summons, Toast List and cheque/s are available on the night, together with any gift and the Dispensation, if applicable;
  • catering arrangements are in place.

The Lodge Secretary is responsible for providing the necessary information required by the AProvGM, via the District Secretary; Provincial Secretariat, ProvGDC or his nominee and Lodge Members.
At least 12 months prior to the achievement date, the Lodge should establish:
(a)   The Brother concerned is qualified by virtue of;

  • years of service;
  • being a subscribing or Honorary member of the Province.

(b)   A potential celebration date.

  • Under normal circumstances, no other business is conducted at this meeting so as not to detract from the celebration of the Brother.

(c)   The most appropriate type of celebration for the recipient’s personal circumstances. The options may be:

  • Formal, AProvGM, ProvDepGDC & District Delegation
  • low key; AProvGM and no Delegation
  • Private presentation by the AProvGM and/or a small number of Lodge Members at the members home, if not able to attend lodge.
  • The Illuminated Certificate posted directly to the recipient.
  • Any other variants can be advised by the AProvGM/District

The Lodge Secretary should then make a formal request to the District Secretary for the celebration to take place, using the Details of the Celebration Form shown in Appendix 1 to supply all the necessary information.
A lodge is expected to pay for the AProvGM, ProvDepGDC, District Chairman. All other delegates are aware that they will pay for themselves at the social board.
There are many variable considerations to be made to mark the formal occasion; amongst these the Lodge will need to decide whether:

  • a tribute is to be made to the Recipient;
  • to read the minutes appertaining to the Recipient’s;
    (a)        initial interview with the Past Masters,
    (b)        Initiation and
    (c)        Installation;
  • a donation is to be made to:
    (a)        A Masonic Charity,
    (b)        Local Charities.
    (Donations to Masonic Charities should be presented to the AProvGM during the Lodge Meeting);
  • A gift may be made to the Brother celebrating 50 years at the social board.

In order to facilitate adequate planning and preparation, which is essential for a successful celebration and the maximum enjoyment of all present at the occasion, the following should be forwarded to the District Secretary:

  • a draft copy of the Summons;
    Draft layout for the Business Agenda is shown in Appendix 2. No further items should be introduced or amended without the prior approval of the AProvGM.
  • a copy of the tribute, if requested,
  • the names of the brethren proposing or responding to a Toast at the Festive Board, using the Draft Toast List shown at Appendix 3,
  • a copy of the Toast and Response to item 7 on the Draft Toast List, if requested,
  • the CVs of the brethren pertinent to the occasion, if requested, (Appendix 4 comprises a Pro Forma Curriculum Vitae Form),
  • a draft of the Festive Board seating arrangements, (Appendix 5 – Seating at the Festive Board, Personal 50th Celebration, provides the associated protocol),
  • the name(s) and rank(s) of any Grand Officer(s) and Distinguished Guest(s) expected to attend the occasion,
  • the time, date and place of the normal Lodge rehearsal.

The Lodge Secretary must also send a Summons and a specific invitation to the celebration to each member of the Delegation.