Lodge DC

The Lodge Director of Ceremonies 
When the AProvGM is present the ProvDepGDC, will be responsible for the procedure during the evening and will be the Director of Ceremonies whilst the AProvGM is present during the Ceremony and the Festive Board, however, the Lodge DC will take responsibility at all other times, eg the Opening and Closing of the Lodge.
Two rehearsals usually take place, one on the normal practice night and the other, 1¼ hours before the actual Ceremony. Each rehearsal should take place in the Lodge room to be used and will be attended by a ProvDepGDC. The Lodge DC should attend and ensure that at least the WM, SW, JW, Deacons and Inner Guard are present.
Any special items to take place at the meeting or at the Festive Board [cheques, raffles or other presentations etc] should be discussed with the ProvDepGDC at the rehearsal.
The predetermined seating arrangements in the Lodge room for the Delegation, Grand Officers, Distinguished Guests and the Recipient should be reserved, preferably by the use of named reserved cards to be advised by the ProvDepGDC. The Recipient will be invited to sit next to the Senior Deacon. A spare seat will be needed for the WM and a spare chair will also be needed for the Recipient.