District Secretary Check List

The District Secretary
The District Secretary is usually the ‘Lead Officer’ and Principal Administrator when the AProvGM is in attendance.
He is responsible for the collation and the dissemination of information as required by the AProvGM, Provincial Secretariat, Lodge Secretary and ProvGDC.
The District Secretary will liaise with the appropriate Lodge Secretary regarding any unconfirmed celebration dates on the Schedule of Personal Celebrations. The Lodge Secretary should be advised of the respective brother’s approaching qualification date at least 12 months in advance.
On receipt of the Details of the Celebration Form from the Lodge Secretary, the availability of the AProvGM and his District Delegation needs to be ascertained.
Should the suggested date be unsuitable, the AProvGM will determine the date of the celebration after due consultation with the Lodge has taken place.
The District Secretary is asked to confirm all details and supply any outstanding information, after liaising with the Lodge concerned, prior to forwarding the Details of Celebration Form, to the Provincial Secretariat.
When the Brother is a Joining Member or has been a member of another Province or Constitution and subsequently the Initiation Date or the number of years of service cannot be validated locally, the Provincial Grand Secretary will make due enquiries if requested by the District Secretary.
It is normal practise for the District to present the recipient with a 50th lapel pin to be sourced by the District.
Membership of the attending Delegation must be finalised.
The following exchange of information should take place:

  • The Lodge Secretary informed as soon as possible of the names, rank and contact details of the Delegation.
  • The; Draft Summons, Toast List, Tribute, Toasts and Responses, CV’s, List of any Grand Officers or Distinguished Guests and the Seating Arrangements, to be forwarded, as required by the AProvGM.
  • The ProvDepGDC must be informed as soon as possible of the
    • Lodge normal rehearsal details,
    • name(s) and rank(s) of any Grand Officer(s) or Distinguished Guest(s),
    • name and ranks of the Delegation, and
    • parking arrangements and directions to the Masonic Hall.