Role Description

Role Description of the Lodge/Chapter Charity Stewards

1. Purpose of the role

To sympathetically encourage and maximise, through gift aid, personal contributions to East Lancashire Masonic Charity and to facilitate Lodge/Chapter fund raising initiatives in order to generate funds for the E L M C and for the care of the needy and participation in community based projects that will enhance the charitable perception of Freemasonry within the community.

2. Key Communication Links

The Lodge/Chapter Charity Steward will need to develop and maintain close liaison with:

  • Lodge/Chapter members;
  • District Charity Steward;
  • The Lodge Almoner
  • Representatives of the local Communities and Charities;
  • Lodge Charity Stewards within the District;
  • District Communications Officer
  • East Lancashire Masonic Charity Welfare Officer

3. Key Responsibilities

3.1 East Lancashire Masonic Charity
To be the East Lancashire Masonic Charity ‘champion’ by:

  • communicating their knowledge of the history, aims and achievements of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity;
  • advising Lodge/Chapter members of East Lancashire Masonic Charity finances and funding requirements;
  • attending the District Charity Steward’s forum;
  • Providing information to brethren regarding arrangements for donations, gift aid and communications with E L M C.
  • committing themselves to Provincial initiatives, workshops and training activities.

3.2 Community Activities
To raise the profile of Freemasonry in the Community by:
• building relationships with local charitable organisations and an understanding of community requirements;
• promoting and encouraging Lodge/Chapter members to support the East Lancashire Masonic Charity with donations and legacies, and community project initiatives
• identifying and promoting within the Lodge/Chapter worthy community projects which may require funds (including the East Lancashire Masonic Charity Community Fund) and/or brethren being charitable with their time;
• encouraging participation in District wide community projects;
3.3 Fund Raising
To reinforce one of the key characteristics of Freemasonry, charity and the care of the needy by:

  • sympathetically encouraging brethren/companions to make regular Individual contributions to East Lancashire Masonic Charity;
  • pro-actively initiating Lodge/Chapter charity events and initiatives;
  • sharing fund raising ideas with Lodge/Chapter members and other Charity Stewards;
  • encouraging the use of Gift Aid to increase the value of contributions.

3.4 Distribution of Funds
To manage the distribution of Charity by:

  • understanding and supporting the needs of the Lodge/Chapter Almoner;
  • informing Lodge/Chapter members of the work of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity and other Masonic and local charity/community requirements, which may also involve the giving of time;
  • adhering to constitutional procedures and Lodge/Chapter bye-laws.

3.5 Developing & Maintaining Relationships
To develop and maintain quality working relationships by:

  • understanding and being sensitive to the personal circumstances of Lodge/Chapter members;
  • participating in face to face meetings with the District Charity Steward;
  • participating in annual workshops with the District Charity Steward and other Lodge/Chapter Charity Stewards to share experiences, best practise and resolve problems.

3.6 Communications & Publicity
To help develop and improve the public perception of Freemasonry and ensure Lodge/Chapter members are kept fully informed of charitable/community activities and successes by:

  • ensuring the Communications Officer is kept informed of all charitable and community activities being undertaken by the Lodge/Chapter;
  • communicating community projects, initiatives and other charitable activities and their successes to Lodge/Chapter members;
  • participating in P.R. activities that will raise the charitable profile of Freemasonry in the community;
  • providing material for publication on the Web site.

3.7 Training & Development
To take personal accountability to develop the competencies required of the role by:

  • understanding the requirements of the role and the tools to enable its successful fulfilment, e.g. Charity Stewards handbook, East Lancashire Masonic Charity information, gift aid documentation etc.
  • participating in training events/workshops that will help in the development of the skills required and to learn from the experiences of others;

3.8 Administration & Accounts
To manage the administration, records and contacts necessary by:

  • understanding the constitutional requirements and Lodge/Chapter bye laws with respect to Charity fund accounts kept by the Lodge/Chapter Treasurer.
  • maintaining accurate records of all receipts and contributions made by members;
  • conforming to the regulations and requirements of Gift Aid forms provided by the East Lancashire Masonic Charity.
  • ensuring that completed documents are passed to the East Lancashire Masonic Charity, without delay, for processing with the Bank and Tax Office.