Craft Masonry of East Lancashire
Craft Masonry of East Lancashire


Recruitment and Membership

Building membership requires active contribution by every member. The aim is to attract and select new members, who would appreciate and enjoy Freemasonry in general and their Lodge in particular; and continue to become active members and future leaders.

Recent Research shows a great public interest in Freemasonry as well as great fun experienced by existing and joining members alike.

It is the role of the Lodge membership Officer (LMO) to co-ordinate and drive recruitment within the Lodge. However, he will be relying on Lodge members as ambassadors who would:

  1. Speak openly and honestly about their membership
  2. Make an active representation in the local community
  3. Communicate the values, attractions and contributions of Freemasonry

We welcome your ideas and experiences by using this link to your District Membership Officer.