Address From the Provincial Grand Master

Marketing, Recruitment and Retention

In February 2012, at his Installation at King George’s Hall , Blackburn, the Provincial Grand Master / Most Excellent Grand Superintendent said:


All new Provincial Grand Masters, when installed, normally convey their personal aspirations for their Province. As with all the other PGMs who have been kind enough to come to my Installation, we are united in our ambition to increase the number of Initiates into Freemasonry and retain more of those who have already joined. But, today, I want to be more specific.

The very best document that I have read on this subject has recently been prepared and carefully drafted by a team of very senior masons in this Province under the title “Marketing, Recruitment and Retention Strategy”, or MRR for short. It is an excellent document and I thank them for it. It not only points out the challenges, but spells out a clear strategy as to how we achieve the objective of increasing our membership of the Craft by 10% and attendance by existing Freemasons by 20% by the year 2015.
That then is my aim and I accept that it will require a seismic shift and a “Herculean” effort, but I do believe that together we can achieve it. Fundamentally it requires that each and every one of us is an Ambassador for the Craft. Not only to realise our ambition for new members, but to persuade the outside world that through the way we behave AND our significant charitable giving to non-Masonic charities, Masonry is an enormous force for good and a respected voluntary organisation whose ideals could and should be embraced by all those who believe in tolerance, kindness and integrity in a world today which badly needs tolerance, kindness and integrity so very much.

I am certainly prepared to play my part in lifting the profile of our Province. I want us to be in the vanguard of this great crusade working together — otherwise it could mean that we are “guarding the last van”.