Craft Masonry of East Lancashire
Craft Masonry of East Lancashire

Provincial Grand Almoner



Mark Davis – Provincial Grand Almoner

The Lodge Almoner’s remit is far broader than that, it requires patience, sensitivity, compassion, a listening ear, a caring heart and a lot of hard work.

We must never forget that those in difficulty do not necessarily want others to know about their predicament, and are sometimes reluctant to ask for help, East Lancashire folk are very proud and don’t like accepting Charity, but as Almoners we have to have the caring heart to show that we do care, that Freemasonry cares, that the East Lancashire Masonic Charity cares, and that it is not Charity we are offering it’s just a helping hand in times of difficulty.

The work involved by the Almoner can be time consuming, it can be frustrating, even heartbreaking in some cases, but there is a quiet reward in the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped a Brother or Companion and his dependants in their hour of need by reaching out to try to improve their quality of life.

Another important part that we must not forget is Pastoral Care, the phone call or visit to the widows and absent Brethren or Companions just to see if they are alright, something which is by no means the sole responsibility of the Almoner, it is the obvious duty of every Freemason and yet sometimes an important duty that we all neglect.

As the Provincial Grand Almoner working alongside the Welfare Officer, the Chairmen of the Benevolence Committee and the Comforts fund Committee, we are all part of a team dedicated to offering help and advice, to listen to any of your concerns and prepared to discuss ways in order to try to give the best help and assistance for those in need within this Province.

A willingness to listen
A pair of helping hands
A whisper from the heart that someone cares and understands
The gift of Friendship

Mark Davis, ProvGAlm
Provincial Grand Almoner

Address to Almoner

Brother Almoner,

You are charged by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master to have responsibility to the Lodge for the welfare of all its members, dependents and its widows. You are required also to ascertain those who may be in need and to dispense Masonic relief as necessary.

The understanding of the benefits that each of our Masonic charities can bestow, together with the process for obtaining the necessary assistance, is most important. The Deputy District Chairman acts in the capacity of District Almoner and he will be pleased to assist you in any way he can, especially in relation to the Provincial Support Services, which can be used by you in your particular role.

You will need to establish a bond of trust and discretion between yourself and those for whom you have the duty of care.

Brethren of the Lodge, I would remind you that it is your duty to help the Almoner by bringing to his attention every matter of possible interest, and to assist him at all times.

Brother Almoner, the Worshipful Master has appointed you to one of the most important and rewarding offices in the Lodge.

He has entrusted to your care the duty of ensuring that every needy case is satisfied.

I wish you every success and personal satisfaction as you carry out your important duties.