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It’s that time of year again when we can announce our annual Lets Talk Masonry conference, now in its 11th year. For those who have attended before you will be reassured to hear we have yet again an excellent selection of speakers to appeal to many different areas of interest within Freemasonry.
For those who haven’t attended before, with two general sessions and breakout sessions with a choice of six speakers in between there will be something to suit everyone. The Provincial Grand Master will be in attendance and will be looking forward to seeing lots of Masons enjoying this exciting and informative day.

The conference will be held as usual at Hemsley House in Salford on 30th March from 9am until 3.45pm. The cost of the day is £24 and will get you your ticket and a buffet lunch. Dress is smart casual and the event is open to all levels of Mason from Entered Apprentice upwards. There will also be, as usual, an excellent Masonic bookstall offering great bargains!

Keep your eyes open on the Provincial website for updates announcing the speakers and topics of the breakout sessions.

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9.00am – Registration Opens

10.15am – Introduction (Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master)

10.30am – Chris Powell “Climbing the Ladder”

11.00am – Break

11.15am – Breakout – Allan ShieldsPeter SmithJohn Acaster
12.00pm Breakout – Steven ReidJohn BeltonRichard Johnson

12.30pm Buffet lunch

1.30pm Tony Baker “The Knowledge of Your Self”
2.00pm Breakout – John AcasterRichard JohnsonPeter Smith
Breakout – Allan ShieldsJohn BeltonSteven Reid

3.00pm Question & Answer session: Powell and Baker
3.15pm Summary Chris Powell
3.30pm Closing remarks

3.45pm Departure

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Chris Powell

“Climbing the Ladder”

Chris Powell will look at the image of the ladder, as found on the First Degree Tracing Board, and describe how it symbolises each Freemason’s Masonic journey. He will then consider how as each Freemason climbs the ladder, he discovers more about things he has already experienced in earlier degrees and how the whole system joins together to form one, logical, connected whole from Entered Apprentice to Installed First Principal. Lastly, he will explain the indissoluble link between the Craft and the Royal Arch and how important it is for an understanding of what Freemasonry itself is all about – even the First Degree – not to stop half way up the ladder at the Third Degree and to complete the whole Masonic journey.

Tony Baker

“The Knowledge of Your self”

The Charge in the Third Degree guides ‘your reflections to that most interesting of all human studies, the knowledge of your self.’What does this mean? What kind of knowledge is it referring to? Can Freemasonry help us to gain this knowledge? And, if so, how?Tony Baker will explore these questions and some of the possible answers.



John Belton

‘Building Yourself an Inexpensive Masonic Library’.
There is no doubt that knowledge of freemasonry is key to any Brothers enjoyment of Masonry depends on that.  The session  will examine when to buy new books, second hand books  or to search out pdf copies of older books. We will explore the various ways of means of reconciling to desire to have knowledge at ones elbow with cost, space for a library and marital disapproval when yet another book drops through the letter box.

Allan Shields

My session will I hope give some prep thoughts to those who may be SD / JW or SW and approaching the masters chair. I will also discuss how it feels when you are finally relieved of your duty and what the future holds. I hope that Past Master’s will attend the session and add some input.

Richard Johnson

“Ritual – singing from the same hymn sheet?”
Masonic ritual is something we first experience in our mother lodge. But when we visit other lodges, we may find differences in how the degrees are performed, and the more we visit, the more differences we may find. Are the others all wrong? Are the others all right? Is variety really the spice of (Masonic) life?

Peter Smith

“What’s in it for me”

Steven Reid

The Royal Arch – where and how does it fit in with the Craft?

John Acaster

Are you a ‘bright Mason’?
A term used in early Freemasonry to distinguish merit was to discern that some Brethren were ‘bright Masons’. What qualities did they display? What was their reward? Can you obtain it? Surprises await.


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