Craft Fees

Annual Fees & Dues

We have had many queries regarding the basis of charging, arising from the Annual Returns of both United Grand and Provincial Grand Lodges. The basis is as detailed below.
Payment of Members’ Subscriptions to their Lodges
These become due, in advance, on the first day of the Lodge’s Financial Year, as laid down in the Lodge By-Laws.
Payment of Annual Dues to United Grand Lodge
These become due, in arrears, on the last day of the Lodge’s Financial Year, as laid down in the Lodge’s By-Laws. Payment should be received in the Provincial Office on or before the last day of the month following the end of the Lodge’s Financial Year.
Payment of Annual Dues to Provincial Grand Lodge
These become due, in arrears, on the last day of the month, prior to the month of Installation, and cover the period from the first day of the month of Installation of the previous year. Payment should be received in the Provincial Office on or before the last day of the month of Installation.
United Grand Lodge Initiation Fee
Payment must accompany Registration Form P; to be sent immediately after the ceremony of Initiation. Membership Fees for Initiated Brethren will be included in the Annual Return [see 2 above].
Provincial Grand Lodge Initiation Fees
These will be charged, in addition to Initiated Brethrens’ Membership Fees, at the end of the Lodge’s Final Year [see 3 above].
Scope of Membership Dues
Fees must be paid for all Brethren who have been members of the Lodge at any time during the Financial Year, including those who have died, resigned, ceased, been excluded, or been made Honorary Members.

Fees & Dues United Grand Lodge

United Grand Lodge
Registration of an Initiate or a Joiner from a foreign Constitution (including Grand Lodge Certificate)2019
Annual Dues2019



The Masonic Charitable Foundation2019



Replacement/Amendment of Grand Lodge Certificate2019
Certificate for a Serving Brother2019


NB: The above fees and dues will be reduced by 50% in respect of any Brother who is below the age of 25, on the first day of, or at any time during, the relevant year. See B of C Rules 270, 270B (a) and 270B (b). This reduction does not apply to any subsequent Lodge[s] that the Brother might join. (This does not apply to Provincial Dues)
Dispensation by the Grand Master2019



Dispensation by the Grand Master ‘nunc pro tunc’2019£74.00£14.80£88.80

United Grand Lodge – These run from April to April
Certificate of Amalgamation2019/20£105£21£126
Enfacement of Warrant2019/20£145£29£174
Warrant for a new Lodge2019/20£445£89£534
Warrant of Confirmation2019/20£1150£230£1380
Warrant for a Centenary Jewel2019/20£670£134£804
Warrant of confirmation for a Centenary Jewel2019/20£970£194£1164
Warrant for a Bi-Centenary Bar2019/20£1030£206£1236
Warrant of confirmation for a Bi-Centenary Bar2019/20£1030£206£1236

Fees & Dues Provincial Grand Lodge

Provincial Grand Lodge
Annual Dues2019£17.00£3.40£20.40
Annual Dues2020£17.00£3.40£20.40
Registration of Initiate2019£7.50£1.50£9.00
Registration of Initiate2020£7.50£1.50£9.00
Contribution to Provincial Meeting2019£20.00£4.00£24.00
Contribution to Provincial Meeting2020£20.00£4.00£24.00
“nunc pro tunc” Dispensations2019/20£20.00£4.00£24.00
First Appointment2019/20£30.00£6.00£36.00
First & Second Promotions2019/20£25.00£5.00£30.00
Subsequent PromotionsNo Fee
(NB The provisions of B of C Rule 270 do not apply to Provincial Dues; these are NOT reduced for under 25’s. The reduction in Rule 270B (b) only applies to UGLE dues and Grand Charity Contributions)