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Craft Freemasonry

There are probably as many explanations of Freemasonry as there are Freemasons and every member will be able to tell you exactly what Freemasonry means to them. 


Holy Royal Arch

It is truly the essence of Freemasonry and it is both the foundation and keystone of the whole Masonic structure.


Latest East Lancashire Freemason News

Instagram post 18117470476146908 East Lancs' John Acaster Memorial Paper Competition - the winner of our "Papers" competition is Bro Bill Lister 👏👏 with, "Cyrus" and can be read in full at https://www.pglel.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Thus-Saith-Cyrus-King-of-Persia-.pdf
Instagram post 17865317735064743 East Lancs' John Acaster Memorial Paper Competition - Results are in! The winner of our "Nuggets" competition is Bro Robert Anthony Graham 👏👏 with, “In the body of a lodge, just, perfect and regular” Read - https://www.pglel.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/In-the-body-of-a-lodge.pdf
Instagram post 17856718952175070 We couldn't let the moment pass without celebrating the fact that our office manager, Susan O'Neill, has now worked for our Province for 40 years. Thank you Susan for all that you do, the service you have given and your commitment to East Lancashire and Freemasonry #proudofyou
Instagram post 17915252308472708 Keep your 👀 peeled over coming days for winners of The inaugural John Acaster Memorial Short Paper Competition. The content looks brilliant. 

Winners for Nuggets (max  600w on any Masonic topic delivered in 5 mins or less) and Papers (more serious piece, further exploring FM)
Instagram post 18146544088079083 We are so pleased to be back in the Provincial Office!

For the time being, some of the team will be in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but we cannot receive any visitors for obvious reasons.

Please continue to send any enquiries via email and avoid telephoning just so that we can manage all requests and assistance more effectively.

We are so looking forward to our meetings getting back underway and supporting you enjoying your freemasonry in East Lancashire to the full. 

Keep safe and keep well and best wishes from the staff and volunteers.
Instagram post 17862448166049845 The Directors of “East Lancashire Premises” (ELPREM) working with the Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works, having reviewed various risk assessments and recognising the expenses necessary to make Masonic Centres compliant with current Covid-19 Government Guidance have, after due consideration, concluded that the allocation of funds fell within their remit and that they were therefore able to offer help and financial support by making non-returnable grants to each of them.

A total of £57,000 was allocated as follows:

 (i) £2,000 to each Hall eligible for a grant of £10,000 under the Government Small Business Support Scheme;
 (ii) £3,000 for each Hall eligible for a grant of £25,000 under the Government Small Business Support Scheme;
 (iii) £1,000 to the Lodges that meet at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Blackburn and the Bolton School

These grants have been well received and have gone some way in meeting the additional expenses of making our premises COVID-secure.

It is also worth remembering that with the assistance of the Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works, halls in the Province have, with one exception, received support through the Government’s Small Business Grant scheme totalling c.£300k. Of course the individual grants will not replace the income lost during the lockdown period they will go some way to offsetting the worst effects.

The ELPREM Directors wish you a safe return to your Masonic activities and much enjoyment in the months ahead when you are able to attend your Lodge or Chapter and to meet up again with friends and Companions.
Peter Rhodes
Instagram post 17864399756022511 One hundred young boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in Bolton will have the chance to get the help and support they need, thanks to a grant of £40,000 from East Lancashire Freemasons to the Bolton Lads & Girls Club (BLGC).

The grant will fund the BLGC mentoring project, which aims to give children and young people suffering from poor mental health and difficult home lives, a stable, positive and caring Volunteer Mentor from the local community to help guide them through tough times and improve their futures. 

The young people involved have often experienced highly stressful and traumatic situations in their home lives, which has had a profoundly negative impact on their emotional wellbeing. As a consequence, they tend to feel very little or no self-confidence and very low self-esteem. They often struggle to cope with a range of complex emotions due to their lived experiences. This can manifest in behavioural problems such as anti-social behaviour, violence or withdrawal, which in turn negatively impacts their wellbeing, education and relationships.

The BLGC Chief Executive, Karen Edwards, has been honoured with an OBE for her work on the Mentoring Project.

The grant from East Lancashire Freemasons comes through the Masonic Charitable Foundation, which is funded by Freemasons, their families and friends, from across England and Wales.
Instagram post 18120457438105938 Our 2nd annual coarse fishing match. It was so successful last year we're doing it again! Details in the poster.
East Lancashire Freemasonry

What Our Members Say

The lessons taught have helped me in my personal life and my lodge brethren continue to amaze me in their dedication to each other and our wider community. I’m proud to be a Freemason and would recommend anybody who is curious to come and enquire.

Gareth Baron St Martin's 2320

Freemasonry is great way to make new friends and connect with old ones. It gives you the chance grow as a person and share that knowledge with others. It’s more than a brotherhood; it’s a family.

Andy Robson Lodge of Union 268

Freemasonary is a guaranteed social life. It’s a great way to make new friend s and stay in touch with old ones. It’s the ability to grow as a person and extend what has been learnt to others seeking similar growth.

Chris Daniels Iron Road 4964

Freemasonry is like being part of a fantastic story, you just want to learn more and more. While doing so, you meet new friends, that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Andy Beaumont Good Report 7370

I joined because my very good friend told me it was a wonderful organisation of men who believed that everyone of us can help everyone else in some small way, not just inside but outside Freemasonry. But that’s only a very small part of the story. It’s not about why I joined, but more about why I’ve stayed. I’ve stayed because I’ve seen with my eyes, and felt with my heart, the love, care, friendship and support that Masons give…

Roger Bowden Knowsley 4661

Freemasonry has complimented and helped me to understand my journey in life. I’ve also met new friends who will stay with me for the rest of my journey.

Sonny Welsh Felicity 4365

As a 20-year member I became a Mason because I believed I was joining men who thought in a similar way to myself. Very true to a large extent, what I hadn’t realised was that wherever you go when visiting you are immediately among friends you had yet to meet.

Colin Smith Grants 8825