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Freemasonry In East Lancashire

For non-Masons we hope this site opens our doors allowing you to appreciate the place of Freemasonry in society, whether you just want to find out more about Freemasons and what we do in our local communities or whether you really have an interest in discovering what membership means and are considering joining.

For Freemasons we hope you find this site a tremendous source of information to help you on your ongoing journey within the Fraternity.

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Province Of East Lancashire

A wealth of information for Craft Secretaries, Royal Arch Scribe Es and members in general.



Craft Freemasonry

There are probably as many explanations of Freemasonry as there are Freemasons and every member will be able to tell you exactly what Freemasonry means to them. 


Holy Royal Arch

It is truly the essence of Freemasonry and it is both the foundation and keystone of the whole Masonic structure.


The annual Let’s Talk Masonry conference. Bigger every year! The Provincial Grand Master will again be in attendance.


Latest Charity Video

At the end of 2018, Burnley FC made a successful application to the MCF through East Lancashire Freemasons for a grant to help support their ‘Kicks’ programme. They were subsequently awarded £19,200 and at the April 13th home game against Cardiff City.

Latest East Lancashire Freemason News

Instagram post 2248647840192520406_6060338373 Photo from Old Mancunians' with Mount Sinai 3140 on Thursday evening. The PGM attended to see a double initiation. The lodge had visitors from as far flung as Amsterdam 🇳🇱 The lodge is part of the universities scheme and has a young, distinctive and vibrant feel to it!
Instagram post 2240145774264430685_6060338373 A recent photo taken at Rochdale Masonic Hall in East Lancashire. Can you name the orders? c/o @horton.reece
Instagram post 2236291952471396583_6060338373 Burnley and Pendle district 1759 demonstration team reenact a 1st degree ceremony as it was back then. Amazing night!
Instagram post 2227606081144445752_6060338373 The pride when being toasted as Worshipful Master for the first time as a young man. Join something huge and become part of something special!
Instagram post 2224241695789080451_6060338373 Brethren from overseas to support the new Worshipful Master of Boltonian 3716
Instagram post 2219650828867633133_6060338373 Always an excellent installation at the unique location of Bolton School
Instagram post 2217154521407033909_6060338373 Grand officer or not, district chairman or not, suit or not, in East Lancashire we all get stuck in and help out.
East Lancashire Freemasonry

What Our Members Say

As a 20-year member I became a Mason because I believed I was joining men who thought in a similar way to myself. Very true to a large extent, what I hadn’t realised was that wherever you go when visiting you are immediately among friends you had yet to meet.

Colin Smith Grants 8825

The lessons taught have helped me in my personal life and my lodge brethren continue to amaze me in their dedication to each other and our wider community. I’m proud to be a Freemason and would recommend anybody who is curious to come and enquire.

Gareth Baron St Martin's 2320

Freemasonry is great way to make new friends and connect with old ones. It gives you the chance grow as a person and share that knowledge with others. It’s more than a brotherhood; it’s a family.

Andy Robson Lodge of Union 268

Freemasonry has complimented and helped me to understand my journey in life. I’ve also met new friends who will stay with me for the rest of my journey.

Sonny Welsh Felicity 4365

I joined because my very good friend told me it was a wonderful organisation of men who believed that everyone of us can help everyone else in some small way, not just inside but outside Freemasonry. But that’s only a very small part of the story. It’s not about why I joined, but more about why I’ve stayed. I’ve stayed because I’ve seen with my eyes, and felt with my heart, the love, care, friendship and support that Masons give…

Roger Bowden Knowsley 4661

Freemasonry is like being part of a fantastic story, you just want to learn more and more. While doing so, you meet new friends, that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Andy Beaumont Good Report 7370

Freemasonary is a guaranteed social life. It’s a great way to make new friend s and stay in touch with old ones. It’s the ability to grow as a person and extend what has been learnt to others seeking similar growth.

Chris Daniels Iron Road 4964