Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

Secretariat A- Z

- A -
Abbreviations of Ranks:
        Royal Arch

Address to the Lodge Almoner

Address to the Chapter Charity Steward

Address to the Lodge Charity Steward

Address to the Lodge Mentor

Amalgamation / Closure of:

An Approach to Life

Attendance at:
         Lodges Overseas         

- B -
Book of Constitutions

By Laws:
        Amendments to Lodge By-Laws - webform
        Amendment to Lodge By-Laws - pdf
        Amendment to Chapter By-Laws - webform
        Amendment to Chapter By-Laws - pdf
        Provincial Grand Lodge By Laws
        Provincial Grand Chapter By Laws

- C -

Change in Membership Form [notifying of a death, resignation etc]

Charities Act [United Grand Lodge of England]

Circulars / Communication from the Provincial Secretariat

Closure of a Lodge / Chapter

Consecration of a new Lodge or new Chapter

Contact Details for District Officers

- D -
Data Protection:
       Types of Compliance

        About Dispensations
        How to Apply
        Costs or fees
        Change of Meeting Date
        Change of Meeting Place
        Emergency Meetings
        Multiple Candidates
        Change in Treasurer
        Eligibility for election WM
        Eligibility of Lodge Master
        Eligibility for election 3rd P
        Eligibility for 2nd & 1st P
        Eligibility three Principals
        Death or incapacity of a Principal
        Other circumstances

District Officers email addresses

- E -
East Lancashire Fellowship

Education and Training Committee


- F -

         Lodge - General Notes
                       Provincial Grand Lodge
                       United Grand Lodge

         Chapter - General Notes
                         Provincial Grand Chapter
                         Supreme Grand Chapter

- G -
Guidance on IP Rights in Photographs

Guidance Notes on:
Lodge - Bi-Centenary
Lodge - 250th Anniversary
Lodge - Centenary
Lodge - Banner Dedication

Chapter - 250th Anniversary
Chapter - Bi-Centenary
        Personal 50th

        Personal 60th - when the DPGM is in attendance

        Personal Celebrations - when the PGM is in attendance

- H -
Honours 2017

Handbook for Lodge Secretaries

- I -

        Craft - Worksheet
                    Installation Report Form

        Royal Arch - Worksheet
                             Installation Report Form

IT Policy
IT Policy for the Masonic use of the Internet

IT Policy

IT Policy - Do's and Dont's
It's no Secret

- J -
Joint Convocation - Template Summons

- M -
Masonic Halls

Masonic Lecturers and their Topics



- N -

Newsletter - December 2014

- P -

Preservation and Conservation Grand Scheme

Preservation and Conservation Grants Scheme - Application Form and Guidance

Provincial Calendar

Provincial Grand Lodge / Chapter attendance Card

Provincial Deputations
        Visit by the RW Provincial Grand Master
        Visit by the VW Deputy Provincial Grand Master
        Visit by an Assistant Provincial Grand Master
        Visit by the Deputy Grand Superintendent

- R -
        Craft Installation Report Form
        Chapter Installation Report Form

Rule 158 - Form

Registration Form P - Guidelines

- S -

Send us your Details

Sporting Events 2015

Summons Distribution

- T -
Table Plans
Will to Give

Toast List :-

Transfer of Venue:-
        Lodge - Guidance Note
        Lodge - Associated Form

        Chapter - Guidance Note
        Chapter - Associated Form

- V -
Visiting a Lodge Abroad