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Jewels, Honorifics & Merchandise



The Qualifying Donation for brethren who wish to become Stewards of the Festival is £75, and £25 for a Lady or a Lewis. Stewards of the Festival are entitled to purchase and wear a Festival Jewel or, in the case of the ladies, a brooch. The cost of a Festival Jewel or brooch is £20.

Brethren who have qualified as a Steward (by making the donation and purchasing a jewel) are entitled to apply for a ticket to the Festival Banquet in 2015 (on payment of the Dining Fee). The qualification for dining at the Festival Banquet is the same for a lady except the purchase of a brooch is optional.

Levels for Honorifics are as follows:




Vice Patron


Grand Patron






Brother or Companion





Lady or Lewis





Lodge or Chapter






Festival Jewel
£20 once one has qualified as a Steward

Ladies Brooch
  £20 made from Silver and about the size of a 20p piece. Available to all ladies
These are available to any lady who wants one - there is no need to qualify as a Steward.



It is hoped that each will wear their jewels with pride. There are no other jewels / bars etc if one progresses anywhere beyond that figure required to become a Steward. We do hope that both Individuals and Lodges / Chapters aim high and achieve further honorific status.

The Festival jewel has been the subject of controversy in previous Festivals - let that not be the case in this Festival. The small amount of profit generated from the sale of jewels and merchandise pays for running of the Festival - stationary, postage, computers and software etc. No charitable money is or can be used for these purposes. At the end of the Festival any surplus funds will be donated to the Festival. All those involved in managing and running the Festival give their time for free (they even pay for their coffee at meetings themselves).

The jewels are splendid. Please endeavour to give enough to purchase one as soon as possible and have pride in wearing it; and pride that you are part of an organisation that genuinely cares for the needy it is charged with looking after.



Various items of merchandise are available for purchase. Please speak with your Lodge or Chapter Festival Representative for how to purchase / obtain these items. There may be more merchandise that becomes available as the Festival progresses.


The Festival Tie is the current Provincial Tie - appropriate for wearing in any Craft Lodge or Royal Arch Chapter meeting in the Province of East Lancashire (but not outside the Province). Such is its design that you may well choose to wear the tie non-masonically and this is to be encouraged - what better way to start a conversation on the subject of Freemasonry, what it means to you and your enjoyment of the same than having someone ask you about the symbols on your tie?

There is, of course, a handkerchief to complement the tie and, for those who desire, a bow tie made in the same pattern.

The Festival / Provincial tie is made from Silk and costs £15

The Bow Tie, also of Silk is £15

The Handerchiefs are £10



As much as we desire you to own a Provincial Tie or Handerchief, it again comes down to personal choice. It will still be permissible to wear the Craft Tie, plain black tie or older style Provincial Ties within the Province.

Once you have seen these though we are sure you will want to own one or two!






Incorporating the Lancashire Rose, Square and Compasses and the Triple Tau.