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East Lancashire Masonic Charity '

May 2014 - ELMC Annual Holiday

May 2014 - Community Fund Grant to Delamere School

May 2014 - Community Fund Grants in Salford and Bolton

April 2014 - Easter Bonnets at Hewlett Court

April 2014 - Comforts Committee Spring Party

April 2014 - Young People's Committee - Visit to Sale Sharks

April 2014 - District Charity Stewards/Almoners Meet at Middleton Masonic Hall

April 2014 - Mrs May Ledger Celebrates her 90th Birthday at Hewlett Court

February 2014 - Jane Francis entertains at Hewlett Court

February 2014 - Young People's Committee - Visit to the Velodrome

January 2014 - Christmas & New Year at Hewlett Court

January 2014 - Young People's Committee - Christmas Party

December 2013 - The Mike Shaw Show at Hewlett Court

December 2013 - Besses O' Th' Barn Brass Band at Hewlett Court

December 2013 - Visit by the Provincial Grand Master to Hewlett Court

December 2013 - New Newsletters Added

December 2013 - Hewlett Court Christmas Fair

November 2013 - Young People's Committee - The Wizard of Oz

November 2013 - Bonfire Night at Hewlett Court


Full list of Earlier News


08/04/14 Latest Community Fund Grants - £288,509.66

18/02/14 Latest Community Fund Grants - £280,900.12

06/01/14 Latest Community Fund Grants - £278,190.60


The East Lancashire Masonic Charity (ELMC) is a Registered Charity (Registered Number: 225151) constituted as a company limited by guarantee (Company Number 79735).

  It is the principal charity for Freemasons in the Masonic Province of East Lancashire. 

Last updated 04/05/2014

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