The East Lancashire Royal Arch Demonstration Team



The East Lancashire Royal Arch Demonstration Team

The East Lancashire Royal Arch Demonstration Team is a group of Royal Arch Masons who have performed various pieces of ritual and other presentations throughout the Province and beyond since 1992. EComp John Cavanagh has led the Team since 2010 and EComp Mike Williams became his Deputy in January 2013.

The Team Leaders

EComp John Cavanagh PProvGSwdB is a Past First Principal in the Chapter of Friendship, being numbered 44, which is the spiritual home of the Demonstration Team. He has previously served as the District Officer for the Royal Arch in Audenshaw District and is currently the Treasurer of Chapter of Friendship. EComp Mike Williams was appointed ProvGSN in March 2013 and became Scribe E of the Chapter of Friendship in April 2013. He too has served as DORA, serving for six years in Ashton & Mossley District.

EComp John Cavanagh


EComp Mike Williams

How It All Began

EComp Ian Hancox

The team was originally formed in 1992 and was led by EComp Ian Hancox PAGSoj until 2010. It became closely linked to the Chapter of Friendship, being numbered 44, when all of the then members of the team joined the Chapter in 2004 in order to save the Chapter from closure, though there is no requirement for members of the Demonstration Team to be members of Chapter of Friendship. However, the Demonstration Team began to represent the Province at about the same time that Ian relocated to the southern part of the country in 2010. This led to a re-organisation of the team and John Cavanagh took over as Leader. Initially, the Deputy Leader was EComp Denny Stevens and EComp Andrew Sinclair acted as the team’s Co-ordinator, with David Hudson as Communications Officer. In December 2012 both Denny and Andrew decided to withdraw from the team for personal reasons, which has led to Mike taking over as Deputy Leader. EComp Kevin Hall took over the role of Communications Officer at about the same time. However, the entire team wish to put on record their enormous gratitude to both Denny and Andrew for the tremendous way in which they have worked for the team over several years. We could not have grown and developed as we have without their extraordinary efforts.

The profile of the East Lancashire Royal Arch Demonstration Team continues to be raised throughout the Province.  The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Sir David Trippier and his Royal Arch Officers fully support the continuing work of the team which is reflected in the fact that Sir David is the President of the team and the Assistants to the Provincial Grand Principals, Excellent Companions Norman Clarke, Ed Cheadle, Stuart Hughes, David Thornton and Paul Aspinall are our Vice Presidents. Each of the APGPs represents the Team within their area and they are usually on hand to introduce the Team when one of our demonstrations is performed in one of their Chapters. The Second Provincial Grand Principal, David H. Thompson also continues to support and encourage the team and usually comes along to support and introduce us when we are visiting Chapters in another Province.


EComps Andrew Sinclair and
Denny Stevens

Our Repertoire

The team have an extensive repertoire, including a demonstration of the “Passing of the Veils” and a special version of the Exaltation Ceremony, showing how Chapters can divide that ceremony between many Companions.  It is an exciting and worthy example of a wonderful ceremony.  The team also perform self-written presentations which bring the characters, places and events from our ritual to life.  These lively presentations vary from witty to serious performances with a commentary intended to help Masons to understand more about our history.


This picture shows one version of the Demonstration Team at the end of 2012.
The team varies from one piece of work to another and so different members
will take part in each presentation.

Why We Do It

The overriding intention of the team is to highlight the Royal Arch and encourage Master Masons to join the order and also, hopefully, reinvigorate those Companions whose interest has waned. It is the intention of the team to see a continuing expansion of the range of presentations and we are always looking for more East Lancashire Masons to join us.

If you are interested in joining the team, or just require more information about our Demonstrations, please contact:  
EComp John Cavanagh
on 07921 330381
or by email:

If you as a District, Lodge or Chapter are performing a piece of ritual, you may wish to invite one or two members of the team along (the team meet their own expenses).  You never know, there may be hidden talents amongst your Brethren!

Finally, the work of the team is simple – to facilitate improvement in our knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry, especially the Royal Arch, by bringing together Brethren and Companions at special evenings that will ensure the future and enjoyment of Freemasonry in the Province of East Lancashire.