Cana Chapter No.116 - latest member

On the 20th November 2008 Terence Rebank became the latest member of the Royal Arch in the Burnley and Pendle District.

Terence was Exalted into Cana Chapter No.116 who meet in Colne in what was an extremely accomplished cereomony by MEZ Ian Dewar and the officers of the chapter.

Cana Chapter is one of the oldest Chapters in England who meet on the Thursday after the full moon in the months Jan, Mar, May, Sept and Nov. Terence attends his craft meetings at the Nelson Masonic Hall with Brierfield Lodge No.7560.

It will be interesting to see what Terence makes of the Cana chapter opening, when the Director of Ceremonies who is slightly short of stature has to tip toe to light the highest, strategically placed longest candles. Being a Health & Safety Consultant, Terence may insist he uses step ladders and a hard hat!

The photo is of Comp Terence Rebank and the MEZ Ian Dewar in regalia just after the meeting.
Photo and editorial by S Jansen B&P DORA

A special Meeting of Abbey Chapter, No. 2529

Enjoyment, pleasure, fond memories and fulfilment amply describe the feelings that those attending Abbey Chapter at the Masonic Rooms, the Union Club, Whalley, experienced on Friday 7th November, 2008.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, EComp Jack Price, was assisted by his Deputation (which included EComp Bill Porter acting as 2nd Provincial Grand Principal and EComp Rev Donald Pryce, the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal). The evening was supported by Companions from the Chapter (including the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, Derek Thornhill and Jim Sutcliffe), the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Dr Nigel Graham Bramley Haworth, The Deputy Grand Superintendent, EComp Allan Bennion, the Assistants to the Provincial Grand Principals, EComps Trevor Thomas and Donald Simpson and the Provincial Grand Scribe E (on the Organ), EComp H Alan J Garnett.

It was easy for Jack to set the tranquil scene, in this beautiful Chapter Room and in this welcoming Hall often described as the “Jewel in the Crown” of East Lancashire. Jack spoke of the night being a special occasion, when Companions of the Royal Arch, together with their Wives and Partners, would share thoughts of deep affection, happy memories, enjoyment and future challenges.

Jack’s first job was a happy one – to invest EComp Donald Simpson, JP, as an Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

EComp Donald Simpson, AProvGP


Jack explained that East Lancashire had been at the forefront of developing the AProvGP role and looked forward to the day when the position is recognised with similar importance in the Royal Arch as the APGM is in the Craft. In East Lancashire the AProvGPs sit on their own Executive Committee whose deliberations are given due weight in the running of the Province. As he invested Donald, who had been unable to make the Installation Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge in June, Jack described the immense work Donald had performed over the years, his popularity  and how good it was to invest him amongst so many of his friends.

The next part of the meeting will undoubtedly remain in the hearts of all those present for many years to come. EComp Neil Pickup may have left us for the Grand Chapter above but his memory will live with us forever. Neil was much loved and Mary Pickup, aware of his dedication to the Royal Arch and Abbey Chapter in particular, had donated a set of brand new Principal Banners to the Chapter. The Chapter itself had matched these with a new set of Israel Tribal Banners. Tonight was the time to dedicate these Banners.

In a moving ceremony adapted by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, EComp Wesley Marchant (a Chapter Banner Dedication was last worked in 1992), Neil and Mary’s Son, Comp Mark Pickup, proudly escorted the Principal Banner of the Royal Arch, depicting the Circle, Triangle and Triple Tau, to the MEGSupt for Dedication. This was performed with great solemnity. The other Ensigns were also Dedicated, symbolically. Before the closing hymn, EComp Rev Pryce delivered a tribute filled Oration during which he referred to Neil Pickup’s everlasting qualities and principles, Mary Pickup’s generosity and thoughtfulness and the origins and meanings of the Banners themselves.

Once the Chapter had been closed, the Ladies attending were admitted and introduced to the members of the Deputation. Jack Price gave a brief explanation of the ceremony that had been worked that evening. He said, “We are here to rejoice and to commit to the history of the Chapter and the Province, the name of Neil Pickup. Nearly everyone present knew and loved Neil and appreciated his great skills and abilities – he was a Gem.” Jack then thanked Mary for her generosity and love and thanked all of the Ladies present for the support they gave their Husbands and Partners and for being here tonight. He said that he was glad that they had been able to share and treasure, together with the Companions, a little bit of what is so excellent about Freemasonry.


Mary Pickup and Dorothy Price were presented with beautiful bouquets of flowers by the Chapter and everyone retired to finish the evening with a magnificent buffet, consumed during the remainder of a mirth filled evening, nicely concluding an event which typified the closeness, joy and companionship which Royal Arch Masonry represents.


Mary Pickup, MEGSupt, DPGM and 1st and 3rd Principals

What a Fantastic Night!

East Lancashire Provincial Grand Officers Chapter No. 3747 meeting on 9 October 08

The Installation meeting of 3747 Chapter had given everyone who attended that “warm” feeling when they eventually left the festive board, to return to their homes and loved ones.

EComp Malcolm K Worsley, PAGSoj, the First Principal, together with EComp D Brian Howells, PAGSoj, PAProvGP (Second Principal) and EComp Norman Clarke, PProvGSN (Third Principal) installed their successors (EComp Allan Bennion, PAGSoj, DepGSupt, EComp Royce Batters, PGStB, and EComp David J Thornton, PProvGSwdB, respectively) in fine style, but the fun didn't stop there.

Under the careful Guidance of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, EComp Wesley Marchant, PGStB and his team, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, EComp Jack Price, accompanied by the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals, EComp Roy Taylor, PAGSoj and EComp Rev Donald Pryce, PGStB, accepted the Sceptres for the next part of the proceedings.

EComp Bennion had been unable to attend the Installation of Jack Price as MEGSupt in June (apparently he was on missionary work on the Continent). Therefore, Jack had chosen tonight to formally invest EComp Bennion as Deputy Grand Superintendent.

The Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra, EComp H Alan J Garnett, PAGSoj, read the Patent of Appointment, following which Comp Allan Bennion, was invested to the great acclaim of the companions present. He was accompanied by his Chain Bearer, his own Brother, EComp Brian Bennion, PProvGSoj.

Afterwards, EComp Trevor Thomas, PGStB, was invested as an Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals and EComp Carl Philip Dinsdale, PProvDepGReg, was invested as Provincial Deputy Grand Scribe Ezra.

The Festive Board, whose culinary delights were accented by a fabulous braised steak with wild mushroom and Madeira sauce, followed by Crême Brulée, was well attended by chattering and smiling brethren. In his response, EComp Price highlighted how much each and every Companion of the Province is valued, from the senior doyens to the newest Exaltee, and how we all are able to contribute to this beautiful and colourful Order, the Royal Arch.

Jack said he had shared a lovely, lovely evening, full of joy, and commented that we should continue to love one another and enjoy masonry to its fullest. It is up to each of us to help grow this Order, invite our Brethren from the Craft to join us and nurture and support them along their paths in the Royal Arch.

In his response, EComp Bennion continued this theme and spoke of two special people as he reminisced on his early days in Freemasonry. He had joined his Mother Lodge, Aldwyn, in 1975, and, shortly after his raising, his Proposer and Seconder into Freemasonry had retired. EComp George Perfect, PGStB, had taken Allan under his wing, and so began a long and close friendship. Allan is also most proud of his relationship with EComp Fred Madders, PProvGSN, who exalted Allan into Perseverance Chapter, No. 300, in 1979. Fred who is 91 years young had made the trip tonight to share this magnificent evening at 3747 Chapter.


Deane Chapter celebrates its Golden Jubilee

Deane Chapter celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 24th April 2008 at a very special meeting which was also their final meeting prior to amalgamation with Concord Chapter. The newly amalgamated Chapter will be known as Concord Deane.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Grand Superintendent EComp Jack Price,  Second Provincial Grand Principal EComp Allan Bennion and the Third Provincial Grand Principal EComp Donald Pryce.

The final ceremony was opened by Deane Chapters First Principal EComp Herman Pouncey, Second Principal EComp Keith Brindle and Third Principal EComp Arthur Ashcroft.

After celebrating the Golden Jubilee with the Chapter the Deputy Grand Superintendent EComp Jack Price received the Charter which marked the closure of Deane Chapter.

The Companions who have become members of Concord Deane Chapter will celebrate their amalgamation in the forthcoming months

After the meeting the Companions of Deane Chapter and their Guests celebrated the Golden Jubilee at the Festive board.

The photograph shows from left to right: Second Provincial Grand Principal EComp Allan Benion, Second Principal of Deane Chapter EComp Keith Brindle, Deputy Grand Superintendent EComp Jack Price, First Principal of Deane Chapter EComp Herman Pouncey, Third Principal of Deane Chapter EComp Arthur Ashcroft and the Third Provincial Grand Principal EComp Donald Pryce.


Provincial Delegation is received at Abbey Chapter No 2529 to recognise the service given to the Royal Arch by Ex Comp Neil Pickup who passed away on 5 March 2008

The Deputy Grand Superintendent ExComp Jack Price accompanied by the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal ExComp Allan Bennion, the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal Ex Comp the Revd Donald Pryce and their Assistants Ex Comps William Porter & Peter Messum together with the Provincial Scribe E Ex Comp Alan Garnett attended the Abbey Chapter No 2529 Installation Meeting on 3 April 2008. Their visit was to recognise the service given to the Royal Arch by Ex Comp Neil Pickup who passed away on 5 March 2008.

Pictured front row: ExComp Alan Garnett, Ex Comp William Porter, ExComp Allan Bennion, Ex Comp Jack Price, ExComp Donald Pryce, Ex Comp Peter Messum - back row IPZ Ex Comp AlanPhilpott, 2nd Principal Ex Comp Keith Turner, ME 1stPrincipal Ex Comp Garth Routh and 3rd Principal Ex Comp Keith Beeston

Pictured are the members of Abbey Chapter no 2529


200 Years Non-Stop

Perseverance Chapter No 300

On the 7th of May 1807, several members of Lodge of Minerva, itself being in existence since 1794, set out to form a new Royal Arch Chapter. The home of the Chapter at that time was to be the Globe Inn, Scotland St. Ashton-u-Lyne.

At this time, Ashton was a very smallcommunity of some 620 houses, most without windows to avoid the window tax, the river Tame was crystal clear with eels, trout and chubb. A journey from York to London took seven days and the wise traveller made out his will before setting out.

These were the days the founders of Perseverance Chapter lived in. During these early years they moved to several public houses for their meetings as these were the only premises with rooms large enough to accommodate them. These pubs, still in existence were the Commercial Inn, the Swan Inn, the Pitt and Nelson and finally Albert House, Jowett’s Walk, where they have been in residence since 1920.

The celebration of their 200th anniversary was rewarded by a deputation of senior officers from the Province of East Lancashire and from United Grand Lodge in London. There followed the presentation of their Bi-centenary warrant, and a breast jewel for each member to commemorate the event. With an attendance of more than one hundred Companions, the highly colourful evening was completed by a banquet and a gift of a copy of the Chapters history for each person present.

A special surprise was waiting for one of the companions, namely, Companion Jack Smith. Although Jack has never been through the Chair in Chapter, but has served in many offices as well as treasurer, the Most Excellent Grand Principal Paul Rink promoted Jack to Provincial Office in recognition of his long and illustrious service. Presenting the Provincial Honour was His Most Excellent Deputy Grand Superintendent Jack Price. With well over 100 in attendance at both the meeting and the Social Board, it certainly would have been an evening to remember and congratulations to all.

Thanks to Peter Bibbey and Mike Williams  

50th Anniversary Celebration of EComp Reginald Holt O'Rourke PProvGScN

On 7th December 2007 the Companions of St George's Holy Royal Arch Chapter No 1723 celebrated EComp Reginald Holt O'Rourke 50 years in the Chapter.

The Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals EComp Trevor Thomas PGStdB was in attendance along with a District Deputation.

The Chapter was opened by the First Principal EComp Stuart G Marlor who was himself exalted into the Chapter by EComp O'Rourke some years previously, assisted by the Second and Third Principals.

The Companions received the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals EComp Trevor Thomas and the District Deputation which included EComp Philip Mountford, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Bolton and Bury areas, the Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master EComp Derek Walsh, Past Grand Companions and a number of Bolton District Officers. EComp Stuart Marlor invited EComp Thomas to occupy the First Principal's Chair for the celebration.

EComp Harry Hodson PProvGSoj paid a moving tribute to EComp O'Rourke during which he talked about his own friendship with Reginald and his Royal Arch career.

EComp Trevor Thomas then presented EComp O'Rourke with an illuminated certificate from the Provincial Grand Superintendent after which the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies conducted EComp O'Rourke around the Chapter to receive the accolade of the Companions.

At the Festive Board a toast was proposed to EComp O'Rourke by EComp Keith Doyle a Past First Principal of the Chapter, and District Officer Royal Arch. EComp Doyle revealed that whilst EComp O'Rourke had worked as a Logistics Manager at Edbros Engineers he had in fact also trained and worked in the army as a dental technician.

In his response to his toast, EComp O'Rourke paid an emotional tribute to his wife and her dedication and support for his Masonic career over very many years, always making sure he appeared at his Lodge and Chapter immaculately dressed.

EComp Trevor Thomas brought the celebration to a close with the presentation of an inscribed watch from the Companions of the Chapter.

60th Anniversary Celebration of Derek Livesey PAG Soj

On 19th October 2007 the Companions of Goulburn Holy Royal Arch Chapter No 3478 celebrated EComp Derek Livesey's 60 years in the Chapter.

The Second Provincial Grand Principal E.Comp Allan Bennion and Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals EComp Trevor Thomas were in attendance along with a Provincial Deputation.

EComp Jack Kay paid tribute to EComp Livesey and EComp Allan Bennion presented him with a Illuminated Certificate from Provincial Grand Chapter.

EComp Livesey was exalted into Goulburn Chapter on 17 th October 1947 and became First Principal on 15 th May 1964. During his year in office he exalted 6 new companions which included two of the current members of the Chapter.

On 17 th October 1997 he celebrated 50 years service to Goulburn Chapter.

His Royal Arch activities have extended beyond Goulburn. He was instrumental in the formation and subsequent welfare of the daughter Chapter Turton No 6232.

EComp Derek Livesey is a dedicated family man, husband to Hilda and proud father of two sons, Nigel and Barry. He has three grandsons.

In his outside interests he has been a dinghy sailing enthusiast and an active caravaner. He has been a member of the National Caravan Club for over 50 years and was recently invited to a garden party hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace . Regrettably ill health in the family meant he was unable to attend.

Congratulations Derek, a wonderful achievement.

Eight years before the Battle of Trafalgar!

On the 5th March 1807 the Royal Arch Lodge of Good Intent or the Chapter of Unity 137 was consecrated and for the first meeting 10 Companions and 20 guests met in a room lit by candlelight.

200 years later on the 4th October 2007 members of the Unity Chapter 298 (re-numbered in 1863) and their guests celebrated the bi-centenary of the Chapter in the magnificent and opulent settings of the main lodge room at the Rochdale Masonic buildings.

The Chapter was duly opened and the Scribe Ezra EComp Nigel Love read the Dispensation. The M E Grand Superintendent for the Province of East Lancashire, EComp Paul J E Rink OBE together with a Provincial Delegation was admitted to the Chapter.

The Most Excellent the Third Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of England the Very Reverend Neil Collings, the Dean of St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Suffolk together with a Grand Officer delegation was then admitted to the Chapter.

EComp Nigel Love Scribe E gave a précis of the history of the Chapter. The Acting Grand Scribe E, EComp H Alan J Garnett then read the Bi-centenary Charter. The Most Excellent the Third Grand Principal then presented the Charter to the Chapter which was received by MEZ EComp Eric J Kirkbride.

The Most Excellent the Third Provincial Grand Principal EComp the Rev'd Donald Pryce then delivered a moving and sincere Oration.

The MEZ, EComp Eric J Kirkbride then presented a cheque for £2,980 to ELMC which was graciously received by the ME Grand Superintendent for East Lancashire . Alms were then collected.

The “Babies” of the Chapter, father and son Comps George and James Caygill then presented bound copies of the history of the Chapter to the ME Third Grand Principal, the ME Grand Superintendent, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, the acting Grand Scribe E and the acting Grand Director of Ceremonies.

At this point the Grand Superintendent made it known that it was his prerogative to promote a member of the Chapter on this occasion. To the applause of the companions he announced the EComp Nigel Love was to be promoted to the rank of PProv.Grand Sojourner. Filled with emotion EComp Love was invested with the jewel and escorted around the Chapter acclaimed by all present. The Chapter was then closed in due form.

At the reception in the dining room the ME Third Grand Principal and the ME Grand Superintendent circulated amongst the companions before the banquet.

And what a banquet it was, the main mouth-watering course of braised Aberdeen Angus steak said it all.

The toasts to the Queen the Duke of Lancaster, The Most Excellent the First Grand Principal HRH The Duke of Kent, The Most Excellent the Pro First Grand Principal the Marquess of Northampton and the rest of the Grand Officers were given by The MEZ EComp Eric J Kirkbride.

The reply to the toast by the ME the Third Grand Principal was eloquent, witty and humorous and had the companions laughing throughout.

The MEZ then gave the toast to The ME the Grand Superintendent for East Lancashire .

The reply by the ME the Grand Superintendent was again eloquent and witty, and in finishing he said it was good to back at the reins, after which he proposed a toast to the Principals and Companions of Unity Chapter 298.

The MEZ EComp Eric J Kirkbride's response was indeed a delight to witness, he commented that he had waited 26 years for this moment, a moment which he would remember as would the companions of Unity Chapter, with immense pride.

The celebrations being ended the evening was brought to its conclusion by the Janitor's toast which was given by EComp Keith Walker.

Another excellent night of memories in Rochdale .