Deputy Superintendent visits Cana Chapter at Colne

The members of Cana Chapter were honoured by the presence of E.Comp Jack Price, Deputy Grand Superintendent, together with E.Comp Neil Pickup, APGP and E.Comp Alan Garnett, ProvScE at their regular convocation on Thursday 27 th September 2007.
The visitors and members were entertained by a lecture, written and presented by E.Comp David Biggs, PProvGSoj, IPZ, on Cana Chapter's pre-Union “Fourth Degree” Tracing Board which was rediscovered in 2003 during refurbishment work in the cellars of Colne Masonic Hall.

Picture shows (from L to R): E.Comp Jack Price, Deputy Grand Superintendent, E.Comp Ian Dewar, MEZ, and E.Comp David Biggs PProvGSoj, IPZ with the Cana Chapter Tracing Board.

After the meeting, E.Comp Jack Price presented the MEZ, E.Comp Ian Dewar with a set of three prints showing the Cana Chapter Principals' regalia which were donated to the Province in 1937 and are now on display in the Museum at Bridge Street.

Picture shows (from L to R): E.Comp Alan Garnett, ProvScE., E.Comp Jack Price, Deputy Grand Superintendent, E.Comp Ian Dewar, MEZ, and E.Comp Neil Pickup, APGP.

Cana Chapter (originally “Cana Lodge or Chapter of the First Miracle”) holds one of the first two warrants ever issued by the then newly erected Grand Chapter of the ‘Moderns', dated 12 th May 1769.

The Lodge of Bethlehem or Chapter of the Nativity in Burnley holds the other warrant issued on the same date, giving Cana and Nativity the proud distinction of being jointly the oldest warranted Chapters in the world.

Cana Chapter also possesses what are thought to be the only extant copy of the first Royal Arch Regulations, termed ‘Principia'.

Anyone wishing to hear more about the Cana Tracing Board is invited to contact David Biggs on 01282 441170, or by email at

Bonus at Loyal Todmorden Chapter

When the Deputy Grand Superintendent E.Comp Jack Price attended the Amalgamation of the Chapter of Justice 219 and Loyal Todmorden Chapter 288 in November 2006 time did not permit him to hear a paper prepared by E.Comp David Dawson. He therefore promised to return to their September Convocation and on 4 September 2007 he had the opportunity to hear E.Comp Dawson present his paper entitled “John Crossley Esq of Scaitcliffe first PGM of East Lancashire”. This paper was based upon documents discovered in the Todmorden Masonic Hall and researched by E.Comp Dawson .

An added bonus, however, was the Exaltation of Bro Michael G.Connolly of the Lodge of Prudence 219. The ceremony was exemplary and its delivery by the First Principal, E.Comp Jim Allonby and the Principal Sojourner, Comp John M Cockcroft was described by those who heard it as truly “inspirational”. What made this perhaps even more remarkable was that E.Comp Allonby is now in his 89th year.

At the festive board, E.Comp Price inscribed and presented newly Exalted Companion Connolly with a book on Freemasonry, a gift from E.Comp David Dawson.


From left to right: E.Comp James Sutcliffe APGM, E.Comp Allan Bennion , 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp Jack Price, Deputy Grand Superintendent, Companion Michael Connolly, E.Comp Rev.Donald Pryce, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp Neil Pickup APGP and E.Comp Wes Marchant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Royal Arch MEZ's Garden Party Rochdale and Oldham Districts

For each of the last two years, APGP Peter Messum and his wife Dorothy have held a Garden Party at their home in Broadhalgh, Rochdale, for those Companions, who had been in Installed in the First Principal's Chair of their Rochdale and Oldham District Chapters during the previous year, together with their ladies.   On Sunday 8th July, 30 Companions and their ladies enjoyed a splendid buffet lunch provided by Peter and Dorothy; the weather was fine and warm and everyone was enjoying the good company, good food and good wine when English weather intervened and everyone had to retire indoors to escape from the inevitable deluge, but where we all continued to chat and enjoy ourselves with undiminished pleasure in the ample surroundings.


E.Comp Jack Price, Deputy Grand Superintendent accompanied by his wife and the 2nd and 3rd Prov Grand Principals E.Comps Allan Bennion and The Rev Donald Pryce each with their wives joined the District Officer RA, E.Comp Alex Mclaren and his wife and the Companions and their ladies at this pleasant and informal occasion, which enabled Companions from both Districts to join together, meet and chat in relaxed surroundings whilst enjoying a super buffet lunch.

A good time was had by all who attended.

EComp Arthur J Knight, PGStB – Personal 50th celebration in the Royal Arch

AJK & Team.JPG

On Thursday, 22nd March 2007, EComp Jack Price, Deputy Grand Superintendent, along with a Provincial Deputation, went to Jubilee Chapter No 8803 at Audenshaw, in Central Area No 1, to celebrate the 50 th Anniversary in the Royal Arch of EComp Arthur J Knight, PGStB, along with the members of his Chapter and his personal guests. With an attendance of 103, which included Companions from West Lancashire where he had celebrated a similar event, 2 weeks earlier, the evening was very successful. During the social board Arthur was presented with a PalmOne digital diary by the members of the Chapter which he was delighted with. This is the second time where Arthur has celebrated a ‘double', as 2 years ago he celebrated 50 years in Craft Freemasonry in both East and West Lancashire and was presented a certificate on each occasion to mark the event.

The photograph includes [back row] Henri Lyons, ProvAGDC; David H Thompson, patch APGP; Alan J Garnett, ProvGScE; Peter RB Messum, APGP; Matthew Walton, First Principal; D Brian Howells, APGP; Bill Porter, APGP; Trevor Thomas, APGP; Bill Anderson, ProvDepGDC; [front row] Allan Bennion, 2 nd ProvGPrincipal; Ray Denton-Burns, 2 nd Principal; Jack Price, Deputy Grand Superintendent; Colin Savage, 3 rd Principal; Rev Donald K Pryce, 3 rd ProvGPrincipal; [seated] the celebrant Arthur J Knight, PGStB.


E.Comp Fred Nicholson
celebrates 50 years in the Royal Arch

EComp Fred Nicholson the Bury District Charity Steward has celebrated 50 years in the Royal Arch. Fred was exalted into Confidence Chapter No 337 in the Province of Yorkshire West Riding on 17th January 1957. Fred then joined Derby Chapter No 1055. On the 14th March Fred celebrated his Golden Jubilee. This meeting was very unusual for a number of reasons. When Fred celebrated 50 years as a Freemason in January 2004, the ceremony was conducted by the then Assistant Provincial Grand Master for central area No 3 Jack Price. The current Deputy Grand superintendent presided at Derby Chapter presenting Fred with his illuminated certificate – also Jack Price.There cannot be many masons who have celebrated 50 years in both the Craft and Royal Arch and fewer who have been presented with their certificates by the same person.

Pictured above are the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal Allan Bennion, the Deputy Grand Superintendant Jack Price, EComp Fred Nicholson and the three Chapter Principals, EComps Howard Hughes, Geoffrey Waller and Melvyn Taylor.

Assistant Provincial Grand Master – Philip Mountford
Installed as Chapter 1st Principal

Prince Edwin Chapter 128 saw a very special occasion at their installation on 19th February 2007. Philip Mountford – Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Central Area No.3 was installed as 1st Principal. The installation ceremony was attended by the Deputy Grand Superintendent - Jack Price, the Provincial 2nd and 3rd Principals and the APGP. The meeting was supported by over 60 companions and was held at the Bury Masonic Hall.

PICTURED ABOVE ARE - 2nd Provincial Grand Principal Allan Bennion, Chapter 2nd Principal Martin Stott, Deputy Grand Superintendant Jack Price, Chapter 1st Principal Philip Mountford APGM, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal Revd Donald Pryce and the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals Trevor Thomas.


Special Convocation Of Bolton District Chapters 

On Thursday 8th March 2007 a Special Convocation of Bolton District Chapters was held under the Banner of Meribah 350 Holy Royal Arch Chapter at ‘Birchfields' Farnworth Masonic Hall. The Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Companion Jack Price was in attendance accompanied by the Provincial Deputation.

An opening address was given by Companion Ian Buttress of Goulburn Chapter No 3478 after which The Deputy Grand Superintendent and Deputation was received into the Chapter. An ‘Explanation of the Exaltation Ceremony' in question and answer form was presented by the Companions of the Bolton District Chapters. The Companions were formed into six teams comprising of a Question Master and two Companions to answer the questions. The Valedictory address was given by Companion Tim Crossley of St John's Chapter 348.

Front row left to right: 2nd Provincial Grand Principal EComp Allan Bennion, EComp Derek Leigh, Deane Chapter No 6521; Deputy Grand Superintendent EComp Jack Price; EComp Albert Kay 1st Principal Meribah Chapter No 350; EComp Trevor Thomas APGP; EComp Kevin Reaney, St John's Chapter No 221.

Back row: EComp Phil Mountford APGM; EComp David Thompson APGP; EComp William Porter APGP; EComp Brian Howells APGP; Past 3rd Provincial Grand Principal Ex Comp Rev. Jack Thompson.