The Royal Arch Charity Banquet 12 June 2011


The 20th Royal Arch Charity Banquet



The 20th Annual Royal Arch Banquet held at Freemasons' Hall, Manchester on 12 June 2010 was yet another unequivocally succesful evening for the East Lancashire Royal Arch Province. Ladies and Companions met for a champagne reception in the Memorial Hall before being called through for a fabulous meal in the adjacent Derby suite.

Our host for the evening was the Deputy Grand Superintendent, EComp Bill Porter, who was ably introduced by the Provincial DC, EComp Henri Lyons. Prior to the formal dinner Bill entertained with a humourous and very well received welcome during which he referred to the selection process for the wine for the evening. The committee comprised members ranging from those who can speak with authority on wine areas of the world and identify grape, country, district, appelation and vintage to those who will happily drink it if it is red and wet - quite comforting to Bill who had only recently joined the committee.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and Dorothy were in excellent spirit as they greeted guests from across the Royal Arch Province. The Royal Arch Executive were present in full with support given by the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals and the five Assistants to the Provincial Grand Principals. Both David Thompson and newcomer to the Commitee, Peter Messum, were involved with the arrangements for the evening which, as testament to their prior work, went seamlessly.

MEGSupt Jack Price with Dorothy


The first such event, styled as the Royal Arch Banquet, was held in 1991 and EComp Arthur Axford had been the main motivational force behind arranging the Banquet. He was, of course, present this evening with family. Since then the evening has become ensconced in Provincial tradition and has been succesful every year. The main aim of setting up the Banquet was to promote the Royal Arch to the members of the Province and provide it with a higher profile, especially within the Craft, and to encourage non-Royal Arch masons to become members of it. One of the other aims is to raise money for charity and this year alone the evening's raffle raised £1330.