Provincial Grand Chapter 18th March 2010 Page 5


The Festive Board

The Festive Board after Provincial Grand Chapter was a warm, vibrant and most agreeable affair. The Companions dined on Roast Lamb with delectable accompaniments, starters and dessert. The relaxed and jovial atmosphere, round tables and circulating Provincial Officers made one feel quite at home and truly amongst masonic 'family'.

Distinguished guests of this and other Provinces were made to feel at home and were entertained well by our own Provincial leaders and officers.

The guest list included as follows:-

Peter Magnay,  – ME Grand Superintendent
David Melvin,  Deputy Grand Superintendent
Alan Reece, Third Provincial Grand Principal
David Lillie, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Eric Heaviside, ME Grand Superintendent
The Rev’d Michael S Snowball, Third Provincial Grand Principal
Geoffrey Rumford, Provincial Grand Scribe E

West Lancashire
Peter J Hosker, ME Grand Superintendent
Dr Steven Reid, Deputy Grand Superintendent

Cumberland and Westmorland
Norman Thompson,   ME Grand Superintendent
Charles A Floodgate, Third Provincial Grand Principal
Michael Davies, Provincial Grand Scribe E
John C Beadle, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Yorkshire, WR
John A Briggs, Deputy Grand Superintendent
Rev’d Frank A Chappell, Third Provincial Grand Principal
Rodney Tolson, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals
Paul G Collinge, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals

Isle of Man
Charles W Craine, Deputy Grand Superintendent
Harry E Owens, Third Provincial Grand Principal
Howard H Kelly, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Dr Anthony P Briggs, Third Provincial Grand Principal. 
David J Storer, Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. 

North Wales
The Rev’d Gwynfor Williams, Third Provincial Grand Principal

Paul L Saunders, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals
Stewart R Gandy, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals
Peter E Carroll, Provincial Grand Scribe E.

All of the above were introduced earlier in the afternoon in the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting together with guests from East Lancashire:

The Past Grand Superintendent, Companion Paul Rink,

Comp Harold Woodward, attending today for the first time in his new Office as Deputy Provincial Grand Master

The following Assistant Provincial Grand Masters:-
Companions: Philip Mountford, James Sutcliffe, Derek Thornhill, Stephen Blank and  Alex McLaren

and from the other Orders:-

Comp Keith Schofield, Provincial Grand Master in the Mark Degree,

Comp Fred Kemp Past Provincial Grand Master in the Mark Degree,

Comp David Gallear, Provincial Prior of the Knights Templar

Comp David Hawkins, Inspector General for the North East Lancashire District of the Ancient and Accepted Rite

Comp Royce Batters, Inspector General in Charge, of the South East Lancashire in the Ancient and Accepted Rite

Comp Colin Williams, Past Intendent-General of the North & East Lancashire Division, Red Cross of Constantine

Comp Alexander McLaren, District Grand Prefect, Allied Masonic Degrees

Comp Howard Nuttall, The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order of the Secret Monitor

Comp Ian Clark – the Lancashire Provincial Grand Master of Royal Order of Scotland

Comp James Adams, BEM – the Cheshire Provincial Grand Master of Royal Order of Scotland, and

Comp Malcolm Moreland, The Regional Grand Prefect, Knights Beneficent of the Holy City.


Jack Price and Eric Heaviside
Peter Magnay and Jack Price
Peter Hosker and Bill Porter
Rev'd Donald Pryce and Norman Thompson
Dr Steven Reid with Allan Bennion
Rev’d Frank A Chappell and Stuart Hughes
Paul Rink, OBE, with John Briggs and Ed Cheadle
Harry Owens and David Thornton
H Alan J Garnett and Tom Jackson
Geoffrey Rumford and H Alan J Garnett
Charles Crane with Norman Clarke
Keith Partington Schofield
David Gallear
Susan O'Neill and Julie Ward