Provincial Grand Chapter 18th March 2010 Page 4

The Investiture

The MEGSupt then moved on to what he described as the 'most important' part of the afternoon - investing the appointed, re-appointed and promoted Provincial Grand Officers.

The Provincial Stewards and DCs Team worked to the usual high East Lancashire standards

A total of 143 Provincial Grand Officers were appointed or promoted during the afternoon. This figure includes a number of Companions who were promoted during the course of the year. These included quite a number of well known companions including the Assistant Provincial Grand Master in the Craft, Philip Mountford.

EComp Phillip Mountford, PProvGSwdB

Following the ceremonial, which went like clockwork thanks to the prowess of the DCs team and the Provincial Grand Stewards, the MEGSupt called upon the Companions to repeat their recognition for those who had been honoured today, which was done with a loud round of applause.

The Collection at Provincial Grand Chapter raised the sum of £2941, including tax reclaim and in excess of 500 Companions had been present to enjoy the afternoon's entertainment. Well worth the trip for any Chapter member in future years!

Provincial Grand Chapter was closed by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and the Companions then retired to the Festive Board. Read on.