4 Provincial Grand Chapter 26th March 2009 MEGSupt Address cont ...

Companions, now moving on, we have, today, 154 Companions, some who will be experiencing their first Appointment, others the elation of Promotion and not forgetting the long-standing and faithful re-appointments. I do thank all of you for the work that you have undertaken and, of course, in anticipation of what you will do in the future.  Your Chapters will know that the rank to which you have been appointed reflects not only what you have achieved in your own Chapter but also in many cases, the work you do within the Districts of the Province and in the community.

In addition to the Provincial Grand ranks, I am very happy to announce that the following Companions have received notification from Supreme Grand Chapter that they are to receive Grand Rank at the Supreme Grand Chapter Annual Investiture in April 2009.


Allan Bennion to PGSwdB 
Christopher Bolton to PAGSoj    


First Appointment to Past Grand Standard Bearer

Norman Clarke
Philip Conn
Ivan Eastwood
Alexander McLaren

Finally, Companions, as you all know, events such as today do not just happen.

To bring the whole event together, we have relied on the support staff here at King George’s Hall, the Hall Stewards, the Security Stewards and our “Bridge Street” Ladies; far too many to mention dividually. What a wonderful job they all do for us.

Bridge Street Ladies - Julie Ward & Susan O'Neill

Perhaps I can, though, include everyone by mentioning two teams in particular, those of the Provincial Grand Scribe E and those of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

It must be said that the amount of work the Secretariat exerts, under the expert and experienced
drive of our Provincial Grand Scribe E / Provincial Grand Secretary, to prepare for and run this event, is phenomenal.

Provincial Grand Scribe E - EComp H Alan J Garnett
Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary - Kevin Horne




The work of the DCs team in the lead up to this event, preparing and rehearsing, under the careful guidance of Comp Marchant, lends dignity, beauty and decorum to the entire day.

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies - EComp Wesley Marchant

To all of you who have been involved in any way, my very grateful thanks.

To conclude, I just wish to say,

  • well done to each and everyone for the contribution that you are making to your Chapter,
  • well done to those receiving an Honour,
  • well done for the tremendous support that you are giving to the Province,
  • well done for using your very precious time by being present with us this afternoon and;
  • my heartfelt and sincere thanks for the continued support that you give to Dorothy and to me.

God Bless You All.