1 Provincial Grand Chapter 26th March 2009 Introduction

One in five - well over 500 - of the Province's Royal Arch Masons attended Provincial Grand Chapter where goodwill and lighthearted rapport were in abundance. This was the best attended meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter since 2004 and this fact reflects the very high regard we all have for our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, EComp Jack Price, and his Royal Arch Teams.


Jack is, in many ways, an excellent role model - the quintessential Royal Arch Mason one might say. One had to be present to sense the warm atmosphere of the Chapter Room and convivial banter between the committed masons at the Festive Board to fully appreciate the day's splendour. Hopefully, the following pages will provide some insight into the messages conveyed and the lovely ambience surrounding all aspects of the event.

In total the collection at the Chapter meeting raised £2556 for the ELMC (including tax reclaim)

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Photgraphs of the newly
promoted and invested officers
will be available here soon

A pdf of the MEGSupts Address
with images can be downloaded