Provincial Grand Chapter

Thursday 21 February 2013

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Cheque Presentation at Hutchinson Chapter No 381

On Wednesday, 2nd December, Hutchinson Chapter No 381 held their Installation Meeting at Darwen Masonic Hall.

During the Installation ceremony,  EComp D Lightbown, PProvGSwdB, (District Chairman), was Installed as First Principal, EComp C Royle, PProvGSoj, as Second Principal and Comp D Alston as Third Principal.

Following the formal business of the meeting, the newly Installed First Principal presented a cheque for the amount of £350 to EComp the Rev Donald K Pryce PGStB, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal.

The money was raised by the members of Hutchinson Chapter who hosted a Royal Arch Dinner, which was held at the Hawkshaw Suite at Darwen Masonic Hall on the 6th November. The Rev Pryce was delighted to accept the donation and promised to pass it on to the ELMC.

Following the meeting, the companions enjoyed an superb meal during a very jovial Festive Board with lots of laughter and great companionship.

1st Principal EComp D Lightbown, PProvGSwdB, (District Chairman),
presenting the cheque to EComp the Rev Donald K Pryce, PGStB, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal.
He is accompanied by the 2nd and Third Chapter Principals and EComp P Aspinall, PGStB, APGP.



Superb evening at 8408 Steward’s Chapter

The Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter, No. 8408, is one of the flagships of the Royal Arch Province and their Installation meeting, bursting with excellent working and companionship, demonstrated this without doubt.

It only seemed like yesterday that EComps Melvyn Hill, Brian Bennion and Michael Williams were installed as the Priincipals of the Chapter yet here they were, installing their successors, EComps Miles Leadbeater, Robert Frankl and Stephen Holt.

Over 80 members attended the ceremony which was richly supported by the Rulers of the Province, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Sir David Trippier, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, William J Porter, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, David H Thompson and the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, Rev Donald Pryce.

The Festive Board fayre was excellent and there was a buzz of chatter and enjoyment throughout dinner.

Proposing the health of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Robert Frankl said that it was always a pleasure to deliver this toast but pointed out that, unlike the SW in the equivalent Craft Lodge, he was much closer to Sir David so, being within reach, needed to be careful as to what he said. Robert spoke on behalf of all the companions present when he expressed gratitude for Sir David being with us tonight and offering his support.

Robert reminded the companions of the inspirational address that Sir David had delivered at the Craft Annual Meeting in November at Blackburn. The Royal Arch Annual Meeting is less than 3 weeks’ away and we look forward to Sir David’s address at that meeting. Finally, Robert referred to the forthcoming retirement of EComp William J Porter as Deputy Grand Superintendent.

In response the MEGSupt thanked Robert for his generous comments, “You could have gone on all night and I would have lapped it up”. Sir David had experienced a wonderful evening. The Installation ritual was fantastic, the addresses given in Chapter were outstanding and he had really felt at home.

Sir David referred to the upcoming Annual General Meeting – one of the most important meetings of e Royal Arch Calendar. Last year he had personally written to each of the Principals of the Chapters in the Province, inviting them to attend. They had attended in droves and Sir David had asked them to stand in unison drawing special attention to them; “They are, after all, at the sharp end of what we are trying to achieve in the Province.” He was grateful to them and all those attending tonight’s meeting for what they do.

Significantly, at Provincial Grand Chapter, EComp John Farrington will be succeeded as Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra by EComp Martin Roche who will also become the Provincial Grand Secretary in the Craft. Similarly, Henri Lyon will be succeeded by David Bristol as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies in the Royal Arch. Both Ed Cheadle and Stuart Hughes would retire as AProvGPs. Stuart had left early this evening, after a recent bereavement. Sir David expressed gratitude for the work he had done – more than expected from an AProvGP. He also expressed gratitude for the support Stuart’s wife Sandra had given, even in the face of illness last year.

The saddest note of the Provincial meeting would be the retirement of EComp Bill Porter. Sir David said he could not have achieved what he has without Bill’s support, “He hardly ever makes a mistake, has a rich sense of humour and has become a close friend”. Sir David took comfort from the fact that he would still see EComp Porter around the Province. Sir David added that he could be even more sycophantic if he wanted, “After all, I didn’t get to where I have in life without being a professional creep!” J Finally he thanked the companions for a really important and memorable occasion.

Proposing the toast to the three Principals the IPZ, EComp Melvyn Hill, talked of the valuable work all three had performed for the Craft, the Royal Arch and this Chapter, over a number of years. In Response the First Principal, EComp Miles Leadbeater, said it had been a privilege serving the Chapter and that he would miss the office of Scribe E; a position he had filled for the last 7 years. He thanked his Officers for accepting their roles and hoped they looked forward to an enjoyable and not too onerous year. Referring to the investiture of the Chapter Stewards (recently appointed Provincial Grand Stewards) he fondly recalled his own appointment as a Steward when the then 1st Principal, EComp Arthur Axford, had collared him and whispered into his ear, “Get your hair cut!”.

EComp Leadbeater then congratulated all those receiving promotion in the forthcoming meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter. The next meeting of 8408 Chapter will be on Monday 7th December 2015 at Clitheroe with a brand new demonstration by the East Lancashire Royal Arch Demonstration Team.

Finally, the First Principal turned to EComp William J Porter, Deputy Grand Superintendent, “You have led us with distinction, you will be long remembered and respected. We wish you a long and happy retirement.



Province – 1/12/14 – The Provincial Stewards Chapter meet at
Middleton in distinguished company.

The Provincial Stewards Chapter No 8408 was graced with the presence of the Deputy Grand Superintendent EComp Bill Porter and both the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals namely EComp David Thompson and EComp Rev’d Donald Pryce respectively.

The Chapter had met at Middleton Masonic Hall to hear an extensive illustrated talk given by EComp Roger Littlewood PProvGStB (North Wales) entitled “Bro Joshua Rudyard Kipling – Man & Mason”.

However before this, once the Chapter had opened, the First Principal EComp Melvyn Hill PGStB had the sad duty to announce that since their last convocation meeting two distinguished Companions of the Chapter had passed to the Grand Chapter above - namely EComp Barrington B. Wallwork PGSwdB, PDepGSupt and EComp Kenneth Edwards PAGSoj.  An excellent eulogy about both Companions was given by EComp Warwick Davenport PAGSoj.

One other item of business was to ballot for the Principals of the Chapter for the forthcoming year. As there was only one nominated member for each Principal, the following were declared:  EComp Miles Leadbeater PProvGSN as 1st Principal elect;  EComp Robert Frankl PGStB as 2nd Principal elect and EComp Stephen Holt PProvGSoj as 3rd Principal elect and the photograph below shows them with the current Principals and the distinguished guests.

Once the Chapter was closed all Companions retired downstairs to a very convivial festive board as the photographs below show.



PROVINCE - 9/10/14 – a PAProvGP is resurrected from ashes
to become 1st Principal of 3747 Chapter

Many rulers in the Royal Arch attended Manchester to witness and /or take part in the installation ceremony of the Provincial Grand Officers’ Chapter No 3747 on Thursday 9th October.

Our Grand Superintendent, EComp Sir David Trippier accompanied by the Deputy Grand Superintendent, EComp Bill Porter and the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, EComp David Thompson together with four of the AProvGP’s, witnessed the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, EComp Donald Pryce in his role as the Chapters’ First Principal, install and invest his successor EComp Peter Messum PAProvGP into the chair of Zerubbabel on Thursday 9th October, 2014.

Before this, the Convocation was opened by the 1st Principal and then the minutes of the last meeting were duly proposed by EComp Ian Casson, 2nd Principal and seconded by EComp William Anderson 3rd Principal and confirmed.

A ballot then took place for three joining members which proved unanimously in favour of EComps Eddie Barlow PGStB, AProvGP, Derek Smith PProvDepGSwdB, DORA and Llwyd Thomas ProvGStB who stood to receive a warm welcome from all 75 Companions present.

The outgoing 1st Principal EComp Donald Pryce then thanked all those in office for their support during his year.

Prior to the installation of the Principal’s elect, the Scribe E read out the dispensation authorizing EComp Peter Messum to be installed as 1st Principal as he was already the 1st Principal of Aldwyn Chapter.

After the Principals elect had recited their obligation they were each duly robed, invested and installed into their chairs by their respective counterparts namely,
EComp Donald Pryce installing EComp Peter Messum as 1st Principal
EComp Ian Casson installing EComp Stanley Bibby as 2nd Principal
EComp William Anderson installing EComp Colin Whitaker as 3rd Principal.

The newly appointed officers for the ensuing year were then appointed and invested by the 1st Principal EComp Peter Messum after which the address to the Principals was given by EComp Allan Bennion, PGSwdB, PDepGSupt; to the Officers by EComp Norman Clarke PGStB, PAProvGP and finally to the Companions by EComp Stuart Hughes, PGStB AProvGP.  Each was done in an exemplary manner which was met with approval by all present.

After the various risings, the Scribe E reported that he had received five resignations but with the three new joining members the Chapter membership stood at 139 of which 57 were Grand Officers.

The Chapter was then closed and after the National Anthem had been sung, there was a formal retiral.

Photographs then took place firstly of the three newly appointed Chapter Principals.

This was followed by a picture of the Three Chapter Principals with the Grand Superintendent, his Deputy, 2nd & 3rd Provincial Grand Principals, the AProvGP’s, the previous 3 Chapter Principals and the DC and his deputies.

71 Companions then sat down to a very pleasant social board.  The 1st Principal Eomp Peter Messum had been an AProvGP’s  between 2005 and 2009 and four other Companions who had been fellow AProvGP’s at the same time were able to join Peter on the top table.  They were EComps Derek Thornhill, Bill Porter, David Thompson and Trevor Thomas.


The usual Installation toasts and responses took place.  However, in response to the toast to our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Sir David Trippier made reference to three particular points the most important of which related to the exaltation of candidates into the Royal Arch. He said:-

Companions: Some time ago another Province sent to us a written form of words which they hand to every candidate for exaltation to read whilst he is being prepared to be exalted.  This sets the scene and tells him what he is going to experience without giving any secrets away.  I agreed that we should do the same and it was incorporated into a circular but it is not easy to find on the website.

I only wish I had received this brief explanation before I was exalted because it would have made me more relaxed and I would have enjoyed the ceremony so much more. I commend this to you all so please do what you can to make sure this happens”

This is the link to the explanation:



The East Lancashire Royal Arch Charity Banquet – 13th June 2014
‘End of Term Party’

The ‘Party’ bringing to a close another magnificent season for the Royal Arch had a healthy attendance by guests from across the Province.  This, the 23rd annual event, was held at Freemasons’ Hall, Bridge Street, Manchester. The Companions and their beautifully attired wives and partners met in the Memorial Hall where they enjoyed free flowing champagne at a vibrant reception.

Sir David, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, and Lady Ruth Trippier greeted the guests as they gently moved through to the Derby Suite for Dinner. The Deputy Grand Superintendent welcomed everyone to the magnificent venue commenting that we very nearly held this Banquet at Manchester Cathedral; in previous plans the impending refurbishment of Freemasons’ Hall would have already begun. Mr Anthony O’Connor from the Cathedral had already undertaken much preparatory work for this and had been invited tonight as one of our Principal guests to thank him for that work.

Moving on to the wines (one of the highlights of the evening) he noted that the champagne, Baron Albert Brut, was a very special wine then, demonstrating his unparalleled knowledge of the work of a Sommelier, he described it as ‘pale with bubbles’ – to much laughter. The white wine this evening was a Muscadet Sur Lie Chateau du Poyet, which just rolled off his tongue, and the red a Morgan Louis Latour. All wines were available for purchase by the guests in cases or mixed cases.

Grace was given by EComp Donald Pryce, the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal and the dinner commenced. The evening was attended by all of the Senior Officers of the Royal Arch including the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals and the five Assistants to the Provincial Grand Principals with their ladies. Also in attendance were many Past Rulers of the Royal Arch and great support from the Craft including the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Derek N Thornhill, a number of the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and many District Officers from across the Province.

The Chef and his staff excelled themselves with a superb menu of Smoked Trout, Tomato Consommé, Beef Mignon (with a sherry & mushroom cream sauce), White Chocolate Panna Cotta and a Cheeseboard followed by Coffee and Petit Fours.

They say that photos speak a thousand words and the above demonstrates some of the enjoyment experienced throughout the evening. Laughter, conversation, meeting friends and making new ones punctuated the evening. Dinner finally finished with the Toast to the Queen offered by Sir David.

Many people are involved in the arrangements for this magnificent annual function but special thanks go to EComp Peter Messum, PAProvGP, who was involved heavily with the preparations and planning.

The 2nd Provincial Grand Principal had arranged a raffle which generated £1685 for Charity. The Royal Arch Charity Banquet has donated astounding sums over its 23 years. Most recently £5000 has been donated to the EL 2015 Festival for the RMBI and £2000 to the Royal College of Surgeons forming part of our tremendous donation to the Supreme Grand Chapter 2013 Bicentenary Appeal which raised well in excess of £2.5M.

So, as we made our way home lit by a beautiful full moon we reflected on another evening of superb masonic fun and fellowship. We also should be grateful to the staff at Freemasons’ Hall whose attention to detail and excellence helped make the evening so special, in particular the special helpers they drafted in to assist with waiting and washing up – Susan, Marie and her lovely daughter.

Cheers ! Until next year.


Some 30 Companions from all over the Province of East Lancashire travelled down to London on Wednesday 16th October 2013 to witness a full day’s celebration to mark the Royal Arch’s Bi-Centenary.

The day started at 11am in the Grand Temple when the Metropolitan Grand Stewards Chapter performed a demonstration of the Ceremony of Exaltation using the changes authorised in 2004.

There then followed a luncheon from 1pm onwards in the Connaught Rooms presided over by the Pro First Grand Principal Peter Lowndes.

At 4.30pm a Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter was opened to a packed Grand Temple. We arrived in plenty of time as the Temple was filling up

The Convocation was presided over by the ME the First Grand Principal HRH the Duke of Kent KG.  The regular business was then presented by the President of the Board of the Committee of General Purposes covering Petitions for New Chapters, Centenary Charters, Amalgamations, Transfers and Erasures - details of which had all been included in the circular convening the Convocation.

There then followed the actual Bi-Centenary celebrations. This started with a historical presentation entitled “Pure Antient Masonry Triumphant” by EComp John Hamill PGSwdB which was met with spontaneous acclamation.   

An oration by EComp the Revd Dr J.R.H. Railton PGSwdB was then delivered which was similarly received. 

Greetings and congratulations followed given by the First Grand Principal of Scotland and the Grand King of Ireland.

Finally, the ME the First Grand Principal addressed the Convocation. He made particular reference to the appeal which he had launched three years earlier to support the Royal College of Surgeons in their desire to give as many bursaries as possible to their junior members to carry out medical research.  The appeal was for every Companion in the Royal Arch throughout the Country to donate £10 which it was hoped would achieve a target figure of One Million Pounds.  The First Grand Principal then announced, that with pledges and donations, a sum of Two Million Pounds had already been raised and the appeal would remain open until the end of 2013.  When the figure was announced, rapturous applause took place.  Furthermore, he wanted to celebrate the occasion by making additional first appointments to past Grand Rank on the scale of one for every Province or District.

To mark this most historical occasion, a solid silver tureen engraved with the dates 1813 – 2013 was presented to the ME the First Grand Principal from Supreme Grand Chapter for it to be prominently displayed during festive occasions.

After Supreme Grand Chapter was closed a dinner took place in the Savoy Hotel, again presided over by the ME the First Grand Principal which rounded off a very enjoyable and satisfying celebration of the Bi-Centenary of the Royal Arch.

The Province was represented at all events which took place over the whole day.  Over thirty Companions attended the afternoon Convocation.  Almost everybody from the Royal Arch Provincial Cabinet were in attendance as were senior members of the Craft Cabinet and our ME Grand Superintendent, Sir David Trippier, expressed his appreciation of the support he had received on the day.  

Twenty two Companions went to and from London by train in First Class style at a very considerably reduced fare due to the efforts of EComp David Thompson, our Second Provincial Grand Principal, who purchased all of the cheapest fares available exactly three months before the date of travel. We thank him for his efforts.


The ME Grand Superintendent visits Tonge Hall Chapter No 8763

The ME Grand Superintendent, Sir David Trippier, RD, JP, DL, accompanied by the members
and visitors attending the installation meeting of Tonge Hall Chapter No 8763.

On Monday, 7th October 2013, the members of Tonge Hall Chapter No 8763, which meet at Audenshaw, were delighted to welcome Sir David Trippier, RD, JP, DL, the ME Grand Superintendent, as their special guest. Other guests included EComp Norman Clarke, APGP for the area, EComp John Pearson, Audenshaw District Chairman, [APGM designate], and EComp John Farrington, Provincial Scribe Ezra.

The purpose of the meeting was to witness the installation of EComp David H Thompson, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, as First Principal, EComp John King as Second Principal and EComp John Cavanagh as Third Principal of the Chapter. All three Principals were very ably installed with the rest of the meeting being undertaken to a very high standard.

Whilst the Chapter is already a Grand Patron of the 2015 Festival, The ME Grand Superintendent was presented with a cheque for £382.85 to further support the Festival.

Following the meeting all were invited to enjoy a champagne reception where a selection of hot and cold canapés were served. During which time the ME Grand Superintendent welcomed the opportunity to meet the other Companions present.

An excellent meal followed, consisting of Beef Olives, Melon and Parma ham served in Port, Lobster Thermidor with King Prawns and spiced Crab, Fine Lemon flan, followed by various cheeses and coffee. A truly enjoyable and successful evening for all who attended.


New Pedestal and Carpet for Manchester Royal Arch Chapters


As if the events at the East Lancashire Provincial Grand Officers’ Chapter No.3747 meeting on 10th October 2013 were not newsworthy enough, the Chapter also saw the ‘unveiling’ of a magnificent new Royal Arch Chapter pedestal, sitting on a splendid new vaulted carpet, resplendent with the Royal Arch colours.

The pedestal was constructed – we feel sure to the precise dimensions and proportions of the original – by Companion Nigel Johnson from Reddish Chapter No. 3615 in Audenshaw.

Companion Johnson was present at the meeting and received due acknowledgement from the Acting MEZ, EComp Bill Porter and acclaim from the assembled Companions. Although not yet qualified to join the Chapter, Comp Johnson was assured by EComp Porter that he would be made most welcome when he was eventually eligible.

The carpet, which like the pedestal can be used in any Chapter meeting in Bridge Street, was specially commissioned and presented by the Friends of Freemasons’ Hall.

The Chapter Room with it's New Carpet and Pedestal


The New Pedestal

The Demonstration Team visit
Derbyshire Principals Chapter No 8509

On Thursday 27th June the East Lancashire Royal Arch Demonstration Team (ELRADT) forayed outside of our own Province to visit the Derbyshire Principals Chapter No 8509 at their installation meeting in Chesterfield Masonic Hall where we were very warmly welcomed.  It is fair to say that a packed temple seemed to thoroughly enjoy our presentation of twelve sections of “The Rise and Fall of the Twelve Tribes of Israel”.

The photograph above shows the Team who visited Chesterfield.
On the Front Row, L-R: EComps Bill Cavanagh, Mike Williams, John Cavanagh, David Thornton and Keith Swettenham.
Back Row L-R: EComps Fraser McCord, Dennis Heskett,  Tony Freemont, Russell Pike, Chris Cunliffe, Graham Rawlinson,
Terry Bailey, Alan Baxendale and Kevin Hall.

After conducting a full programme of normal business, which included the Installation of the Principals and the election of a rejoining member, the First Principal, EComp D.M.Bevan PProvGSN, introduced our Vice President. On this occasion we were very pleased to be accompanied by EComp David Thornton PGStB who is our Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals for the Western Area of our Province, and thus one of the Vice Presidents of ELRADT. He introduced the team by saying how pleased he was to be able to accompany them and how he was certain that all of those present would have the opportunity to learn something new in an enjoyable and light hearted way.

The three new Principals of the Derbyshire Installed Principals Chapter,
L – R:   EComp S. Bamber PProvGSN – Second Principal:  EComp D. M. Bevan PProvGSN –
First Principal and EComp C. Cantrell PProvGSN – Third Principal

After the completion of the performance which was met by acclamation,  the team were first congratulated by the First Principal of the Chapter who said that he was sure that everyone who had witnessed the performance would have gained something significant from it. The team were also praised by the Second Provincial Grand Principal for Derbyshire, EComp Simon Peter Gaskin PGStB, who was in attendance, accompanied by the Third Provincial Grand Principal for Derbyshire, EComp Keith Allen Overton PGStB.   In congratulating the team on the quality and light hearted presentation of their work, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal further commented that  this was the right way to get over the message of our Order.  He also added that he was sure that the Grand Superintendent for Derbyshire, EComp Thomas Briggs, would have thoroughly enjoyed the evening and had only been prevented from attending because he was representing his Province at Northampton’s Provincial Grand Chapter Meeting.

Then, after enjoying the pleasures of the Social Board and the continued hospitality, we set off on the long journey back to the civilisation of East Lancashire, happy in the knowledge that we had done our best.

The 22nd Annual Royal Arch Charity Banquet

The 22nd Annual Royal Arch Charity Banquet was held at Freemasons’ Hall, Manchester on 14th June 2013 when Ladies and Companions gathered for a champagne reception in the Memorial Hall before being ushered into the Derby Suite for a fabulous meal.

MEGSupt Sir David Trippier and Lady Trippier

Our host for the evening was EComp Bill Porter, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, who was ably introduced by the Acting Provincial Director of Ceremonies, EComp Gerald Hodson.

Bill welcomed the gathering with his customary wit and referred to the selection of wines for the evening, enthralling and captivating us with his eloquent (and to many of us previously unknown) mastery of the French language. Bill noted that we had already sampled the Baron Albert (pronounced ‘Albert’) champagne, or, as it was better known, ‘Le Fizz’ or ‘Le Pop’.

EComp William John Porter and Mrs Porter
EComp John Farrington, Mrs Farrington
and VWBro Derek Nelson Thornhill

The Morgon Louis Latour red wine which would be served with the main course was likened to our former Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra – a deep ‘Garnet’, firm and dark with a fruity aroma and a well-rounded finish in the mouth. But enough about Alan!

Following Grace by EComp The Reverend Donald Pryce, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, the guests made short work of the Smoked Salmon Extravaganza, followed by Spiced Carrot and Basil Soup, before the piece-de-resistance, the Birchstead Beef in a Creamy Wild Mushroom Sauce. To finish, we enjoyed a Fresh Fruit Flan (try saying that after a bottle of Morgon Louis Latour) with Clotted Cream, Cheese and Biscuits with a choice of port or brandy and finally – for those had left enough room, Coffee and Petit Fours.

EComp David H Thompson and Mrs Thompson
EComp the Rev'd Donald Keith Pryce
and Mrs Pryce


Sir David and Lady Ruth Trippier were in splendid form as they circulated among the guests, both during and after the dinner. There had been a few anxious moments earlier in the evening when Lady Ruth found herself ‘locked in’ at Chambers after her colleagues had left for the weekend. Fortunately, a keyholder was located and released Lady Ruth from her unexpected incarceration in time for the banquet!

We were once again delighted to have the company of EComp Arthur Axford, Past Deputy Grand Superintendent, the visionary behind the first such Royal Arch Banquet in 1991, along with members of his family.

The raffle raised £1,340, with the first prize of a huge bottle of Bell’s Whisky going to EComp Stephen Boyle who was still looking remarkably pleased with himself in the Derby Bar, long after the meal was over.

In his closing remarks, EComp Bill Porter expressed fulsome thanks to the Royal Arch Banquet Committee under the leadership of EComp Peter Messum and to the catering team, led by John Fryer, and announced that next year’s banquet will be held on 13th June 2014 at Manchester Cathedral where a far greater number of guests can be accommodated.



Investiture of Excellent Companion Paul Aspinall ProvGSN as an Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals

Horizon Chapter was chosen as the host chapter for the investiture of Excellent Companion Paul Aspinall, ProvGSN, as an Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals (APGP).

The Chapter was opened in the usual manner by the three principals of the chapter. There was then a report on the door of the chapter and EComp Henri Lyons, the Provincial DC was admitted. The Chapter then stood to order as the Most Excellent Grand Superintendant, accompanied by the Provincial Delegation were admitted.

There was a full attendance by the Provincial delegation, consisting of the Second and Third Provincial Principals, along with the Deputy Grand Superintendant, the Provincial Sword and Standard Bearers, several other APGP's and Grand Officers. Also attending was the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Derek Thornhill PGSwdBr, along with the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Martin Roche SGD.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendant, Sir David Trippier, then took the chair of the chapter and proceeded to invest EComp Paul Aspinall with the badge of his office. EComp Paul Aspinall was then perambulated around the chapter by the Provincial DC to the spontaneous acclaim of those present.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendant, the Provincial Delegation and EComp Aspinall then retired from the chapter. The chapter was then closed by the three principals and the assembled companions retired to the festive board for a most enjoyable celebration.

The Chapter Principals with the Provincial Delegation

The Grand Superintendant and Provincial Principals with the Chapter Principals and EComp Paul Aspinall

EComp Paul Aspinall APGP, with the Provincial Principals

Companions enjoy the festive board

EComp Aspinall enjoys the occasion

Rochdale Chapter of First Principals No 9211

Thursday 22nd March 2012

The Chapter was opened and the Minutes of the previous convocation confirmed. The next business on the Summons was to elect officers for the ensuing year.
This was followed by a report, and the ME Grand Superintendent, EComp Sir David Trippier accompanied by a Provincial Deputation demanded admission.  The Deputation was received into the Chapter

The ME Grand Superintendent, the second and third Provincial Grand Principals were then placed in the three Principals chairs and the ME Grand Superintendent introduced each member of the Deputation to the Companions.

A paper entitled ‘The Genuine Secrets of a Master Mason’ was then presented by the Chapter’s Scribe E, EComp Nigel Love.

The Chapter MEZ, EComp Alan Stancliffe presented a donation from the Good Causes account to the ME Grand Superintendent, who then addressed the companions.

The ME Grand Superintendent then conferred a promotion to the rank of PProv1stAGSoj to EComp David L Greenhalgh who was unable to be present at the recent meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter due to other RA Masonic commitments.

The Chapter Principles were then returned to their rightful chairs and a collection of Alms was then taken.

The ME Grand Superintendent and The Provincial Deputation then retired from the Chapter to the acclaim of the Companions.

The festive board was excellent and was followed by the traditional Toasts following which the ME Grand Superintendent, Sir David Tripper, addressed the Companions
The evening was brought to a close by the Janitors toast, which was proposed by EComp Stephen J Holt.

The ME Grand Superintendent EComp Sir David Trippier and the Chapter Scribe E EComp Nigel Love.


The ME Grand Superintendent EComp Sir David Trippier, together with the Provincial Deputation and
the three Principals of the Rochdale Chapter of First  Principals No 9211


The ME Grand Superintendent EComp Sir David Trippier, and the Provincial Deputation


The ME Grand Superintendent EComp Sir David Trippier, together  with  the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals, Ecomp’s Wesley Marchant and Rev.Donald K Pryce and the three Principals of the Rochdale Chapter of First  Principals No 9211, Ecomp’s Alan D Stancliffe, David Norbury and Paul Holt who is the area District Officer Royal Arch.




Perseverance Chapter 345
EComp Jim Fallow retires as DORA

Following 5 years’ service to the then Blackburn District and now East Ribble District Excellent Companion Jim Fallow PProvDepGReg stood down as DORA at the Installation of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent.

The three principals of Perseverance Chapter with EComp Jim Fallow, nursing his bottle of Glenmorangie, EComp Paul Aspinall ProvGSN, District Chairman holding the decanter, EComp Joe Lamb, District Treasurer and EComp Bob Allen, District Secretary

To recognise his service the District Chairman, Excellent Companion Paul Aspinall ProvGSN, along with a District team attended Jim’s Chapter, Perseverance Chapter, to present Jim with a crystal decanter to mark his service to the District. EComp Aspinall also presented Jim with a bottle of Glenmorangie, because as Paul said “An empty decanter is no good to anybody!”

Making the Presentation EComp Aspinall reflected on the sterling work Jim had done during his tenure of office, and thanked him for his dedicated service.
Due to the amalgamation of districts Jim will not be replaced as DORA, but EComp Gordon McMillan will continue as the lone DORA for the East Ribble District.

EComp Paul Aspinall ProvGSN, presenting EComp Fallow with his decanter