Supreme Grand Chapter Royal Arch Bicentenary Celebrations 2013



The First Grand Principal, HRH The Duke of Kent, will be marking the 200th Anniversary of Supreme Grand Chapter by making a substantial donation to the Royal College of Surgeons of England at their Convocation on the 16th October 2013, a presentation which all Royal Arch Freemasons will be proud of.

This will be the culmination of the efforts made by all the Royal Arch Companions under the Constitution for their contributions of £10 per member. Arrangements are now being made for those who wish to attend this special meeting which you can be part of by following the link to the information provided by the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra HERE.

In the meantime the link below will take you to the presentation given by representatives of the Royal College of Surgeons at the meeting of 3747 Chapter in May 2012.

My very best fraternal greetings,

EComp David H Thompson
Second Provincial Grand Principal





Presentation by Royal College of Surgeons at 3747C 10/5/12


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