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Officers of the Province - Portraits 2012


Portraits of our Provincial Leaders, in both the Craft and the Royal Arch, can be ordered from this page. It is usual practice for Masonic Halls to display a formal portrait of the Provincial Grand Master / ME Grand Superintendent. This year there are a variety of frames and photograph sizes available. We strongly recommend that you choose our frames to ensure your photographs are professionally mounted. It is, however, possible to order prints only. Full details of Frame Sizes, costs and ordering details can be found on the downloadable forms below:





 Many Halls also display photographs of both Deputies, i.e. in the Craft and the Royal Arch. Many will also display their 'patch' APGM or AProvGP. Additional orders can be made by adding your choices to the printed order form. All orders are to be made through Harold Corney (contact details on the order form). If you have any questions before placing an order please contact Harold Corney directly. Please be sure to include the photgraph reference number on all orders placed.

Photographs of the APGMs and AProvGPs can be produced on either the formal 'panelled' background or the less formal 'blue' background. Please specify on your order which you prefer. The Provincial Grand Master / ME Grand Superintendent and his Deputies will only be printed on the formal background.


Sir David Trippier Ref 2288y
Derek Thornhill Ref 2867a
Stephen Blank Ref 9568SB
Martin Roche Ref 2410a
Chad Northcott Ref 2377a
Norman Cope Ref 2801a
coming soon
coming soon
J Christopher Welton
A John Pearson
DepGSupt William J Porter Ref CD2331a
2nd Prov. Grand Principal David Thompson Ref 2865
3rd Prov. G. Principal Rev Donald Pryce Ref 9651DP
AProvGP Stuart Hughes Ref 2504a
AProvGP Edwin Cheadle Ref 2422a
AProvGP Norman Clarke Ref 9680NC
AProvGP David Thornton Ref 2449a
AProvGP Paul Aspinall Ref 2849a