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East Lancashire Museum of Freemasonry

Sir Edward Returns Home

"The collection of oil paintings at Freemasons' Hall, Bridge Street, Manchester, includes a number of portraits of distinguished East Lancashire Freemasons of the 20th Century.  One such portrait is that of Sir Edward Rhodes who was an APGM from 1929 to 1948; the DPGM from 1948 to 1950; and the PGM from 1950 to 1959.  The portrait of Sir Edward [as DPGM] is by T C Dugdale [1880-1952].

A recently commissioned survey identified and prioritised the repair and restoration that needs to be carried out on each painting.  The programme of work to be undertaken will perhaps take up to 10 years to complete.

Extensive repair and restoration work has now been completed on the portrait of Sir Edward.  Over a period of 6 months the work has been painstakingly undertaken by Julia C Dalzell, Oil Painting Conservator / Restorer.

On Friday 18 April 2008, our PProvGM [RWBro Paul J E Rink, OBE] was at Freemason's Hall to welcome Sir Edward back home.  Sir Edward has made a remarkable recovery and once again he has taken his rightful place with the other distinguished Brethren at Freemasons' Hall."

The portrait is shown above in its rightful place.  From left to right : Ivan J Goldberg [Deputy Curator]; Martin S Caller [Chairman of the East Lancashire Masonic Hall Company]; Julia C Dalzell [Conservator / Restorer]; Paul J E Rink [Past Provincial Grand Master] and Ivan Eastwood [Curator].


The damaged portrait of Sir Edward Rhodes and the repaired and restored portrait.


WBro Ivan J Goldberg PProvGSwdBr

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