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Manchester Association for Masonic Research



PROGRAM - 2015


Prestonian Lecture - Bridge Street- September 11th

Summons for the Meeting on September 11th


Dr Richard Johnson Visits Idaho


Dr Richard Johnson Visits The USA


MW Grand Master of Utah visits MAMR



For over a hundred years the Manchester Association for Masonic Research has been a focus for offering Masonic knowledge and is now the North’s leading research association. The Association was born in 1909 from a desire to share knowledge and gain understanding of freemasonry. It was formed to serve Lancashire East, and West, and Cheshire. Founders were drawn from each of those Provinces, with a President from Derbyshire working in Manchester. The Earl of Derby was the leading patron, and the then Dean of Manchester was one also. Vice-presidents included the charismatic Manchester chief librarian Henry Sutton, Henry Watson (who famously founded the music library bearing his name), the Boltonian Grand Treasurer of UGLE Major John Booth, and Roderick Baxter and Fred Broadbent, both trenchant northern commentators and historians.

It encourages brethren to broaden their Masonic knowledge and each year publishes its Transactions which are circulated to a worldwide membership. If you are interested in just listening to high quality talks or even doing some research yourself, help is always at hand.

The Manchester Association for Masonic Research (MAMR) celebrated its centenary year in 2009. its solid foundations have led to a century of published MAMR Transactions. Each volume contains at least four talks and there are many gems among the collection. They largely await appreciation. Sad to say, the brethren engaged and interested in these things over the years have been characterised more by modesty than by marketing.



The MAMR has many members, some of whom are 'experts' on varied aspects of Masonic Ritual, History, Regalia, Music, Events and so on. Should you be undertaking research, have a question about Freemasonry that you are seeking an answer to or need direction on where to start looking for answers, then please contact the Secretary, WBro Dr Richard Johnson - Email: . He will forward your request to the appropriate person who will be in touch, trying to be as helpful as possible.



President                                           WBro Anthony D Costello PAGDC

Treasurer                                            WBro Anthony D Costello PAGDC
General Secretary                            WBro Dr Richard Johnson PProvSGD
Membership Secretary                    WBro Philip G Myers PProvDepGReg
Programme Secretary                     WBro E John T Acaster PProvSGW
Editor                                                   WBro John Astbury PProvDepGDC
Librarian                                              WBro Anthony D Costello PAGDC