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Legacy, Tools and Support for Lodge and Chapter Mentors


During the last years the Education and Development Committee, supported by a number of sub-committees, has worked to develop a set of materials from which Lodge and Chapter Mentors can pick - papers, guides, manuals and other matter, to assist them to introduce a Mentoring system or strategy in their Lodge or Chapter.

The Toolkits (added November 2009) are meant to be reference documents for Mentors and ALL members to dip into for advice and guidance. In addition, there is the ‘Mentoring on one page!’ document which simply details what Mentoring is; if any further information is needed, then use the Toolkits as you feel appropriate.

This page will be updated regularly as we release this material to the Lodge Mentors, through the District Mentoring System, so please come back frequently. You may even want to bookmark this page.


Mentoring on One Page


A One Page Guide to assist Mentors and give a brief overview of good practice - exactly what it says!
Exactly what is says - as presented by WBro Martin Roche to the Provincial Grand Officers' Lodge in November 2009
A 20 minute introductory lecture for Lodges on mentoring and how / where to start
A paper for Mentors to use with small groups of masons, encouraging each to think about what Freemasonry means to them and to be able to articulate the same to others
A 30 minute paper on the benefits of Freemasonry, how we can describe them to prospective or new candidates and how we can better understand the meaning of Freemasonry ourselves

East Lancashire Mentoring Toolkit Part 1


A guide to good mentoring practice - from before a potential candidate is identified to post-raising support guidance and advice.

East Lancashire Mentoring Toolkit Part 2


A guide to good mentoring practice - early years membership (on the floor) to Past Master and beyond.

East Lancashire Craft Handbook

Editable MSWord Version

An Introduction to Freemasonry and the Lodge for newly Initiated Freemasons. Available as word document - edit the cover and appendices to create your own Lodge Manual. Left click to read, or Right click to download to your computer.

A PowerPoint Presentation - useful for District Mentors and Mentors on introducing change, conducting a discussion, facilitating etc. Then moving on to some subject matter, 'Mentoring for Mentors'.
A collection of papers, educational documents, presentations and so on to assist with the Mentoring process. Some of the papers can be given in Lodge when there isn't work to do. Others are ideal when you get some time alone with a brother and you want to help develop his knowledge and understanding. Please browse to see what is available. Also please contact your District Mentor who has a large range of new material for use by your Lodge or Chapter.

Lists of Masonic Lecturer's who may be available to visit your Lodge or Chapter to deliver their work, with a short biography, a precis of the lecture (and suggested audience) and contact information.

Items of Good Practice 1


Useful notes for the Lodge Mentor to assist with the Mentoring role.

The Lodge Mentor’s Guide

Front Page of the Guide

The Province’s Introductory Manual on Mentoring for Lodge Mentors. Right click to download files to your computer.

The Address to the Lodge Mentor from the Province - to be given to newly appointed Mentors at the Master's Installation
Alternate address to the Lodge Mentor
A list of reviewed books with a precis of their contents - ideally suited for improving the early understanding of Freemasonry or as a resource to assist with Mentoring within the Lodge
A list of reviewed websites considered interesting or informative for new and established brethren
Updated with News from the Province, the Provincial Grand Mentor and the Education and Development Committee
Meet and contact the Provincial Grand Mentor, what is his job and how does it link with yours?
Meet and contact the Provincial Grand Orator and his team, find out what an Oration is and organise an Oration in your Lodge or visit one happening elsewhere.
Find out about the Education and Development Committee, its role in Mentoring and its other activities
This annual competition was launched in January 2011 - are you going to enter? Are you encouraging your brethren or companions to enter
We expect Mentors will have great interest in the Conference and will want to bring members of the Lodge, especially the newer ones
Contact details for District Mentors and members of the Education and Development Committees