Mentoring Programme - Introduction



WBro Alan Kirwilliam
Provincial Grand Mentor


The whole purpose of Mentoring is to ensure all Masons within each Craft Lodge or Royal Arch Chapter in the Province are cared for, supported, informed, nurtured and encouraged so that they receive maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in Freemasonry.

The Programme will provide the tools, help and training to allow each Lodge / Chapter, under the guidance of their Mentor or Mentoring Committee, to put in place a bespoke system to enable Mentoring to be practised in the appropriate way for each Lodge and Chapter.

On a local level, additional support and guidance will be provided by District Mentors. They are experienced brethren who have access to many resources and act as the conduit of information between the Province and the Lodge or Chapter Mentor.

Mentoring within the Province is driven by the Provincial Grand Mentor, WBro Alan Kirwilliam

He is managed by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and implements strategy approved by the PGM and Craft / Royal Arch Executives. He works in conjunction with the Education and Development Committee, the Communications Committee and the Provincial Orator (all of whom facilitate the implementation of his strategy), to ensure that our Mentoring initiative is put into place, monitored and revised accordingly, across the Province.

There are several key areas which the Education and Development Committee and the Provincial Mentor seek to have an impact:

  • Providing Training Materials and Delivering Training to Lodge and Chapter Mentors;
  • Communicating ongoing developments in relation to Mentoring and assisting Lodges to implement Mentoring at an appropriate level;
  • Providing access to resources including education material, masonic papers, recommended reading material and useful websites etc.;and,
  • Arranging Training Days, Conferences and other events which support Mentoring within East Lancashire.           

The ultimate goal of Mentoring is provide an environment that is attractive to new members and ensures the retention of existing members - where each Mason and his family are cared for and where, such is the nature and interest provided by his Lodge, that every Mason looks forwards with eager anticipation to his next meeting, knowing that on every occasion he will be provided for and feel the need to offer the same level of regard for others.

The Following Mentor's Toolkit provide access to the various resources currently available in relation to Mentoring: