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             The following guide has been reviewed and prepared by the Provincial Grand DC

A Guide for Directors of Ceremonies


Freemasonry should be fun, and in particular we will only attract and retain new members if it is fun. The challenge of performing our ritual to the best of an individual's ability gives us a special “buzz” at the Social Board afterwards. In modern terms, it is a Unique Selling Point (USP) of the movement. The role of the DC in helping members achieve the latter is clear. However the purpose of this guide is to point out ways in which the DC can help ensure a succesful Lodge meeting and Festive Board.

Norman Cope, Henri Lyons (the Provincial Grand DC in the Royal Arch) and the team of DCs have toured the Province with workshops and these will be repeated in intervals. Both are keen to point out that it is not in their job descriptions to tell other DCs within the Province how to conduct their lodges. Indeed another USP of Freemasonry is the independence of the Private Lodge, subject to preserving inviolate the Landmarks of the Order.The Information is provided here as Guidance.

Many parts of this Guide are adapted or copied from the earlier version produced in July 1999 by Bill Waite, and a further edition produced by Stephen Blank, now a Ruler in the Craft.