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WBro Gordon Desser PProvDepGReg

WBro Gordon Desser

Whitefield Golf Club’s new Captain, WBro Gordon Desser started off his term of office on Sunday 21st March 2010, with the Captain’s Drive In.
WBro Desser, District Secretary for Sykes, is Whitefield’s Captain for 2010; he was well supported not only by Club members but also members of Sykes District.  WBro Martin Caller our APGM along with Jack Levene (District Mentor) and Chris Prax (District Secretary for City Derby) are all members of the Club.  In Fact several members of the Sykes District team have been Golf Club Captain’s:
WBro Martin Caller (Whitefield GC)
WBro Len Hayes (Crompton & Royton GC)
WBro Jack Levene (Whitefield GC)
WBro David Hudson (Heaton Moor GC)
Everyone in Sykes District wishes Gordon a great year in office and let’s hopes the weather stays fine for him.

You may be aware the East Lancashire Masonic Golf Society arranges a number of competitions during the year.  The principal competition is the Derby Cup, this year’s competition will be held at Whitefield Golf Club on Monday 5th July and is open to all East Lancashire Masons whether they are members of the Society or not.
The Society committee feels that there are many golfing Masons in the Province who may not be fully aware of the society and would, therefore, ask any such golfer who is a member of a golf club and has a genuine handicap, to consider taking part in the competitions.
We believe our golf days offer a healthy way of enjoying fraternal friendship and, apart from the golf, give us the opportunity to raise a little money for Masonic charities.  In addition, Invitation Day enables us to invite non-masons and possibly stimulate their interest in Freemasonry.

For further details please contact the Society Secretary WBro Alan Banks at

Dates for 2010 are:
Tuesday 18th May - Invitation Day at Knott End GC commencing at 13.30
Monday 5th July - Derby Cup at Whitefield GC commencing at 14.00
Friday 15th October 2010 - Jimmy Hemsley Salver and AGM at Breightmet at 09.30



Manchester St. David’s Lodge No. 1147

Manchester St. David’s Lodge No. 1147 held their Installation meeting on Thursday 11th March 2010.

“I always seem to make promises at Lodge meetings that I regret the next morning.”  Those were the words of WBro Martin Caller the APGM for Manchester when he visited the Lodge last year.

WBro Caller promised to sing the Welsh National Anthem in ‘Welsh’ at this year’s Installation, having been born in Cardiff and spending the early years of his life there.  It has been a tradition since the Lodge was formed in 1867 at Installation meetings as well as singing the National Anthem, the Welsh National Anthem is also sung.  True to his word, WBro Caller was in attendance at this year’s meeting.

However, the new Lodge Master, WBro Arnold Bevan Hutton who lives in Porthmadog, had invited several guests from over the border, one of which was WBro Trebor Evans a member of Bala Lodge No. 1369 who is the current Blue Ribbon, National Eisteddfod winner.  Therefore, WBro Caller gallantly gave way to WBro Evans, saying the ‘Worshipful Master had brought in a ringer’.

At Festive Board WBro Caller said, “The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when WBro Evans sang the Anthem and the Master’s song.”

The Lodge members would like to thank WBro Caller for his attendance and the offer of singing the Anthem.

Finally, the Ladies held their dinner, again this is a tradition of the Lodge.  An enjoyable evening had been had by all.

WBro M Caller APGM with WM

WBro T Evans with WBro M Caller APGM


WM with his guests; WBro's T Evans, A Bevan, J Duffield, K Froggatt and H McGrady

Ladies dinner 2010


60 Years Of Friendship

When WBro Charles Peers moved to Northumberland in 2002 after 53 years of active service, the members of the Lodge of Friendship No. 44 made him honorary member.  WBro Peers still maintains contact with the members and on Installation nights often sends either a bottle of port or champagne to toast the Worshipful Master.  It therefore seemed appropriate that the Lodge should recognise this achievement.

The lodge Secretary approached WBro Len Hayes, Chairman of Sykes District to see if the Lodge could celebrate Charles 60th anniversary.  He in turn spoke with WBro Martin Caller, APGM for Manchester, who fully supported the request and issued a certificate commemorating 60 years, with a personal letter of congratulations.

The Worshipful Master of the Lodge, Bro Steve Keeble, along with David Stevens (Lodge Mentor) visited Charles, presenting him with his certificate and letter.  They also presented him with a bottle of a cask strength Islay malt whisky, for which Charles and his wife Pat have a particular liking for.  After travelling all that way, it was only right that Steven and David tested the whisky with Charles to make sure it was good enough for Pat!

Before making the long journey home Charles had a surprise in store for Steve and David.  Charles very kindly donated his own Past Masters apron (with silver levels) which was given to him by his father, also a Past Master of the Lodge.  This ended a very enjoyable day.


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