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Quadrivium of Lodge No. 3921

Quadrivium Lodge No. 3921 held its final meeting on Friday 16th September at Freemasons’ Hall, Bridge Street.  In attendance and accompanied by a District Deputation was WBro Martin Roche PJGD, APGM.  
On being welcomed by the Worshipful Master, WBro David Ahern, WBro Roche informed those present that, WBro Martin Caller PSGD, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Manchester was unable to attend due to family commitments and sent his apologies, wishing the Brethren of the Lodge well for the future.  He also gave apologies on behalf of Sykes District Chairman, WBro Len Hayes PProvJGW, who was on a family holiday.

In his reply WBro Roche said, “Be proud of what the the Lodge has achieved and that Masonry never dies, it is the beginning of a new chapter in Freemasonry for everyone”
WBro Bernard McDermott, Lodge Treasure presented a small history of the Lodge, detailing the merger of, Manchester Epworth No. 3921, amalgamated with Semper Vigilans Lodge No. 4403 forming Quadrivium Lodge in December 2008.  He thanked the following Brethren for helping the Lodge to achieve its final aims before closure of progressing Bro Daniel Black through his second and third degree ceremonies.  They were; WBro Len Hayes, WBro Stephen Pilling, WBro Mike Birks, WBro Peter Harding and WBro Roy Chapman all whom had supported the Lodge through a difficult period.   
Before surrendering the Warrant to WBro Roche there was one more presentation to make that was, presenting Bro Black with his Grand Lodge Certificate.  WBro Roche gave a commendable explanation of the certificate, then asking the Worshipful Master to make the presentation.
Finally, the Worshipful Master Surrendered the Warrant of the Lodge to WBro Roche, who accepted it with humility. 
The Lodge closed; the Warrant was carried out of the Lodge room for the last time.

Quadrivium Members with WBro Roche


Lodge Members with Visiting Brethren


WBro Roche with WBro David Aherne, WM; Bro Patrick Seagrave, SW; WBro Carl Lamb, JW; and Bro Daniel Black


WBro Roche and Bro Daniel Black


WBro Roche and the Worshipful Master



Final Meeting of Samaritan Lodge No. 3336

After One Hundred and Two years Samaritan Lodge No. 3336 held its final meeting on Monday 4th April at Freemasons’ Hall, Bridge Street.

WBro Martin Caller PSGD, APGM, WBro Len Hayes PProvJGW, Chairman of City Sykes District was in attendance accompanied by a District Deputation.  WBro Caller was welcomed by the Worshipful Master, WBro LtCol Lord Simon de Wynter-White MBE.  In his reply to the welcome, WBro Caller said, “Samaritan Lodge has lived a great life and held happy memories to all those Brethren who had been members, especially remembering the celebrations of the Centenary meeting in December 2009”

WBro Phillip Wrotchford-Thomas, Lodge Treasure presented a detailed history of the Lodge. Samaritan Lodge was consecrated on the 19th December 1908, by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro JB Goulburn.  The first elected Master and founder member was WBro William Herring PProvAGDC.  The family connections continued with his sons Vincent and Donald being members.  Three of Vincent’s sons David, Norman and Brian were also members, the latter Brian being installed Master by his father in 1976.  The first candidate was Dr Francis Statham Fletcher, initiated on the 28th January 1909, the annual subscription being Two Pounds Five and Sixpence per annum!

The Lodge continued to have many family connections; on the 1st March 1954 WBro Charles Bolton initiated his son Charles.  The Lodge invited the candidate’s uncles to assist with the ceremony.  WBro WH Bolton of Madrigal Lodge No. 5039, WBro H Bolton, Bro F Bolton JP and Mayor of Prestwich both members of Integrity Lodge No. 163 and WBro ES Bolton of Felicity Lodge No. 4365.  Two occupied the Wardens Chairs, one acted as Junior Deacon and finally the last as Inner Guard. 

On the 1st October 2007 the Lodge celebrated fifty years in Freemasonry of WBro Denis Pleasance.  Denis was initiated into the Lodge on the 2nd September 1957 and installed as Master for the first time in 1973 and again in 1998 and 1999.  WBro Pleasance’s Grandfather was also a founder member of the Lodge.  At the regular meeting in April 2009 Denis was invited to take the Chair of King Solomon again and was presented with a detailed history of the Lodge.

Finally the Worshipful Master Surrendered the Warrant of the Lodge to WBro Caller, who accepted the Warrant with humility.  In his address to the Brethren WBro Caller said, “The evening was a night to reflect on the excellent history of the Lodge and of happy memories it had given to Brethren over One Hundred Years” 

The Lodge closed; the Warrant was carried out of the Lodge room for the last time by WBro Len Hayes.

The Festive Board gave the members time to reflect on Festive Boards from the past.  The final toast to the Master was given by WBro Robert John Piggott.  In his reply the Worshipful Master said; “the members should remember what the Lodge had achieved over the last One Hundred years”  He thanked WBro Piggott and WBro Ray Leather the Lodge Secretary for all their hard work and commitment in keeping the Lodge running.  The Lodge Treasurer presented a cheque for the ELMC to WBro Caller.

 The Festive Board finished the very last toast of the evening and of Samaritan Lodge was left to WBro Ray Leather, who gave the Tyler’s Toast in an exemplary manner.

It is anticipated that some Lodge members will join Minnehaha Lodge No. 2363 with the name “Samaritan Lodge” combined with the Lodge Crest incorporated onto the Summons of the Lodge.

Samaritan Lodge members accompanied by the Provincial Delegation


Lodge members and guests with WBro Caller and WBro Hayes


WBro R Leather, WBro M Caller, the Worshipful Master and WBro L Hayes with the Lodge Warrant


WBro Leather, the Worshiful Master, WBro Herring and WBro Piggott

Samaritan Lodge members with WBro Martin Caller




Fifty years in Freemasonry of
WBro Geoffrey Hargreaves PProvJGW

WBro G Hargreaves, WBro M Caller APGM, District Chairman WBro L Hayes, WBro S Hughes, AProvGP
WBro M Worsley PProvAPGM, WBro Nield and WBro B Wetherell

Constellation Lodge No. 5395, (City Sykes District) welcomed large District Deputation to help celebrate fifty years in Freemasonry of WBro Geoffrey Hargreaves, PProvJGW, on Friday 5th November. The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Martin Caller, PSGD, accompanied by WBro Stuart Hughes, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals with responsibility for Manchester, WBro Malcolm Worsley, PSGD, PProvAPGM, and other colleagues of the United Grand Lodge of England, were also in attendance. They were supported by, WBro Len Hayes, PProvJGW (Sykes District Chairman), WBro Mike Birks PProvGSuptWks, (Deputy Chairman) and other officers of the District as well as City Starkie District officers.

Lodge members

WBro Martin Caller was welcomed into the Lodge by WBro Colin Meddick the Worshipful Master. Taking his place in the Chair of King Solomon, WBro Caller said, “I am looking forward to an enjoyable evening”, and he was not disappointed. The APGM enlightened everyone to what happened in the year Geoffrey was initiated, that date being 4th November 1960.  Former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was elected as an MP, former US President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was elected President on the 8th November, after defeating Richard Nixon.  Three months earlier a young boxer named Cassius Clay won Gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the Rome Olympics.  The average house price was £2,530, a sliced loaf was the equivalent of 5p in today’s money and Penguin Chapter Books were cleared of obscenity for publishing Lady Chatterley’s Lover by DH Lawrence.

WBro Caller then informed the Brethren that in the year Geoffrey was installed as Worshipful Master (1975) a certain young Entered Apprentice Freemason called Bro M Caller started his Masonic career.  WBro Caller then went on to say, "Since the Consecration of the Lodge in 1933 Geoffrey has attended over two thirds of the Lodge meetings".  It was at this point the WBro Caller invited the Lodge Secretary, WBro Roger Hulme, PProvJGD, to read the minutes of the 224th regular meeting of the Lodge, the day of Geoffrey’s initiation.

WBro Hargreaves was initiated by the then Worshipful Master, WBro MJ Patterson. There were 41 members and 13 visitors present, of which 13 members of the Lodge were Stewards!  Bro George Whittaker, was Junior Warden (Master in 1962) and Bro Frank Wetherell, was Senior Deacon (Master 1963).

In attendance to help Geoffrey celebrate his 50th were his sons WBro Brian Wetherell, PAGDC, current Lodge member and WBro Roger Whittaker, PProvDepGSuptWks, who had travelled down from Cumbria with his wife. She was attending a Ladies Dinner jointly hosted by the Worshipful Master's wife Christine Meddick and Geoffrey’s wife, Marion.

WBro Gerry Young, PAGDC, Junior Warden of the Lodge and District Chairman for City Starkie District, gave a glowing and lengthy tribute to Geoffrey on behalf of the Lodge, giving several insights into a marvellous Freemason.  WBro Young pointed out that the Lodge has benefited tremendously from Geoffrey’s talents, not only from the various offices he has held, but also from his social organising skills; in fact Geoffrey was the first Master to introduce the Master Elect's lunch.

Geoffrey’s first job was at Heywood Railway Goods Yard. It was there that he began to exhibit that independence of thought and entrepreneurial spirit which was to become his hallmark later in his working career at Lanebottom Industrial Equitable Pioneers Society, the smallest independent Co-op in the country and described by the Sunday Times business correspondent in 1973 as being 'hidden behind an old graveyard in a lonely fold in the Pennines'. The population of Ogden was around 100 or, as the Manchester Evening News put it, there were probably more people buried in the graveyard than living in the village. Geoffrey Hargreaves association with Lanebottom Co-op is the stuff of legend. In his final remarks WBro Young paid tribute to a Brother who cares not only for his family, friends and fellow Brethren but also the people of Garstang.

WBro Caller presented Geoffrey with an Illuminated Certificate (shown below) and WBro Len Hayes presented a 50th lapel badge on behalf of the District.  WBro Harold Cooper Bristol, ProvDepGDC; perambulated Geoffrey round the Lodge room to spontaneous applause.

WBro Caller presents WBro Hargreaves with his illuminated certificate, looking on are the WM, Colin Meddick, and WBro Len Hayes

In his final remarks, before handing back the chair of King Solomon to the Worshipful Master, WBro Caller remarked, What a remarkable man Geoffrey is, demonstrating, energy and sharpness of a man half his age". Before letting WBro Caller hand over the gavel, the Worshipful Master presented two cheques for £250 - one on behalf of the Lodge and one from the ‘birthday boy’, WBro Hargreaves, towards the 2015 Festival.  WBro Caller replied with thanks for the generous donations.

The Lodge closed everyone then retired to an enjoyable Festive Board. At the Festive Board, WBro Stuart Villard gave an exemplary toast to WBro Hargreaves, acknowledging Geoffrey’s amazing qualities and kindness to others.  Geoffrey replied by thanking everyone for attending on what had been a memorable evening. Finally, an atmospheric evening was had by all those in attendance, with an interesting insight to a wonderful Freemason!

Taking wine with the 'birthday boy' WBro Hargreaves

Mrs Marion Hargreaves with her husband, Geoffrey, and WBro Caller


Mrs Christine Meddick, wife of the Worshipful Master, presenting flowers to Mrs Marion Hargreaves

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