Development and Training


The Education and Development Committee is currently undertaking a Province-wide programme, for both Craft and Royal Arch, to provide guidance for Lodge and Chapter Officers , allowing them to explore different or enhanced ways in which to undertake the duties of their respective offices.

The purpose behind this is to ensure that everyone derives the maximum of enjoyment possible from their Freemasonry, so that they will want to participate more fully and to encourage their friends to do likewise. This of course is not just limited to how we conduct Lodge and Chapter meetings themselves, including Social Boards, but also the organisation and administration of the Lodges and Chapters, which generally goes on ‘behind the scenes’.

We have completed Phase One with a series of Workshops throughout the Province for Lodge and Chapter DC's and are busy completing Phase Two for DC's and a new programme for Lodge Secretaries and Chapter Scribes E. We will then move on to other Administration Officers in a Lodge or Chapter, including Treasurers, Charity Stewards, Almoners, Mentors and District Representatives.


See what we are doing for DCs here