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Oldham District Forthcoming Events





Oldham District – Forthcoming Events 2013-14


3 December               District Team visit to Horton Lodge No.8528

8 December               Provincial Carol Service, St Ann’s Church, Manchester

10 December             Masonic Widows Christmas Party, Middleton Masonic Hall


13 February              District Team Meeting at Middleton

27 February              APGM / District Team visit to Solidarity Lodge No.7885

12 March                    APGM / District Team visit to Albert Lodge No. 854

20 March                    Provincial Grand Chapter, Blackburn

29 March                    “Let’s Talk Masonry” Conference, Salford Masonic Hall

15 May                       APGM / District Team visit to United Companions No. 6895

7 June                         Masters in Office Dinner, Shaw Masonic Hall

17 June                       150th Celebration – Richmond Lodge No.1011

6 July                          Middleton Garden Party

10 August                   Car Rally / Open Day, Middleton Masonic Hall

20 November            Provincial Grand Lodge, Blackburn

23 November            Chairman’s Lunch, Middleton Masonic Hall

9 December               Masonic Widows Christmas Party, Middleton Masonic Hall




If you have any events that you would like to see published here, please contact

WBro John LeBrun, District Communications Officer for Oldham District.