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A large gathering of Widows and their Chaperones gathered at Freemasons Hall, Manchester for the annual Dinner and Entertainment on Monday 24th March.
The ladies were greeted by various District Officers and enjoyed a reception before moving through for a dinner.  They were welcomed by District Chairman (Sykes) WBro Len Hayes and after Deputy Chairman (Derby) Bro Chris Prax said Grace everyone enjoyed a 3 course meal with wine.

The Loyal Toast was proposed by WBro David Hudson, District Chairman (Derby) and then VWBro Stephen Blank, APGM gave his first speech at this event since taking over the duties for Manchester.  He explained that the first date he entered into his diary under instruction from his District Chairmen was the Broken Column Dinner and he fully appreciated how important it was and the hard work that went into its organisation.  He was sure that all the Ladies would have an enjoyable evening and in closing he proposed the health of the Ladies.

WBro David Cowen, Deputy District Chairman (Sykes) who acted as MC then invited Courtney Fannon to take to the stage and she sang a number of ‘Songs from the Shows’ including Fame, My Fair Lady, Les Miserables  and she closed with One Day over the Rainbow from the timeless Wizard of Oz.

WBro Brian Durkin who in his time as Deputy Chairman and then Chairman of Derby District had been instrumental in the establishing of the Broken Column Dinner closed the evening thanking all who had been involved and wished everyone a safe journey home.

The Ladies left the Hall with a gift and in a happy mood having had a lovely evening and looking forward to next year.

VWBro Stephen Blank APGM for Manchester ‘Toasting  the Ladies’ on the evening and WBro Len Hayes, District Chairman giving his Welcome




Retirement Dinner
WBro Brian Durkin PAGDC


It was a joyous evening on Monday 31 March, when District Officers current and past from City Derby and City Sykes Districts joined WBro Brian Durkin at his farewell dinner, after serving City Derby District as their Chairman.

In attendance were, VWBro Stephen Blank, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Manchester; EComp  William Porter, Deputy Grand Superintendent; Worshipful Brothers  Martin Caller and Warwick Davenport, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Masters.  All of whom Brian had served with during the fourteen years he served on the District system in Manchester.

WBro Warwick Davenport gave an enjoyable speech not only highlighting Brian's Masonic achievements but also his work outside Masonry.  In his reply to WBro Davenport's toast Brian thanked everyone who he had served with on the District system.

WBro Len Hayes Chairman for City Sykes District presented Brian with a bouquet of flowers for his wife Sonia and WBro David Hudson, Chairman of City Derby District, presented Brian with a Cut Glass Decanter and Brandy Goblets on behalf of everyone in attendance.




Mentoring ‘Belonging’ Workshop March 17th Freemasons Hall, Manchester


“A core purpose of the PGLEL Mentoring Programme is to ensure that all Brethren have Fun, Fellowship and Fulfilment via their membership of the Craft – and as a consequence of this, members can be expected to retain their membership not for just a few years, but more often for their lifetime. In support of this, within the Mentoring Programme focus is given to ensure ‘Belonging’, ‘Understanding’ and ‘Involvement’, particularly for newer members.”


The first of a series of Province-wide Mentoring Workshops/Presentations took place on March 17th. for the City Derby & City Sykes Districts, with more than 50 representatives from the Manchester Lodges in attendance.

Lodge Mentors, DCs, ADCs, WMs and newer Brethren were invited to attend. It commenced with David Marsh, the City Sykes District Mentor, welcoming everyone and introduced Alan Kirwilliam the Provincial Grand Mentor who, being responsible for the new PGLEL mentoring process, created the recently published mentoring handbooks.  These are now provided to new initiates at each stage of their progression to Master Mason status. They provide substantial information on every aspect of the Craft and give a basis for interaction between a newer member and his mentor.  They have been well received, in fact many brethren have commented on how they wished they had been available when they were new to Freemasonry.

The PGM, Sir David Trippier, was in attendance and also in his capacity of Mentor of his own Lodge Centurion. When he spoke he told the brethren that he had taken a keen interest when he had become the PGM in encouraging Mentoring to become high on his list of priorities. 

After Elliot Moss, the City Derby District Mentor, had explained the format of the evening, Alan commenced the formal presentation with a review of the new PGLEL mentoring scheme. He reminded everyone of the importance of the 3 R’s –‘Recruitment’, ‘Retention’ and ‘Retrieval’ and that the role mentoring plays, especially with respect to ‘Retention’. He highlighted the way in which the scheme and its associated booklets and mentoring process support this.

The PGLEL mentoring booklets are available via:  )

Alan emphasised that ‘Belonging’ was vital part of the overall mentoring process and then handed the main presentation over to Ian Wilson (District Mentor for Salford) whose excellent presentation led onto a thought provoking and very creative workshop session which was run by Ian. All of those present were divided into smaller groups to discuss and then provide feedback on how they believe ‘Belonging’ may be further facilitated both within and beyond the Lodge Room.

Brethren listening to the presentation


District Chairman-City- Derby David Hudson, District Mentors- David Marsh & Elliot Moss, Alan Kirwilliam Provincial Grand Mentor and Sir David Trippier PGM.


Alan Kirwilliam Provincial Grand Mentor opening the meeting


Len Hayes, District Chairman for City Sykes addressing the brethren




Union Between Two Lodges in Different Provinces


Maybe not a first, but a rare occasion!

Droylsden Lodge, No. 3282 in the Province of East Lancashire, were invited by Derwen Lodge, No. 7407 in the Province of North Wales to meet together with a view to undertaking a Raising ceremony at the Colwyn Bay Masonic Hall.

Droylsden, a Manchester based lodge with 106 year history which is now “re-inventing itself” found themselves with a backlog of ceremonies.  Derwen has a full complement of officers but at one stage no candidates.  Members of both lodges have made several visits to each lodge and by conversation it was agreed to explore the possibilities of the membership of Droylsden undertaking a Raising of one of their candidates in Derwen Lodge.

Whilst there is nothing in the constitutions to negate this, both Provinces were asked their opinions and gave their support to it.

The lodge was duly opened by the Worship Master of Derwen Lodge and carried out the usual preliminaries on the summons.  The Worshipful Master then invited W. Bro. Mel Hill, PJGD to explain the reasoning and introduce the Droylsden team.  The brethren took post and conducted a faultless ceremony in front of an audience of nearly 40 brethren.

In conclusion of the ceremony the Worshipful Master of Derwen resumed his place and finished the administrative business.

A Festive Board was enjoyed by the members and visitors at Colwyn Bay Cricket Club.  The Worshipful Master of Derwen invited the Worshipful Master of Droylsden to accompany him at the top table.

What is the conclusion to this?  Freemasonry was spread across boundaries. The brethren met new friends. Both lodges wanted a bond between the membership and invitations would be forthcoming for reciprocal visits. Members experienced similar ritual workings (with some variations of course).

The whole evening turned out to be a complete success.  Willr this experience will be repeated? Well, we will wait and see!


50 Years in Freemasonry for WBro Alan James Roberts, PProv SGW

The Lodge of Virtue no. 152 held a regular meeting at Freemasons Hall, Manchester on Tuesday 4th March with the main business of the evening being to celebrate 50 years in the Craft of WBro Alan Roberts PProv SGW who for his advanced years cut a fine figure with his full head of hair and trim appearance.

After the Lodge was opened and the minutes confirmed the APGM VWBro Stephen Martin Blank PGSwdB was admitted accompanied by a substantial Provincial Delegation.

The WM Bro J W Roberts in greeting VWBro Blank offered him the Gavel which he accepted with pleasure in anticipation of the work that he had come to perform.

The APGM then introduced the Provincial Deputation which included officers from the City Sykes and aso City Derby Districts and Area Officers who cover both.  Included were WBro Stuart Hughes the APGP, WBro David Cowen, the Deputy Chairman for City Sykes, who was acting as Chairman as WBro Len Hayes was with his mother who was not well and WBro David Hudson, Chairman for City Derby who is also the Secretary of Lodge of Virtue.

VWBro Stephen Blank, APGM seated next to the WM WBro JW Roberts with the ‘Birthday Boy’ WBro Alan Roberts alongside.  The picture also includes members of the Lodge, guests and the District  Deputation.


VWBro Stephen Blank, APGM with his District Team and the brethren of the Lodge of Virtue


WBro Alan Roberts holding his Certificate seated between WBro Warwick Davenport PSGD, PAPGM and the WM, WBro JW Roberts.  The members of the Lodge of Virtue are also included along with VWBro Stephen Blank APGM.


VWBro Stephen Blank, APGM and WM WBro JW Roberts with WBro Alan Roberts in the Derby Lodge Room after the meeting.


In reflecting on 1964, the year Alan Roberts was initiated into Freemasonry, the APGM mentioned that the Beatles had returned from their ground breaking tour of the USA and that Cassius Clay, later to be known as Mohamed Ali, had, to the world’s amazement, defeated the great Sonny Liston to become Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World.  He mentioned that the average house price was £3100 and a pint of beer cost £2 6d with the cost of petrol now having risen 22 times!  The winter Olympics in Innsbruck saw GB win one gold medal for the Bob Sleigh team and Liverpool won their 6th Title with Manchester United finishing 2nd.

VWBro Blank then asked WBro Archer ProvDepGDC to seat Alan Roberts in front of him on the Pavement and then WBro David Hudson read an extract from the minutes of the meeting from 1964 when Alan was initiated into the Lodge of Truth no. 1458.  The meeting was held on 29th February 1964 at Freemasons Hall, Manchester.  Alan was admitted in due form and Installed by the WM Bro GA Holdsworth including the North East Corner Address with the Ancient Charge delivered by Bro H Dickinson JW who also presented and explained the 1st Degree Tools.  After Bro Alan Roberts returned to the Lodge an explanation of the 1st Degree Tracing board was given by WBro SB Dickinson.

The APGM then invited WBro Bill Gow PAGSuptWks to deliver a tribute which included the following:

Alan J. Roberts was born in Crossley Maternity Home, Pollard Street, Manchester. He grew up in New Cross and  attended St. Paul's New Cross Church of England School and then went on to George Leigh Street junior school.   He joined the Cub Scouts at Bennett Street Sunday School, and became a Senior Sixer.

He survived the Manchester Blitz, and joined St. Paul's New Cross Choir, continuing there until the Church closed. Alan was unable to take his Eleven Plus due to ill health however his teacher. Miss Derry, discovered that he had a talent for drawing and in encouraging that him he spent many months drawing tulips and this enabled Alan to pass the entrance examination for the Manchester Junior School of Art.

Continuing with his scouting activities and holding many senior positions he completed all the proficiency badges which led to him being awarded the King's Scout Badge later to be known as the Queen's Scout Badge. At this time, he joined the Bennett Street Literary Philosophical and Dramatic Society, which included the artist L.S. Lowry amongst its members.

In 1948, he took employment with Wilson's Brewery as a designer artist, staking his claim for designing the famous Wilson's Strong Ale label. At the age of 18 he was conscripted into National Service and he joined the South Lancashire Regiment and was posted to Trieste. After a period of five months, he was transferred to Khartoum. This included a spell at the Royal Palace. On New Year's Day, 1953, the regiment was transferred to Egypt to police the internal conflict which eventually led to the Suez crisis.

He was demobbed in June 1953 and returned to employment with Wilson's Brewery  before becoming "The Man from the Prudential" He moved to Manchester Corporation as a Finance Clerk. In 1961, he moved from Finance Clerk to a School Welfare Officer until 1969, when he became a Child Care Officer in the Manchester Children's Department. This led to his secondment to Manchester University, where he obtained the Home Office Certificate of Child Care and a University diploma which qualified him for the Certificate of Qualification in Social Work.

In 1956, he married Dorothy, a former pupil of the Royal Masonic School for Girls and together they had three sons who attended Manchester Grammar School.  He became a Sunday School Teacher at St. Matthew's, Crumpsall, and then in 1960 he became the Church organist and choirmaster, a position which he still holds. In 1970 he became a Youth Leader at the Church and at various periods he was a Churchwarden.  He progressed through a number of roles with Manchester Social Services Department, finally becoming Area Director. 

He has held numerous roles with charities including took  including Manchester and Salford Catholic Rescue Society, Save the Children fund and the North West Assessment Committee for the BBC's Children in Need Charity.  He became a Trustee of the Bennett Street Educational and Welfare Charity   He was invited to be the Bishop's Representative for Child Protection, a role which he held from 1966 until 2003.


WBro Gow concluded by saying

“From an early age, you have shown the ability to face any challenge that you have been faced with. You have always been able to do this with all the appearance of enjoying life and the company of your fellow man. Courtesy and kindness have been your hallmark and many people have
benefited from their contact with you”.
VWBro Blank thanked WBro Gow on everyone’s behalf and commented that having listened to everything that Alan had achieved and been committed too during his life it was astonishing that he had found time for Freemasonry!  He told the brethren that Alan had held the position of DC in the Lodge of Truth for 7 years and often delivered the 1st and 3rd Tracing Boards along with a substantial amount of other ritual.  In reciting his Masonic career, he congratulated Alan on achieving the elevated rank of PProv SGW, being the highest that the PGM can bestow on an E Lancs Freemason.

The District Deputy Chairman, David Cowen than read the Illuminated Certificate and VWBro Blank then presented it followed by the presentation of a 50th Anniversary lapel pin. 

VWBro Stephen Blank, APGM with WBro Alan Roberts PProvSGW following
his celebration in the Lodge.


Alan Roberts was paraded around the Lodge by WBro Dr Simon Archer to a standing ovation from all present.  After being seated Alan immediately was back on his feet to present a personal cheque to the APGM for the RMBI 2015 Festival.  This was followed by the WM presenting a further cheque from the Lodge for £500 for the Festival and both were thanked for their generosity.

The APGM then processed out of the Lodge with his Provincial Deputation and the ‘Birthday Boy ‘to applause from the brethren.

The evening continued at the Social Board when after WBro Ken Edwards PProvDepReg proposed Alan’s health, a very personal tribute from a lifelong friend. Alan responded in splendid style giving his own thoughts to the way Freemasonry had changed and evolved over the 50 years he had been a member.  His views were both illuminating and insightful and he paid particular reference and complemented our Provincial Rulers for their work.  He made special mention of VWBro Stephen Blank for his work both inside out outside of the Province both thanking and congratulating him.

The evening concluded with everyone present travelling home in good spirits.




Volunteer Lodge March 13th 2014.
1000th Meeting

Volunteer Lodge celebrated its 1000th meeting at Freemasons Hall, Manchester.
VW Bro Stephen Blank, APGM had scheduled a visit in recognition of this special event but unfortunately due to being ill he was unable to attend and sent his sincere apologies.  WBro David Hudson, the City Derby Chairman, took his place as principal officer.

The Lodge was opened and David Hudson was acknowledged. He congratulated the Lodge on the achievement of 1000 meetings and he introduced the District team who were present and this included WBro Christopher Prax the Deputy Chairman.  Thei Worshipful Master responded and thanked him and the members of the District Team for their attendance.

The Lodge was opened in all 3 degrees and then Called Off.

A presentation of the Traditional History by the Brethren of the Lodge then followed introduced by the WM who also carried on with a narrative during the presentation.  The members spoke the ritual of much of the 3rd degree and re-enacted the story of the Tracing Board.

The brethren showed their appreciation and enjoyment of the presentation by giving the participants with applause after it was concluded.   The Lodge was then Called On and closed in the long way in all 3 degrees.  

The Social Board followed and was enjoyed by everyone and in his response David Hudson mentioned that W Bro Eddie Barlow was to be made an APGP next week at Blackburn in the Royal Arch.

The WM seated next to WBro David Hudson ProvGSuptWks, District Chairman and the members of Volunteer Lodge.


The Worshipful Master with  his father W Bro Ibrahim Egeli PProv JGD.



A ‘Full House’ of personal donations to the Festival

All the brethren of Zion Menorah Lodge no 1798 have made a donation to the 2015 RNBI Festival and in acknowledgment of this VWBro Stephen Blank PSwdB and the APGM for Manchester made a presentation of a certificate to acknowledge this tremendous effort.
He commented that it was a particularly significant effort given the Lodge has over 70 members and regularly initiates new brethren.  He made special mention of WBro Levene PProv JGW, the Festival Representative, for encouraging the brethren to make a personal commitment to the Festival.
The presentation was made on the 12th November at the recent meeting of the Lodge at Freemasons Hall, Manchester.


VWBro Stephen Blank PSwdB, APGM handing over the Certificate to WM Bro Stephen Levene with  WBro Jack Levene PProv JGW.





Felicity Lodge No.4365

50th Anniversary of WBro Alan W Callagan PProvSGW

The Brethren of Felicity Lodge, guests and a large District Delegation assembled at Freemasons Hall, Manchester, in anticipation of the Personal Golden Jubilee of a much loved and respected Mason, WBro Alan Callagan, PProvSGW.

The Lodge was opened in due form under the direction of the WM Bro Paul S Y Lee and, following the confirmation of the minutes, the APGM VWBro Stephen M Blank PGSwdB was admitted along with his Delegation.

The WM welcomed VWBro Blank and offered him the Gavel which he accepted recognising that he had a very special duty to perform.
The Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, WBro John Griffin, PProvJGW, then directed the brethren to give Salutations separately to VWBro Stephen Blank PGSwdB, RWBro Graham Elliot PJGW and finally WBro Martin Caller PSGD and WBro Warwick Davenport PSGD.

WBro Alan Callagan seated next to the WM Bro Paul S Y Lee who is next to VWBro Stephen Blank APGM. 
The picture also includes the District Delegation and the Brethren of Felicity Lodge.


WBro Alan Callagan seated next to the WM Bro Paul S Y Lee who is next to VWBro Stephen Blank APGM and the Brethren of Felicity Lodge.


VWBro Stephen Blank APGM the commenced as follows:

“The next item on the Summons is to celebrate with WBro Alan Callagan PProvSGW, 50 years in Freemasonry. 
If the RW PGM was physically able to attend all the Personal 50ths in his Province, there is no doubt he would be here.  Instead he deputed me, as his personal representative having responsibility for Manchester Area, to carry out his duties.  I will read the RW PGM’s personal message later in the ceremony. 

Brethren, 50 years is a fantastic stint to put into any life activity whether it's business or in this case Freemasonry.  That’s why I am supported this evening by two very hard working District Teams from both Manchester Districts and several acting Provincial Officers.”  He went on to introduce the District Teams who were headed by WBro Stuart Hughes (APGP) and WBro Brian Durkin (Chairman of City Derby District).  Also in attendance was WBro Len Hayes, (Chairman of City Sykes District).  VWBro Blank had invited the Acting ProvGOfficers of the year from Manchester Area to accompany him and he was pleased that three of them had been able to do so on this occasion

Three past APGMs were also in attendance, RWBro Grahame Elliott, WBro Warwick Ross Davenport and WBro Martin Stuart Caller who was until last week the APGM for the District.  VWBro Blank noted that “Typically, Martin offered to observe the custom of staying away from ceremonies during my first year but I wasn’t having that.  I know he has great affection for WBro Callagan and it is only right Martin should be here.”

WBro Alan Callagan was initiated into Felicity Lodge on Thursday the 28 November 1963, fifty years ago to the day. 
VWBro Blank went on to set the scene for 1963, recalling that in the early hours of Thursday 8th August 1963 the Great Train Robbery took place.  The gang stole over £2.6 million (the equivalent of £46 million today).   The bulk of the stolen money was never recovered.   VWBro Blank went on to say that “There is no truth in the rumour that Warwick Davenport started smiling that day and has never stopped since.”

He also recalled the two other 50th anniversaries that we have been remembering or celebrating over the last few weeks, the assassination of President Kennedy and the first episode of Doctor Who on the 23rd November 1963 and gave the brethren some views of what masonry was like In 1963 as told to him by his late father who had been 6 years past the Chair in 1963.

VWBro Blank then asked WBro John Griffin ProvDepGDC, to conduct and seat WBro Alan Callagan in the place of honour.
 Then WBro Andrew Holland read the minutes from WBro Callagan’s Initiation and also added some of his own observations which are highlighted in italic and some interesting extracts were as follows:
WM, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Brethren.

I have taken a selection of the minutes relevant to Alan’s Initiation and one or two other points of interest.

They commence:
The Minutes of the last Regular Meeting of Felicity Lodge No.4365, held at the Masonic Temple, Manchester, on Thursday 28 November 1963.

Before the Opening of the Lodge the WM Bro Ronald Johnstone Crawford, accompanied by his Wardens, Deacons and his DC, made processional entry into the Lodge Room at 5.30pm. The Lodge was opened in due form after solemn Prayer by the WM.

Visiting Brethren were admitted and welcomed by the WM.
There were present 13 visiting Brethren and 26 members, whose names and Ranks are herein recorded as per the Lodge Attendance Book.

IPM                  WBro J Gardner
SW                   Bro C Walker
JW                   Bro A Poole
Treas               WBro JB Stevenson
Sec                   WBro CH Tuckett
DC                   WBro EG Freeman

The visiting Brethren came from 11 Lodges, including Felicity’s Mother Lodge, Constitution Lodge No.3392, Felicity’s Grandmother Lodge, Wolseley Lodge No.1993 and also Felicity’s Daughter Lodge, The Lodge of Veneration No.5686. Of particular note is the Brother attending from the Lodge of Veneration was one Brother Leslie Sargent, who is now, of course, an Honorary Member of Felicity.

The Ballot proved favourable to the Candidate and the WM declared Mr Callagan a candidate for Initiation.

High Twelve was called at 6.20pm, whilst the Lodge dined, with labour being resumed at 7.35pm.
WBro Treasurer and Secretary announced that Mr Callagan had signed the usual declaration and paid the required fees.

Mr Alan Wilfred Callaghan was then admitted to the Lodge and Initiated into Freemasonry by the WM.

The Charity collection raised the sum of £3-14-0

Brethren, if you divide this sum by the number of attendees it works out at almost exactly 2/- per member. It makes you wonder if it was then the norm to put a two bob bit in the collection.

There were a couple of interesting items mentioned during the Risings.

On the Second Rising the Secretary reported receipt of a letter from the Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary informing the Lodge that the Masonic Calendar for 1964 was being pressed, the price being 2/- each. It would seem that even in 1963 Lodges couldn’t escape communications from the Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary.

Extending Greetings on behalf of the visiting Brethren was WBro Gordon Davis a Past Master of Gorton Lodge No.7657, who is still an active Freemason in the Southern Area and is currently the DC of Gorton Lodge.

There being no further business the Lodge was closed by the SW, at the Command of the WM after Solemn Prayer in Peace and Harmony at 8.55pm”

After the minutes the APGM invited WBro Stan Bibby PJGD to deliver a personal tribute and he addressed the meeting with some memorable points as follows;
“The honour falls upon me as a member of Felicity Lodge to give a formal tribute to WBro. Alan Callagan for all his extended efforts to the benefit of the lodge and its members both present and passed.

 Having joined the lodge in November 1963 we all I am sure wish him well in celebrating his 50th anniversary as a valued member of our Lodge

Alan became the ADC and for several years he supported me personally (especially with Masonic ritual for which I thank you).  His dealing with Brethren whilst he was in that office was always considerate and encouraging, indeed he was carrying out the office of 'Lodge Mentor' even in those days!

When Alan was appointed by the Lodge as secretary some 32 years ago he took on the role with an unassuming gusto,  bearing in mind that everything was either hand written or produced by his permanent assistant at home his wife Flora on the 'Olympus' typewriter,  at this stage I feel that a further mention of Flora ought to me made and recorded because as you are all aware that behind every great man there is a great woman,  When Alan was laid up after his accident Flora used to type out the summons's and take the copy to the printers and then collect and post out to lodge members etc., never missing a meeting or communication, perhaps knowing as much about Felicity as the members did,  our grateful thanks go out to her for the continuing support that she gives to Alan and the Lodge and sincerely hope that her health improves.

Although Alan is now computer literate which I am sure is part to his son David he still continues to give things his personal touch.

At each and every past masters dinner Alan presents to the master a copy of all the summons's for his year in office, in a pristine condition, this is the kind and considerate person that he is.

Alan I am proud to extend to you the best wishes of all your friends in Freemasonry as we all wish you improving health and a continuance in serving this lodge.”

VWBro Stephen Blank then asked the District Chairman WBro Brian Durkin to read out what's on the illuminated Certificate.

VWBro Stephen Blank left the Chair of King Solomon to join WBro Callagan to read out the letter of congratulations from the RW ProvGM, Sir David Trippier and he then presented him with the illuminated Certificate.  He also gave the key dates of WBro Callagan’s Masonic career as follows;

  • In 1963, Initiated into Freemasonry
  • in 1974, Installed as WM for the first time
  • In 1982, you were appointed to the rank of ProvGStwd
  • In 1985 promoted to PProvSGD
  • in 1988, promoted to PProvJGW, extremely rapid progress
  • In 1998, you were promoted to PProvSGW, the highest rank the RW ProvGM has in his power to bestow.
  • You have been Secretary of this Lodge since October 1981

VWBro Stephen Blank shakes hands with WBro Alan Callagan who is holding his Illuminated Certificate accompanied by WM of Felicity Lodge Bro Paul S Y Lee


VWBro Stephen Blank congratulates WBro Alan Callagan.


WBro Callagan spontaneously responded and thanked VWBro Stephen Blank and all his friends in Felicity Lodge for the kindness shown to him during the evening.  He said that he was a ‘little sad that there weren’t too many of the old faces present’ but glad that a few of his oldest Masonic friends were still able to join him on this special night.

The APGM then invited WBro Brian Durkin the District Chairman to present WBro Callagan with a 50th Lapel Badge on achieving 50 years in Masonry on behalf of the District.  In making the presentation WBro Durkin told him to wear it with pride at all times.
The APGM then asked WBro John Griffin to escort WBro Callagan around the Lodge to receive the acclaim of all the brethren.

When he took his seat WBro Callagan then presented VWBro Blank with two cheques for the EL2015 Festival.  One being a personal donation of £50 and the other for £250 from the Lodge and the APGM thanked WBro Callagan and the Brethren of Felicity Lodge for their generosity.

After the collection of Alms the APGM accompanied by the Delegation and including WBro Callagan retired.

Special friends of WBro Callagan,  Geoffrey Miller on the right who has also celebrated 50 years
& Neville Worthington who has reached  60 years  in Freemasonry with VWBro Stephen Blank.


During the Social Board special presentations of gifts were made to WBro Callagan from the Lodge to him and his wife although as he wasn’t allowed to open them until he arrived home!
A raffle was held under the unique rules of a ‘Westhoughton Swindle’ raising over £300 for Charity when combined with the Alms Collection earlier in the evening in the Lodge.

WM Bro Paul S Y Lee presenting gifts to WBro Callagan and for his wife from the Lodge


Cover of Special Toast List produced for the meeting.


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