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The Travelling Gavel is now held by Cathederal Lodge No.7814 in Blackburn- see below

Bank Terrace with King Oswald Lodge No. 462 Bible Fall Dedication

The meeting of 10th February 2016 at the Masonic Halls Accrington marked a special landmark in the history of this newly amalgamated Lodge. Over 50 brethren gathered to celebrate the dedication of the new Bible Fall.

Following the opening of the Lodge by Worshipful Master Bro Paul Pratt with the assistance of the officers, and once the business had been completed. WBro Andrew Procter PProvDepGDC as ProvDepGDC and WBro David Cowen ProvDepGDC, announced WBro John Farrington PSGD The Assistant Provincial Grand Master was without, accompanied by a District Deputation Including several Grand Officers including the APGP WBro Paul Aspinall PAGDC, District Chairman WBro David Lightbown PAGDC and Past APGM WBro Harry Hesmondhalgh PSGD. The Deputation were admitted and WBro Farrington was offered the gavel by the Worshipful Master, and on this occasion he was delighted to accept.

WBro Farrington expressed his delight at having the opportunity to preside over such a wonderful occasion which is rarely seen, and his first duty was to ask WBro Cowen to unveil the new Bible Fall.

WBro Clive David Carroll PProvDepGReg was instructed to take up the bible fall, and accompanied by the ProvDepGDC's and The Deacons Bro's David Peacock and  Wayne Smith he perambulated the Bible Fall around the Lodge whilst the Brethren sang the Dedication Hymn, music played by Bro Chris May the Honorary Organist.

WBro Farrington then instructed WBro Procter to remove the original Bible Fall, and replace it with the new. The Worshipful Master then approached the pedestal and WBro Farrington formally presented the Bible Fall to the Lodge and into the safe keeping of the Worshipful Master. WBro Pratt graciously received it, and promised that he and subsequent Masters would ensure it would be passed down in good form.

The Worshipful Master then had a very pleasant duty to perform in presenting a cheque to WBro Farrington for the sum of £500 for the ELMC. This was very gratefully received by WBro Farrington.

The Bible Fall Ceremony was concluded with the Brethren singing the Dedication Closing Hymn.

Following the collection for good causes, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master indicated he would like to retire from the Lodge accompanied by his Deputation, after which the remainder of the Lodge business was concluded and the Lodge closed in due form.

The Festive board was enjoyed by all present. Excellent food and fraternity was a fitting compliment to the wonderful ceremony all had enjoyed in the Lodge. The toasts were expertly expedited under the guidance of WBro Procter.
WBro Farrington in his response, referred to the recruitment and retention presentation which will have its first showing at the upcoming District meeting and he encouraged as many Brethren to attend if they could. He also made reference to the fact that following the Festival it was an amazing fact that both Lodges had been Grand Patrons of the Festival and this fact should be recognized. He concluded by stating how delighted he was to be able to dedicate the new Bible Fall.
The raffle raised the excellent sum of £274.

The Brethren of Bank Terrace with King Oswald Lodge No. 462 and the District Deputation

The Brethren of Bank Terrace with King Oswald Lodge No. 462

The Worshipful Master Bro Paul Pratt with WBro Farrington PSGD APGM and APGP WBro Paul Aspinall PAGDC

The festive board was enjoyed by all!

50th Anniversary in Freemasonry of WBro Russell Duxbury PProvDepGSuptWks

The Meeting of Peaceful Valley Lodge No. 4111 held on the  1st February was a very special occasion, as it marked the 50th anniversary in Freemasonry of WBro Russell Duxbury PProvDepGSuptWks.

Following the opening of the Lodge and after the business had been completed, WBro Andrew Procter PProvDepDC as ProvDepDC directed a District Delegation led by WBro John Farrington PAGDC APGM into the Lodge where the Worshipful Master WBro Peter Connell Offered WBro Farrington the gavel, which on this occasion he was delighted to accept. WBro Farrington requested  that the Director of Ceremonies place WBro Duxbury in the centre of the Lodge, and then asked WBro David Eccles PProvAssGSwdB to read a tribute to WBro Duxbury.

WBro Eccles gave a detailed history of the personal and masonic life of WBro Duxbury. This included the fact that he was born in Preston in 1934, he moved to Accrington then Rishton where he still resides with his wife Audrey. After his National Service he returned to work at British Northrop where he was a draughtsman. After being made redundant he eventually went to wok at BAE SYSTEMS where he met WBro Eccles and ultimately proposed him into the Craft. Russell married his wife Audrey in 1958 and they built a family of two girls together, Russell now has 3 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchildren.
WBro Duxbury was described by WBro Eccles as a calm man who takes life as it comes…except where Blackburn Rovers are concerned!
WBro Eccles finished his tribute by highlighting a second very important anniversary which was taking place at the same time, namely WBro Duxbury’s 58th Wedding anniversary. We are delighted that his wife Audrey granted him a special dispensation to attend his Masonic 50th.

Following the tribute WBro Farrington went on to remind the Brethren of historical facts that occurred in 1966 the year of Russell’s initiation into Freemasonry. These facts included Harold Wilson becoming PM, 500,000 US troops were curently in Vietnam, The terrible Aberfan disaster happened, the average house price was £3840, the first British Credit Card was introduced by Barclaycard and of course England beat West Germany in the World Cup of that year.

Before WBro Duxbury was perambulated around the Lodge, there were two presentations made to him. The first was WBro David Lightbown PAGDC District Chairman who presented Russell with his lapel badge marking 50 years in Freemasonry. The second was made by the Worshipful Master WBro Connell who was delighted to present WBro Duxbury with a lovely rose bowl from the Lodge Brethren to mark his anniversary. WBro was then guided around the Lodge to rapturous applause from the Brethren present.

After the collection to worthy causes was taken, WBro Farrington accompanied by WBro Duxbury and the District Delegation retired from the Lodge. The remainder of the Lodge business was completed and the Lodge closed in due form.

The Festive board was a joyous occasion with nearly 50 brethren enjoying an excellent meal and lots of laughter.The toast to WBro Duxbury was given by the Lodge Secretary WBro Paul Aspinall PAGDC. He explained how dedicated WBro Duxbury has been over his 50 years. He still attends all the meetings and practices and in the past made ritual look deceptively easy. WBro Aspinall also described how WBro Duxbury is the Lodge’s last link to the Founders. WBro Aspinall finished his toast by presenting a bouquet of flowers to Russell to be given to his wife for their 58th wedding anniversary and for letting him out! He also presented him with a photograph as a memento of the evening.

In response, WBro Duxbury thanked WBro Aspinall for his kind words and the assembled Brethren for making the evening so special for him.  He continued to say why he joined Freemasonry and why he is still a Mason 50 years on. His father and Grandfather were both Masons and that is what made him investigate Freemasonry in the beginning. However, his main motivation is charity and he reminded the Brethren what core principles have kept him so enthused in Freemasonry. His response was met with great applause from the Brethren.

This was a very special evening enjoyed by all. We look forward to celebrating WBro Duxbury’s 60th anniversary in Freemasonry and his 68th Wedding Anniversary too!

The Brethren of Peacefully Valley Lodge No 4111

Brethren of Peaceful Valley Lodge No. 4111 and the District Delegation

Presentations and the Festive Board

East Lancashire Hospice 10k Run

Freemasons from a variety of lodges throughout the East Ribble District marshalled the East Lancashire Hospice annual 10K run.

The run is organised by the Hospice fund raising team and Gaskells Motor Bodies. This year over 500 runners from a range of running clubs in the local area participated in the main 10K race with nearly 90 children running in the children's race.

The winner of the race was Danny Collinge who is a local runner who finished the 10K race in 34 minutes and 20 seconds. The first woman to finish was Helen Sahgal who finished in 38 minutes and 56 seconds.

Denise Gee from the Hospice thanked the East Ribble District volunteers for the marshalling and helping to put away, saying "Thank you very much to the Freemasons, we couldn't have done it without you".

Getting ready to marshall the 10k run

Chadwick Weekend

The annual Chadwick weekend took place over the weekend of 22nd to 24th January at the Chadwick Hotel St Annes. Some intrepid revellers even arrived on the Thursday evening and left on the Monday morning to make a full weekend of it! The highlight of the weekend was the Gala Dinner and the photos show that a great time was had by all. Doris Lamb and Sue Beaumont continued the tradition of fancy dress and really were a 'Couple of Swells'

The food was up to the excellent standard throughout the weekend, including breakfast, lunch and evening dinner. This was matched by some excellent entertainment on Friday and Saturday evening, with the Gala Dinner singer very cleverly posed as a waiter with a huge ice cream... No guessing the song title!

The raffle total was £1505 The Deputy Provincial Grand Master VWBro Derek Thornhill drew the tickets under the management of WBro Ian Johnson who was ably assisted by WBro Mike Stubbs the recorder and WBro Dave Gill the distributer. The 1st prize of a TV/DVD was won by a member of St Aiden Lodge.

Thanks must go to Doris Lamb for organising the whole event. A super achievement as a great time was had by all!

Please Click HERE for a full list of raffle prize winners.

Clitheroe Masonic Fellowship – Charitable Donations

On Monday 11th January 2016 at West Bradford Village Hall, the Clitheroe Masonic Fellowship donated £300 to three charitable organisations.

Clitheroe and Bowland District Girl Guides, Clitheroe District Scouts and the North West Air Ambulance were each given £100.

The photographs show the recipients receiving their cheques: Mr. Steve Tomlinson for the scouts, Mrs. Christine Dinsdale for the Guides and Mr. Les Hardy for the North West Air Ambulance.

From left to right is Jean Fishwick, Fellowship Secretary; Bryan Bristol, Deputy Chairman and presenting the cheques - Bill Fishwick, Fellowship Chairman.
To the right is John Hemingway – Committee Member.

Limestone Rock Lodge No 369 Present cheque to Macmillan Nurses and others

At the November Installation meeting of Limestone Rock Lodge No. 369 at the Masonic Rooms in Clitheroe, the Immediate Past Master WBro Cyril Kennerley PPGSwdB presented cheques to a number of good causes. The funds for the donations was raised in his term of office as Worshipful Master during the Lodge treasure hunt, BBQ, strawberry and cream event hosted by WBro Pollard and the Lodge Ladies Evening.

ELMC - £500
Macmillan Nurses - £200
NW Air Ambulance - £200
British Heart Foundation - £200
East Lancs Hospice - £200
Awesome Choir - £75
1st Partington Rainbow Group £75
Dog Rescue Mission - £75

The photograph shows WBro Kennerley presenting the cheque to Mrs Mary Hall and Mrs Kath Pollard from Macmillan Nurses in the Lodge Room during the December meeting.

The Lodge of Perseverance No 345 make numerous donations to charities

Thursday, 17th December 2015 saw WBro David Bedford, PProvDepGReg installed again as Worshipful Master of The Lodge of Perseverance No. 345. The Travelling Gavel also moved on at the same meeting as previously reported.

However, during the meeting the Lodge made numerous large donations to a number of charities. They donated £400 each to East Lancs Hospice, Derian House childrens hospice and the NW Air Ambulance. They also donated £1200 to the ELMC and £100 to the Blackburn Masonic Hall.

On the 21st December Brian Hartwell and the Worshipful Master WBro David Bedford PProvDepGReg presented the cheque to East Lancs Hospice.

Denise Gee of East Lancs Hospice receiving the donation.

WBro Roger Flitcroft MBE PAGDC

Roger celebrating with his wife Joyce

It was with great delight that we heard the news that WBro Roger Flitcroft PAGDC had been awarded the MBE in the New Year Honour List for services to Scouting, the Samaritans and the Freemasons.

Roger has been involved with the Samaritans, Scouts and Freemasons over a number of years, is now set to receive an MBE at Buckingham Palace in 2016.

His connection with the counselling charity spans 20 years, he was eight years old when he joined the scouting movement and he has been a Freemason for 47 years.

Rogers first Scouting Appointment was in 1974 and he has continuously held appointments, both uniformed and Lay, since that date. He is currently the district Scout president and has previously served as district commissioner.

In 2007 he was awarded the Silver Acorn which is the highest adult Award in the Movement and the personal gift of the Chief Scout.

Roger says of his award: "I'm fully astounded to have been given an MBE and I never expected anything like it to happen to me.
"There are loads of other people who have done far more than me over the years in each of the three organisations I have been involved in.
"I suppose that I have been singled out because I have been involved in three areas for a long time."

We congratulate Wbro Roger Flitcroft MBE PAGDC on this very well deserved award!


The Travelling Gavel moves again


Thursday, 17th December 2015 saw WBro David Bedford, PProvDepGReg installed again as Worshipful Master of The Lodge of Perseverance, no. 345.

After the wonderful Installation meeting and Festive Board a claim was made by WBro Alan Mercer, WM of Fidelity and Crusaders 269 on the Travelling Gavel.

This claim was swiftly countered by Cathedral Lodge, 7814, when WBro David Bell pointed out that there were more Cathedral members present than there were of Fidelity and Crusaders.

Appeals were lodged with the completely unbiased Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Derek N Thornhill, PGSwdB, who just happened to be visiting his own lodge and just happens to be the Very Worthy Mason who wrote the rules.

After seconds of deliberation it was agreed that Cathedral Lodge, another of the many Lodges of which the Deputy Provincial Grand Master is a member, should claim the gavel.

The WM of Cathedral, Bro Steve O'Leary then received the Travelling Gavel from WBro Bedford.

The purpose of the Travelling Gavel is to encourage inter-lodge visiting and that aim is being met more and more. VWBro Thornhill made the point that Cathedral Lodge meet this coming Monday and he would be happy for any Lodge to come along and claim the Gavel


1st Clayton-le-Moors (All Saints) Scout Group

The 1st Clayton Le Moors (All Saints) Scout Group were recently supported with a £150 donation towards a new kitchen for their Scout Hut, by the East Ribble District Charity Stewards. WBro Tom Pearson PProvJGD Charity Steward of Albert Edward Lodge No.1519 took great pleasure in presenting the cheque at the 'Frosty Fayre & Fun Run' held on Monday 7th December, to the Arkela Claire Rothwell.

Not one to miss an opportunity to sing, WBro Pearson also helped the Scouts practice for their upcoming Carol Singing at Tesco's in Accrington!



East Ribble District Carol Sevice

On 6th December, almost 100 brethren and guests gathered at The Holy Trinity Free Church of England in Oswaldtwistle for the annual East Ribble District Carol Service.
The service was introduced by WBro Robert Allan PProvGSuptWks who welcomed everyone and encouraged them to sing with great enthusiasm. His words were not ignored, as the singing was of a very high standard in terms of tunefulness and volume! The congregation were assisted by a wonderful choir, organised by Mrs Barbara Gee, and our very own WBro Stephen Watson PProvSGD played the magnificent church organ to his usual impeccable standard.

The nine lessons were read by a wide range of brethren from within the District, including Grand Lodge Officers to newer initiates.

The list of readers:
Lesson 1: WBro Roger Flitcroft PAGDC 6384
Lesson 2: WBro Russel Harwood 283
Lesson 3: WBro David Gill ProvAGDC 8178
Lesson 4: WBro Brian Derbyshire PProvDepGDC 462
Lesson 5: WBro Andrew Taylor ProvDepGDC 8542
Lesson 6: WBro Andrew Hindle ProvGStwd 3479
Lesson 7: Bro Mark Clayton 269
Lesson 8: Bro Adam Burrows 6339
Lesson 9: EComp Paul Aspinall PGStB APGP

Following the final reading of the service, WBro David Lightbown PAGDC the District Chairman gave heartfelt thanks to those responsible for the organisation of the day and wished everyone present all the very best for the festive season, whilst asking that everyone remember people who are less fortunate or will be away from their families at Christmas. WBro Lightbown also commented at the quality of singing and suggested a District Choir be established!

The Reverend Bro Don Johnson closed the service with a very amusing and poignant closing prayer where he explained what may happen if Heaven set up a call centre, something everyone could relate to. His message however was that we are not in a queue to speak to God as he is always ready to listen.

Before retiring, there were mince pies and a hot drink for everyone to enjoy whilst seasonal greetings were exchanged.

The collection, taken by WBro Ian Ogden PProvSGW and WBro Gordon Hunter PProvSGW, who have been performing the task for the past 25 years, raised the wonderful sum of £130 for Church funds.




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