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"We are now some 19 months away from the end of our RMBI 2015 Festival and it is worth just pausing to remember who we are trying to assist and why.
There still seems to be some confusing messages about our Festival and who we are helping. The simple thing we all need to focus on is that the beneficiaries of your kindness are our own Brethren and their families. They are not strangers. They are not a group of people who all live in the south of England. They are members of our own Province. They live in our own Ecclesholme as well as living in any one of the other 16 RMBI homes. They are members of our own extended family whom we have never had the pleasure of meeting. More importantly, never had the joy of appreciating how our kindness, how our generosity, how our commitment to them has done more than help them. And we need to be very, very clear on this. For all of them it has changed their lives. But changed them in a very fundamental way. I am not speaking about giving them something extra, a benefit. It is something far more profound. We are giving them something that you and I take for granted: quality of life and above all else, something that has no price, that we all expect for ourselves and our loved ones – dignity.

The RMBI may have provided the services, the infrastructure to make that happen, but you have done it. You have made it happen. You have changed and improved the lives of people you will never know with your money in a way which may have a monetary value, but possess a worth in human terms which is priceless. On a daily basis you are changing peoples’ lives.

As Freemasons through our Festival we are given the amazing opportunity to change peoples’ lives. The lives of a unique extended family which only a fraternity such as ours can be privileged to affect.

Every day and with every pound you are touching and improving a life. That means that every pound counts. And for every pound we divert away from this vital work, we diminish the benefit we are imparting.

I therefore implore you. We have 19 months left and in that time, you may only have one installation left to make a difference through your charitable giving. So simply reflect on what I have written and consider in this last, final push to make all your giving count towards our extended family within the RMBI. Just for one year. Yes, we all have our favourite charities, me included. I would gladly give every penny I will ever possess to The Stroke Association if I thought it would help prevent another loss like the one I experienced. And you all have the same stories. But as a Freemason, I balance that against a greater responsibility. I simply ask you to make the same consideration as I have. By all means, personally support those good causes which are close to your heart through your own personal charitable giving. But when it comes to Masonic giving by your Lodge, remember where that specific money can make the greatest difference and where our priorities really need to sit. And that has got to be first and foremost with the RMBI.

So. When your Lodge next sit down to consider who you are giving your Masonic charitable monies to, remember the beneficiaries of the RMBI. They have no voice but ours, no money but ours, no help but ours, no one else to rely on but us.

I am immensely grateful and humbled for what you are all doing and you all have my unreserved thanks, gratitude and respect."

WBro Martin P Roche PSGD
Assistant Provincial Grand Master


WBro Ronald Cleveland Foster, PProvSGW, 50 years of excellence.


WBro Ronald Cleveland Foster, PProvSGW, celebrated his 50th Anniversary in Freemasonry on the 18th. March, 2014. The Colne Lodge room was full and our APGM, WBro Martin Roche, PSGD officiated, accompanied by a Provincial delegation.

It may be expected that any Brother who exhibited WBro Foster’s vitality and energy would also be accomplished in other areas of his life. However, the assembled Brethren were absolutely amazed when his CV, ably delivered by his close friend, WBro Les Greenwood, PAGSuptWks, was read to them.

In addition to his Masonry, WBro Foster has had an outstanding record of public service. It is difficult to imagine how one individual could pack so much into such a short period, giving his time and resources selflessly and tirelessly, excelling in all that he undertook.

In his business life, he went from humble beginnings to become a partner in Cleveland Guest engineering, turning it into a highly successful company. He retired as Managing Director in 1990. Far from resting on his laurels, WBro Foster then became a non-executive Director of Burnley Healthcare Trust, Chairman of Pendle Enterprise Trust, a Trustee of Pendle Heritage Trust, a Governor of Mansfield High School, President of Barrowford Agricultural Show, President of Pendle Conservative Association, Secretary of Colne Rotary Club, Committee Member of East Lancs Training and Enterprise Council and a member of the Probation Liaison Committee, Pendle Petty Sessions, amongst others.

Sadly, WBro Foster has recently moved to Wells in Somerset to be near his daughter and is now a joining member of Benevolent Lodge, No. 446, which meets in Wells Cathedral. He remains a member of his mother lodge, Roses Lodge, No. 5140, a joining member of Royal Lancashire Lodge, No. 116, Pendleside Lodge of Installed Masters, No. 9111, of which he is a Past Master, and Cana Chapter. Suffice it to say that he is now heavily involved in many projects within his local area.

WBro Foster has served the Craft and the community in an outstanding manner, a wonderful example of Freemasonry in action. His strong sense of duty, coupled with his good sense and sound judgement, have enriched all those who are privileged to know him. The approbation of his Brethren certainly endorsed the affection and esteem in which he is held.
“Ron, we’re all looking forward to your 60th”.







Huntroyd Lodge No 6385
Met on Wednesday 26th February 2014
At Padiham Masonic Hall
To celebrate WBro John Yates
50 years in Freemasonry

38 Brethren turned up to celebrate WBro John Yates' 50th including the APGM, WBro Martin Roche PSGD together with a District Delegation including WBro Andrew Procter ProvAGDC and the District Chairman, WBro Paul Thornton and several other Grand Officers.

 After the APGM had given an address to the Brethren and made a presentation to the birthday boy, WBro Yates, WBro W.A.Young PProvSGW stood up in the lodge and said a few words about John which were very heartfelt and very well received by the Brethren. We then all enjoyed a superb festive board downstairs.


WBro John Yates, PProvJGW; APGM WBro Martin Roche, PSGD and WBro W.A.Young, PProv SGW



Pendle Lodge No. 4703, first meeting in our new home!


Pendle Lodge’s move from the Nelson building to Colne Masonic Hall was a happy affair, tinged with a little sadness, rather than the other way around. The first meeting in our new environment was Pendle Christmas Lodge meeting and dinner, always a resounding success and usually involving a taxi ride home. A number of our visitors come from Portugal, bringing with them several bottles of very good port and the entire meeting is unfailingly well attended. The occasion was marked, as usual, with a Brass Band and we welcomed Gentleman guests to the Festive board.

Earlier the same evening the officers of Pendle Lodge took the opportunity to have a quick practice in our new and slightly unfamiliar surroundings. However, all feelings of unease were quickly dispelled, when we met members from Colne Masonic Hall who greeted us with “welcome to your new home”, making the officers and Brethren feel a strong sense of belonging from the outset.

There followed a highly successful meeting, with Bro. Ian Salthouse WM and his Officers contriving to look comfortable and relaxed in their positions, despite this being the first Lodge after our Installation. The catering, by Mrs. Maureen Howarth, was nothing short of sumptuous. As may be seen in the accompanying photographs, a thoroughly enjoyable Masonic celebration was had by all.

Report by WBro Bob Summers, PPSGD








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