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Burnley and Pendle District Freemasons Sponsored Tandem Sky Dive 2016
In aid of The East Lancashire Masonic Charities.



The Freemasons Grand Charity Continue Their Support For Pendleside Hospice


On Tuesday the 17th November the District Chairman for Burnley & Pendle, WBro Paul Thornton accompanied by the Deputy District Chairman, WBro Jeff Ward, and two of Burnley & Pendle District Charity Stewards Jonathon Jackson, who is Charity Steward for Abbey Chapter and Keith Jackson, who is Charity Steward for Marsden within Pennine Valley Lodge, presented a cheque for £2464.00 to Pendleside Hospice.


Speaking about the donation Paul Thornton, Burnley and Pendle District Chairman, said “One of the most popular beneficiaries amongst Freemasons is that of hospice services. As I am sure you are all aware, Freemasons are passionate about supporting hospices because the help and care they provide to people at emotionally difficult times is invaluable. Hospice services aim to ease pain and trauma through kindness, comfort and understanding, as well as by providing exceptional medical care. ”

Two hundred and forty two hospices across England & Wales are currently receiving grants from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity. Financial support is crucial for ensuring a continued high quality service in hospices and every year Freemasons all over the country work together to provide funding for hospice services.
Christina Cope, Fundraising Manager at the Hospice, said "This is a very generous gesture from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity and all the Masons throughout the country who support the work of the hospice movement nationally. We are very grateful to them every year for their continued support and are particularly grateful to Burnley and Pendle masons who support their local hospice in so many ways throughout the year."



Roses Lodge No. 5140 - Two Historic Events.


In 1935. Roses Lodge recorded a double passing ceremony in their minute book. Some Eighty Years later on the 20th October, 2015, Brothers Ian Kenneth Fortune and Mohammed-Na’eem Khawaja were jointly passed to the Second Degree. The 17th November saw another double passing, that of Brothers John Sefton Eddleston and Gregory Michael Speak.

Left to right Bro Speak, Bro Eddleston, The WM WBro Michael J Squires, Bro Kawaja & Bro Fortune


The Lodge was honoured, at the October meeting, by the presence of WBro John Richard Farrington PSGD, APGM, who praised those Brethren that organised the ritual, in addition to the Officers who delivered it. Particularly noteworthy were the contributions of WBro Paul Quinton PProvSGD and WBro David Livesey, who deputised for the Worshipful Master in his absence.

With Bro Michael Jameson Squires, the Worshipful Master, firmly back in his chair and fully refreshed after his holidays, the November meeting went just as well as the previous one. The Senior Deacon, Bro Ronald Dempster took care of his candidates in an exceptional manner, indeed all the ritual was delivered accurately and with feeling throughout. Both the District Chairman, WBro Paul Thornton PProvJGW and WBro Steve Jansen PProvDepGReg , the District Mentor were lavish in their praise of the Candidates, the Officers and the organisation of the meeting.


The newly Passed Brethren with the Worshipful Master and the District Chairman, Paul Thornton; the District Mentor, Steve Jansen and the Lodge DC, John Wilkinson


On both evenings, all four candidates answered their questions faultlessly, reflecting their appreciation of what was being asked. Mention must also be made of the skills of WBro John Wilkinson PProvGStwd and WBro Tony Cross PProvDepGReg, who as DC and ADC, organised both the ceremonies. Roses Lodge is a healthy, vibrant and well-run Lodge. With newer Brethren, like the four Fellow Crafts which have just been passed, all the members can look forward to a happy and rewarding Masonic future, for very many years to come.





Community Recognition

On Wednesday 7 October, 2015, the Chairman of Lancashire County Council, County Councillor Margaret Brindle, held a reception in County Hall Preston for charitable fraternal organisations including Freemasonry, the Rotary Club International, the Round Table and the Lions Club International.

The evening began with a drinks reception where we were welcomed by the Chairman with LCC Liberal Democrat Leader County Councillor Professor Bill Winlow,  Cabinet Member, Environment, Planning and Cultural Services, Cty Cllr Marcus Johnstone and the Director of Public Health and Wellbeing, Dr Sakthi Kurunanithi.


We then moved to the Council Chamber for a number of presentations, by the Chairman, and Dr Kurunanithi. Margaret Brindle had clearly done her homework, as she welcomed each charity in turn and summarising some of their main charitable contributions to our communities. On Freemasonry she spoke of the work of the Grand Charity, the 17 care homes ran by the RMBI and the work of the Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. Closer to home she referred to the great work Freemasons perform in the East Ribble and Blackburn areas, and across East Lancashire. She also has personal experience of this as she had been involved with ‘North West Blood Bikes’ when the East Lancashire Masonic Charity’s Community fund had donated £4000 for a new bike.


Cllr Brindle said, “As Chairman of Lancashire County Council I would like to thank you all for the voluntary, charitable and fundraising work that you do throughout Lancashire to support a range of important and needy causes.

The activities you undertake make a real contribution to society and support many people in Lancashire and beyond, offering help and personal development for those in need, caring for the less fortunate and developing projects at a local, national and international level.

Your commitment to improving people's lives is reflected in so many ways, operating as individuals, as an organisation and also by engaging with and complementing professionals and local services.  As Chairman of the County Council I would like to thank you for your extraordinary accomplishments.”


The evening finished with a hot buffet supper accompanied with some splendid entertainment by a Quartet.







It was super for all the charities to be recognised in this way and we are grateful to Lancashire County Council for inviting us. Masonic representatives from both East and West Lancashire were present.

From East Lancashire we had:

Derek Thornhill – Deputy Provincial Grand Master
Paul Rose – Deputy Grand Superintendent
John Farrington – Assistant Provincial Grand Master [covering the areas of Burnley, Pendle and East Ribble]
Chad Northcott APGM – Chairman of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity
Paul Aspinall  - Assistant to the Grand Superintendent – Burnley & East Ribble Districts
David Lightbown – Chairman – East Ribble District
Paul Thornton – Chairman – Burnley and Pendle District
Jeff Ward – Member of Burnley and Pendle District
Steve Jansen – Member of Burnley and Pendle District
Walter Coupe - Member of Burnley and Pendle District
John Wilkinson - Member of Burnley and Pendle District
David McGurty - East Ribble District
Bob Allan - East Ribble District
Steve Crowther - East Ribble District
Mike Stubbs - East Ribble District


Closing Meeting of Ormerod Lodge: No. 5713


On Tuesday 8th September 2015 Ormerod Lodge No 5713, which met at Nelson House Burnley, held its final meeting. This was attended by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Northern Area, WBro John Farrington PSGD.

The Lodge was well supported by District Officers, Acting Officers of the year and visitors, including the District Chairman of East Ribble District, WBro David Lightbrown, and the Group Chairman for Lancaster (Province of West Lancashire), WBro Jim Wilson, and in particular from other Lodges that meet at Nelson House Burnley. There were approximately 60 Brethren in attendance.


During the Ceremony WBro Peter Mason, gave a presentation on the history of Ormerod Lodge No 5713, which was consecrated on the 18th January 1938. Following this the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro John Farrington, addressed the Brethren. He wished the Brethren well for the future and expressed his delight that all the members had found a “home” in a new Lodge and would remain in the Craft. He commented that all the Brethren would, he was sure, make a positive impact and have a beneficial effect in their new surroundings and that the Lodges, which were now their new homes, would grow in strength through their involvement.

Following the closing the members of Ormerod Lodge gathered around the mosaic pavement and the Warrant was passed between them, finally arriving at the Worshipful Master, WBro Peter Spencer, who handed the Warrant to the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for return to the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master and in turn to the Grand Master.




The Social Board was a happy occasion with both Ormerod Lodge members and visitors determined to enjoy themselves. All were looking to the future in a positive manner.




Closing Meeting – Huntroyd Lodge No 6385

On Saturday 29 August 2015 Huntroyd Lodge No 6385, which met at Padiham, held its final meeting. This was attended by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, WBro Derek N Thornhill, PGSwdB, who was accompanied by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, WBro John Griffin AGDC.

The Lodge was well supported by District Officers, Acting Officers of the year and visitors, particularly from other Lodges that meet in Padiham. There were approximately 50 Brethren in attendance.

During the Ceremony WBro Alan Speak, the father of the Lodge, gave a brilliant  history of Huntroyd Lodge No 6385, which was consecrated on 28 March 1947. Even on such a sad occasion Bro Speak managed to introduce some humour, as only he could. Following this the Deputy Provincial Grand Master addressed the Brethren. He wished the Brethren well for the future and expressed a desire that the few members who had not to date joined a new Lodge would do so soon. He commented that those that had found a new home would, he was sure, make a positive impact and have a beneficial effect in their new surroundings; that the Lodges would grow in strength through their involvement.

Following the closing the members of Huntroyd gathered around the mosaic pavement and the Warrant was passed between them, finally arriving at the Worshipful Master, WBro Bill Johnson who, after donating a number of Lodge artefacts to the Hall Company and Brierfield Lodge, handed the Warrant to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master for return to the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master and in turn to the Grand Master.

The Social Board was a happy occasion with both Huntroyd members and visitors determined to enjoy themselves. All were looking to the future in a positive manner.

In his closing remarks  WBro Johnson paid tribute to the senior members of the Lodge, four of whom had celebrated 50 years in Masonry and three of those 50 years in Huntroyd Lodge for the example that they had set over many years and the leadership they had demonstrated, particularly in the last few months. A tribute was also paid to the work of the Lodge DC WBro Wally Barnett for his unstinting efforts on behalf of the Lodge. WBro Dennis Hattemore proposed the final Toast, the Tyler’s Toast and the proceedings of Huntroyd Lodge were concluded.


Burnley and Pendle Freemasons support T.E.A.M R.I.S.E



The Burnley and Pendle District Charity Stewards accompanied by WBro John Farrington, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Northern Area, District Chairman, WBro Paul Thornton, and a number of members of the District team, visited T.E.A.M R.I.S.E in Burnley on Wednesday the 5th August. The purpose of the visit was to present Sharon Lees, T.E.A.M R.I.S.E Project Co-ordinator, volunteers and members of the project with craft equipment. The specialist tools will help the group produce beautiful craft products which they intend to sell at local craft fayres and in local craft shops.

After partaking of a fabulous buffet provided by the group, the Charity Stewards and District team were introduced by the District Charity Steward, WBro Ian MacDonald after which T.E.A.M R.I.S.E volunteers and members introduced themselves.  Following the introductions all present received a presentation about the work of T.E.A.M R.I.S.E.

WBro Jeff Ward, Deputy Chairman for Burnley and Pendle District, then gave the T.E.A.M R.I.S.E members a brief insight into Freemasonry and in particular what it does in the local community. Later in the evening WBro Walter Coupe gave an example of this, referring to the TLC scheme.

Sharon then explained that T.E.A.M R.I.S.E supports people who have learning disabilities, those who are lonely or socially isolated and provides opportunities to learn, develop crafting skills and to socialise. The “Do It Together” group meet on Wednesdays and have made a wide arrange of goods which include bird houses, picture frames and personalised bunting. The group are looking to become self-sufficient and the sale of these beautiful gifts will help towards the running costs of the project.

Sharon went on to say that the support of the Freemasons is fantastic and will certainly enable the group to produce goods of a high standard that they can sell in the months leading up to Christmas. Also, that if anyone would like to view any of the goods or would like to make a personalised frame or bunting they can call in on Wednesdays.

T.E.A.M R.I.S.E is based in St James House on St James Row in Burnley. Alternatively, just give Sharon a ring 07939265218. People can also view the craft items available on Facebook - Team Rise East Lancashire or on

T.E.A.M. R.I.S.E. members were thanked for the hospitality provided and congratulated on the excellent work that they do. The enthusiasm of the whole group was infectious. Thanks were also expressed to the Charity Stewards in attendance and members of the District Team for the commitment shown to this very worthwhile project.

W Bro Ian Macdonald, Burnley and Pendle District Charity Steward, is presented with thank you cards by T.E.A.M R.I.S.E member Laura, on behalf of all the T.E.A.M R.I.S.E members.





Burnley and Pendle District held a Masquerade Ball in aid of the 2015 Festival at Burnley Football Club on the 9th May 2015. The guest that night was the Deputy Provincial Grand Master VWBro Derek Nelson Thornhill and his wife Joan. Also enjoying the night was WBro John Farrington APGM and his wife Carol and WBro Paul Aspinall APGP and his wife Beryl.

The event was attended by 114 people and was a great success raising over £1,000.00 for the Festival, with an authentic framed and signed England shirt still to be auctioned off. Bids are coming in for it and at the moment the highest bid is £500.00, money of which will also go to the Festival.  You can bid for the shirt which is from the 2002/2003 England Team and includes signatures from David Beckham, Scholes, David Seaman, Eric Ferdinand and Sven Erickson and others.  If you would like to be included for a bid to enhance the Festival please let WBro Paul Thornton, District Chairman, know. e-mail



WBro David Lightbown District Chairman for East Ribble was so eager to win the signed shirt of the Premier League Burnley players he insisted having his photo taken with it.  Sadly he was did not win the shirt in the raffle.








Three Chalices donation to Pendleside Hospice


Over the last 12 months members of the Three Chalices Lodge have raised a fantastic £200 for Pendleside Hospice by holding fundraising events.
The Lodge was formed in 1969 in Burnley and meets at Nelson House, Nelson Square.
Gerald (Ged) Coyle, the Worshipful Master [WM] of the Three Chalices Lodge said, “I have enjoyed to my 3rd year as WM and was delighted to choose Pendleside Hospice to benefit from this donation”.
The cheque was presented to Pendleside Hospice Fundraising Manager Christina Cope and Staff Nurse Linda Philips a Representative of Pendleside.

Christina Cope, Fundraising Manager at the Hospice said "This is a very generous gesture from Ged to choose Pendleside to benefit from his year in the WM's Chair "
The money raised will help the Hospice provide care to local people suffering from cancer and other life limiting illnesses.

The cost of providing care increases year on year in response to demand from services.
Current annual running costs exceed £2.85 million of which more than £2 million has to be raised from fundraising events and donations. 

Left to Right: Staff Nurse Linda Philips, Three Chalice’s District Charity Steward, Ian
Macdonald, Three Chalice’s WM Ged Coyle and Fundraising Manager Christina Cope.




Investiture of WBro John Richard Farrington as APGM.


This special occasion took place at the meeting of Huntroyd Lodge No. 6385 at Nelson House, Burnley on Monday 23rd March. The Lodge Room was filled to capacity by 120 Brethren comprising the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Sir David Trippier, RD,JP,DL; a Provincial Deputation; RWBro Paul Rink, Past PGM; Distinguished Brethren representing  other Orders  and representatives from all Lodges and Chapters.

Our RW PGM took the chair, voiced his delight at seeing the Lodge Room so full, then proceeded to introduce his Provincial Deputation. He then invested WBro Martin Paul Roche as the Provincial Grand Secretary  and made reference to the outstanding work Martin had done as APGM.

It was then time to appoint WBro John Richard Farrington as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master.
WBro Farrington  recited his Obligation, was Appointed and then Presented with his Chain of Office to the acclaim of the Brethren.

The festive board occupied the rest of the evening; it was a well attended and convivial occasion. The meal was excellent. The toasts and responses were both formal and light-hearted and the event was enjoyed by all.













Wednesday 18th March at Calder Lodge was the last visit by WBro Martin Roche as our APGM.

The occasion was very well attended. Amongst those present were WBro Paul Thornton, the  District Chairman; WBro Jeff Ward, the Deputy District Chairman; WBro David Lightbown, Chairman of the East Ribble District and several District Officers.

Description: 437a.jpg

WBro Paul Thornton presented our APGM with a pen, being an appropriate gift for his future role!


Description: 439a.jpg

WBro Keith Jackson responding on behalf of all the visitors talked about the qualities that Martin possessed that has made him such a popular APGM and that he will be greatly missed.

Description: 438a.jpg

We are sure that Martins wit and wry humour will be reflected in his communications as the Provincial Grand Secretary of which we all wish him well.


Local War Hero celebrates 50 years as a Freemason

WBro Geoffrey Smith PPJGW celebrated 50 years as a Freemason at Whalley Arches Lodge No 7489 in Whalley. He was initiated into Thursby Lodge No 3855 in Burnley, proposed by a local Headmaster, Ken Helliwell, who was a neighbour on Marsden Road, Burnley.  Geoffrey now lives in Read.

Geoffrey is pictured with the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Martin Roche PSGD on his left and the Worshipful Master of Whalley Arches Lodge WBro Stuart Smith PPGSuptWks on his right.  Geoffrey has just reached the wonderful age of 92 and is still active in Freemasonry having just completed a year in Office as Master of Whalley Arches Lodge No 7489.

During World War II Geoffrey trained as a pilot in South Africa and then saw active service in the Middle East. He trained in Hurricanes and then saw active service in 2 squadrons flying Hurricanes, Mustangs and Spitfires.

After the war he worked as branch manager for the Scottish Amicable.

Whalley Masonic Hall was full to capacity on Monday 9 March 2015 at 10-30 am as Whalley Arches is a popular daytime Lodge.  There was a strong District Delegation led by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Martin Roche; WBro Paul Aspinall, APGP; WBro Paul Thornton, District Chairman and Lodge Members VWBro Nigel Bramey-Haworth, Past DPGM and WBro James Sutcliffe, Past APGM.

Geoffrey Smith is pictured with Lodge Members and the Delegation.






WBro Ron Dickin, PProvGSwdB, 50th celebration.

The celebration for Ron's 50th year in masonry was held at his current lodge, Huntroyd 6385, at the Masonic Hall, Moore Lane, Padiham, on Wednesday 28th January. We were very pleased to welcome WBro Martin Roche APGM who was accompanied by a District Delegation together with 35 visitors from 15 lodges, including several Grand Officers.

The tribute to WBro Dickin was delivered by WBro A Young, PProvSGW, which was very well received.

The Assisstant Provincial Grand Master gave an address to the Brethren and made a presentation to WBro Dickin who was then paraded around the Lodge.

The festive board consisted of a three course roast beef dinner, accompanied by wine which was provided by Ron, which was also very well received!








WBro William John Dallas-A Unique 50th Anniversary


 “All 50ths are unique, because the individuals are unique and they all have their own story to tell”. These wise words were spoken by our APGM, WBro Martin Roche PSGD, during the celebration marking the Personal 50th anniversary for WBro Bill Dallas PPDepGSwdB.

 The date was 22nd January, at which point WBro Dallas was, in fact, celebrating 52 years in Freemasonry, having been initiated into St. John Lodge Royal Arch No.320 Saltcoats and Ardrossan, on Remembrance Day, 1963.
 WBro Roche led a full Provincial Delegation and was accompanied by a veritable bevy of Grand Officers, together with a large number of Brethren, all gathered to mark their approbation and affection for our Celebrant.

 After WBro Roche reminded the more senior Brethren of some of the major events of 1963, he then called upon WBro Jack Greenwood PPAGDC, to deliver a talk detailing some of the service which WBro Dallas has given to Freemasonry during his tenure. WBro Dallas then perambulated around the Lodge room, guided by WBro Andrew Proctor PAGDC, who officiated the proceedings, to the heartfelt acclaim of the Brethren. WBro Roche then gave greetings on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master and also the Grand Master in the Scottish Constitution.

 During an excellent festive board, WBro Dallas spoke briefly about his career and his love for Freemasonry. The lasting impression on all his Brethren will be that of a modest and self-effacing Brother whose service to the Craft has been exemplary, who has excelled in all that he has done and is still doing. May he long continue!









On Monday 19th January 2015 Three Chalices Lodge 8249 celebrated their Worshipful Master’s 50 years as a Mason. Over 50 Masons were in attendance at Nelson House, Burnley, where the APGM WBro Martin P. Roche was in attendance accompanied by a distinguished District Deputation.
The Worshipful Master welcomed the APGM and offered him the gavel which he was pleased to accept and he commented that it was a “first” for him where the “birthday boy” and Worshipful Master were one of the same.
 Following introductions, WBro Roche had WBro Coyle seated in the centre of the Lodge and then informed the Brethren of what had occurred in history in the year 1965 much to the delight and amusement of those present.
The Secretary, WBro Colin Barton, then gave a brief and amusing history of the Masonic Life of WBro Coyle, a Founder of the Lodge, who has taken Office in the Lodge in every year of its existence. He was initiated into Townley Lodge on 5th January 1965 and being a former pupil of Burnley Grammar School, became a Founder of the Lodge on 17th February 1969.
Special mention was made of his 21 years uninterrupted service as Secretary of the Lodge.
 Many will remember him as the Steward at Haslingden Masonic Hall a position he held for several years.
The APGM then presented WBro Coyle with an Illuminated Certificate signed by the RW Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier, together with a personal letter signed by him which was read to the Brethren by the APGM.
The APGM directed that he be escorted round the Lodge by WBro David Cowen the ProvDGDC much to the acclaim and applause of all the Brethren present.
A cheque for, £500 for the 2015 Festival, was presented by WBro Coyle on behalf of the Lodge which the APGM was pleased to accept.
A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all, the food, at the Festive Board, was of the usual high standard, we have learned to expect at Nelson House. And although he had always stated that he didn’t want a “fuss” he was pleased that so many had attended and although a little embarrassed, very proud.






Burnley Masons Bringing in The New Year


Burnley Masons and their guest's at Burnley Masonic Hall, New Years Eve

Burnley Masons and their guests had a wonderful evening at Burnley Masonic Hall with 100 of them celebrating and enjoying themselves with a superb hot buffet and music for dancing with resident DJ WBro Jim Whittaker.
The Events committee organised the function and WBro Phil Preston acted as compere ably assisted by WBro's Les Latcham and Stuart Whittaker.
There were lots of prizes for the raffle there was also an auction for a 39" smart TV, a Case of Wine and a Champagne Hamper



Grand Charity Donation to Pendleside Hospice

A cheque was presented to Burnley Hospice on behalf of the Freemasons Grand Charity.
In total the amount given in 2013 across the country was £600,000. and since 1984 that total stands at 10.5 Million Pounds.


Left to right: The District Chairman, Paul Thornton; Keith Jackson; Jeff Ward, Deputy Chairman; Roy Langtree; Michael Squires;
Ian Mac Donald, District Charity Steward and Christina Cope, the Hospice Fundraising Manager.


This article appeared in the Burnley Express on Friday December 5th





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