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Royal Arch Dinner


Dear Brethren

As the new Masonic season is upon us, I have a simple message which I would like us all to consider and then carry forward in all that we do – let’s make it a good one.
Every season is not just another season. It is an opportunity first and foremost to enjoy ourselves and enjoy our Freemasonry, because when we do just that so much good happens as a consequence.

  •  With fun and enjoyment comes a positive attitude and a drive to make every meeting and every member count, so ensuring ‘retention’ is more than just a word

  •  With fun and enjoyment comes a commitment not to miss that next meeting or the practice for it and us all contributing to making it the best ceremony that it can be

  •  With fun and enjoyment comes a need to become more involved, to take on that bit of work in a ceremony, to want to be an active part of the team

  •  With fun and enjoyment comes a confidence to speak openly about our membership with non-Masons and make ‘recruitment’ also more than just a word

  •  With fun and enjoyment comes a desire to visit our neighbouring Lodges and halls, to support our events and make sure that a Brother you have never met becomes a Brother you want to meet again

  •  With fun and enjoyment comes a better understanding of the charities that we support – especially at this time the RMBI and the ELMC. Nobody is an expert in either and there is a new aspect to discover every day about their amazing work and another reason to keep supporting them.

    Brethren, fun and enjoyment are just as infectious as boredom and apathy. A lot of the time it is all about choice. Let’s make our membership of Freemasonry mean even more this season by us all simply making the most of it. It doesn’t cost you any more money but the benefits are priceless.

    I look forward to seeing you all in the coming months and together, making this season the best yet. Let’s make it a good one.

    Yours fraternally,

    WBro Martin P. Roche, PSGD

    Assistant Provincial Grand Master – Northern Area




"We are now some 19 months away from the end of our RMBI 2015 Festival and it is worth just pausing to remember who we are trying to assist and why.
There still seems to be some confusing messages about our Festival and who we are helping. The simple thing we all need to focus on is that the beneficiaries of your kindness are our own Brethren and their families. They are not strangers. They are not a group of people who all live in the south of England. They are members of our own Province. They live in our own Ecclesholme as well as living in any one of the other 16 RMBI homes. They are members of our own extended family whom we have never had the pleasure of meeting. More importantly, never had the joy of appreciating how our kindness, how our generosity, how our commitment to them has done more than help them. And we need to be very, very clear on this. For all of them it has changed their lives. But changed them in a very fundamental way. I am not speaking about giving them something extra, a benefit. It is something far more profound. We are giving them something that you and I take for granted: quality of life and above all else, something that has no price, that we all expect for ourselves and our loved ones – dignity.

The RMBI may have provided the services, the infrastructure to make that happen, but you have done it. You have made it happen. You have changed and improved the lives of people you will never know with your money in a way which may have a monetary value, but possess a worth in human terms which is priceless. On a daily basis you are changing peoples’ lives.

As Freemasons through our Festival we are given the amazing opportunity to change peoples’ lives. The lives of a unique extended family which only a fraternity such as ours can be privileged to affect.

Every day and with every pound you are touching and improving a life. That means that every pound counts. And for every pound we divert away from this vital work, we diminish the benefit we are imparting.

I therefore implore you. We have 19 months left and in that time, you may only have one installation left to make a difference through your charitable giving. So simply reflect on what I have written and consider in this last, final push to make all your giving count towards our extended family within the RMBI. Just for one year. Yes, we all have our favourite charities, me included. I would gladly give every penny I will ever possess to The Stroke Association if I thought it would help prevent another loss like the one I experienced. And you all have the same stories. But as a Freemason, I balance that against a greater responsibility. I simply ask you to make the same consideration as I have. By all means, personally support those good causes which are close to your heart through your own personal charitable giving. But when it comes to Masonic giving by your Lodge, remember where that specific money can make the greatest difference and where our priorities really need to sit. And that has got to be first and foremost with the RMBI.

So. When your Lodge next sit down to consider who you are giving your Masonic charitable monies to, remember the beneficiaries of the RMBI. They have no voice but ours, no money but ours, no help but ours, no one else to rely on but us.

I am immensely grateful and humbled for what you are all doing and you all have my unreserved thanks, gratitude and respect."

WBro Martin P Roche PSGD
Assistant Provincial Grand Master

WBro Ron Dickin, PProvGSwdB, 50th celebration.

The celebration for Ron's 50th year in masonry was held at his current lodge, Huntroyd 6385, at the Masonic Hall, Moore Lane, Padiham, on Wednesday 28th January. We were very pleased to welcome WBro Martin Roche APGM who was accompanied by a District Delegation together with 35 visitors from 15 lodges, including several Grand Officers.

The tribute to WBro Dickin was delivered by WBro A Young, PProvSGW, which was very well received.

The Assisstant Provincial Grand Master gave an address to the Brethren and made a presentation to WBro Dickin who was then paraded around the Lodge.

The festive board consisted of a three course roast beef dinner, accompanied by wine which was provided by Ron, which was also very well received!








WBro William John Dallas-A Unique 50th Anniversary


 “All 50ths are unique, because the individuals are unique and they all have their own story to tell”. These wise words were spoken by our APGM, WBro Martin Roche PSGD, during the celebration marking the Personal 50th anniversary for WBro Bill Dallas PPDepGSwdB.

 The date was 22nd January, at which point WBro Dallas was, in fact, celebrating 52 years in Freemasonry, having been initiated into St. John Lodge Royal Arch No.320 Saltcoats and Ardrossan, on Remembrance Day, 1963.
 WBro Roche led a full Provincial Delegation and was accompanied by a veritable bevy of Grand Officers, together with a large number of Brethren, all gathered to mark their approbation and affection for our Celebrant.

 After WBro Roche reminded the more senior Brethren of some of the major events of 1963, he then called upon WBro Jack Greenwood PPAGDC, to deliver a talk detailing some of the service which WBro Dallas has given to Freemasonry during his tenure. WBro Dallas then perambulated around the Lodge room, guided by WBro Andrew Proctor PAGDC, who officiated the proceedings, to the heartfelt acclaim of the Brethren. WBro Roche then gave greetings on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master and also the Grand Master in the Scottish Constitution.

 During an excellent festive board, WBro Dallas spoke briefly about his career and his love for Freemasonry. The lasting impression on all his Brethren will be that of a modest and self-effacing Brother whose service to the Craft has been exemplary, who has excelled in all that he has done and is still doing. May he long continue!









On Monday 19th January 2015 Three Chalices Lodge 8249 celebrated their Worshipful Master’s 50 years as a Mason. Over 50 Masons were in attendance at Nelson House, Burnley, where the APGM WBro Martin P. Roche was in attendance accompanied by a distinguished District Deputation.
The Worshipful Master welcomed the APGM and offered him the gavel which he was pleased to accept and he commented that it was a “first” for him where the “birthday boy” and Worshipful Master were one of the same.
 Following introductions, WBro Roche had WBro Coyle seated in the centre of the Lodge and then informed the Brethren of what had occurred in history in the year 1965 much to the delight and amusement of those present.
The Secretary, WBro Colin Barton, then gave a brief and amusing history of the Masonic Life of WBro Coyle, a Founder of the Lodge, who has taken Office in the Lodge in every year of its existence. He was initiated into Townley Lodge on 5th January 1965 and being a former pupil of Burnley Grammar School, became a Founder of the Lodge on 17th February 1969.
Special mention was made of his 21 years uninterrupted service as Secretary of the Lodge.
 Many will remember him as the Steward at Haslingden Masonic Hall a position he held for several years.
The APGM then presented WBro Coyle with an Illuminated Certificate signed by the RW Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier, together with a personal letter signed by him which was read to the Brethren by the APGM.
The APGM directed that he be escorted round the Lodge by WBro David Cowen the ProvDGDC much to the acclaim and applause of all the Brethren present.
A cheque for, £500 for the 2015 Festival, was presented by WBro Coyle on behalf of the Lodge which the APGM was pleased to accept.
A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all, the food, at the Festive Board, was of the usual high standard, we have learned to expect at Nelson House. And although he had always stated that he didn’t want a “fuss” he was pleased that so many had attended and although a little embarrassed, very proud.






Burnley Masons Bringing in The New Year


Burnley Masons and their guest's at Burnley Masonic Hall, New Years Eve

Burnley Masons and their guests had a wonderful evening at Burnley Masonic Hall with 100 of them celebrating and enjoying themselves with a superb hot buffet and music for dancing with resident DJ WBro Jim Whittaker.
The Events committee organised the function and WBro Phil Preston acted as compere ably assisted by WBro's Les Latcham and Stuart Whittaker.
There were lots of prizes for the raffle there was also an auction for a 39" smart TV, a Case of Wine and a Champagne Hamper



Grand Charity Donation to Pendleside Hospice

A cheque was presented to Burnley Hospice on behalf of the Freemasons Grand Charity.
In total the amount given in 2013 across the country was £600,000. and since 1984 that total stands at 10.5 Million Pounds.


Left to right: The District Chairman, Paul Thornton; Keith Jackson; Jeff Ward, Deputy Chairman; Roy Langtree; Michael Squires;
Ian Mac Donald, District Charity Steward and Christina Cope, the Hospice Fundraising Manager.


This article appeared in the Burnley Express on Friday December 5th





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