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Burnley and Pendle District Freemasons Sponsored Tandem Sky Dive 2016
In aid of The East Lancashire Masonic Charities.



The 150th Anniversary of the Consecration of Borough Lodge –
Celebration Meeting:

Borough Lodge No.1064 and Ashlar Lodge No.4858 amalgamated in 2010, becoming the Borough and Ashlar Lodge No. 4858. The enthusiasm and friendship of the Brethren has ensured that the union has prospered and the Lodge can look forward to the future with confidence.

In the words of Bro. Keith Beeston PJGD, the Worshipful Master, “At the time of amalgamation, we decided that so long as former members of the Borough Lodge were still members of the new Lodge, we would always remember that Lodge at our December meeting”.

In the presence of WBro John Farrington PSGD, APGM, together with a large number of Grand and Provincial Grand Officers and Brethren, WBro Beeston delivered a fascinating paper, describing the circumstances in which Borough Lodge was formed and referring to the number of Initiates in the early days. References were made to momentous events, affecting the town of Burnley, as well as the wider world, eventually reaching 1926, the General Strike and the birth of Ashlar Lodge.

Present at the meeting was WBro Kenneth Tomlinson, PProvJGW, who was initiated into Ashlar Lodge in 1961.

The two parts of the narrative being brought together, the Worshipful Master quoted WBro Martin Roche PSGD, the then APGM, in his address at the final meeting of Borough Lodge in 2010, “Your forebears had the courage, the insight and the strength to seek new Masonic adventures when Borough was formed. And now, you honour their memory, their service and their dedication by taking all they worked for and ensuring that it lives on, by giving, not just you, but all who have gone before you, a new opportunity, the opportunity of another new beginning”. WBro Farrington remarked that it was apparent that this opportunity had been grasped with both hands.

A cheque for £1064.00, in favour of East Lancashire Masonic Charity [ELMC], was presented to WBro Farrington on the night.

Both the Celebration and the subsequent Festive Board were a great credit to the Borough and Ashlar Lodge and all its Members, who displayed the finest principles of Masonry throughout. May they long continue to enjoy the Fraternity.

The Borough and Ashlar Lodge is already looking forward to celebrating the centenary of the consecration of Ashlar Lodge which will take place in 2026.



The Freemasons Grand Charity Continue Their Support For Pendleside Hospice


On Tuesday the 17th November the District Chairman for Burnley & Pendle, WBro Paul Thornton accompanied by the Deputy District Chairman, WBro Jeff Ward, and two of Burnley & Pendle District Charity Stewards Jonathon Jackson, who is Charity Steward for Abbey Chapter and Keith Jackson, who is Charity Steward for Marsden within Pennine Valley Lodge, presented a cheque for £2464.00 to Pendleside Hospice.


Speaking about the donation Paul Thornton, Burnley and Pendle District Chairman, said “One of the most popular beneficiaries amongst Freemasons is that of hospice services. As I am sure you are all aware, Freemasons are passionate about supporting hospices because the help and care they provide to people at emotionally difficult times is invaluable. Hospice services aim to ease pain and trauma through kindness, comfort and understanding, as well as by providing exceptional medical care. ”

Two hundred and forty two hospices across England & Wales are currently receiving grants from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity. Financial support is crucial for ensuring a continued high quality service in hospices and every year Freemasons all over the country work together to provide funding for hospice services.
Christina Cope, Fundraising Manager at the Hospice, said "This is a very generous gesture from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity and all the Masons throughout the country who support the work of the hospice movement nationally. We are very grateful to them every year for their continued support and are particularly grateful to Burnley and Pendle masons who support their local hospice in so many ways throughout the year."



Roses Lodge No. 5140 - Two Historic Events.


In 1935. Roses Lodge recorded a double passing ceremony in their minute book. Some Eighty Years later on the 20th October, 2015, Brothers Ian Kenneth Fortune and Mohammed-Na’eem Khawaja were jointly passed to the Second Degree. The 17th November saw another double passing, that of Brothers John Sefton Eddleston and Gregory Michael Speak.

Left to right Bro Speak, Bro Eddleston, The WM WBro Michael J Squires, Bro Kawaja & Bro Fortune


The Lodge was honoured, at the October meeting, by the presence of WBro John Richard Farrington PSGD, APGM, who praised those Brethren that organised the ritual, in addition to the Officers who delivered it. Particularly noteworthy were the contributions of WBro Paul Quinton PProvSGD and WBro David Livesey, who deputised for the Worshipful Master in his absence.

With Bro Michael Jameson Squires, the Worshipful Master, firmly back in his chair and fully refreshed after his holidays, the November meeting went just as well as the previous one. The Senior Deacon, Bro Ronald Dempster took care of his candidates in an exceptional manner, indeed all the ritual was delivered accurately and with feeling throughout. Both the District Chairman, WBro Paul Thornton PProvJGW and WBro Steve Jansen PProvDepGReg , the District Mentor were lavish in their praise of the Candidates, the Officers and the organisation of the meeting.


The newly Passed Brethren with the Worshipful Master and the District Chairman, Paul Thornton; the District Mentor, Steve Jansen and the Lodge DC, John Wilkinson


On both evenings, all four candidates answered their questions faultlessly, reflecting their appreciation of what was being asked. Mention must also be made of the skills of WBro John Wilkinson PProvGStwd and WBro Tony Cross PProvDepGReg, who as DC and ADC, organised both the ceremonies. Roses Lodge is a healthy, vibrant and well-run Lodge. With newer Brethren, like the four Fellow Crafts which have just been passed, all the members can look forward to a happy and rewarding Masonic future, for very many years to come.







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