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Boltonian Lodge 3716 Installation
25th January 2016


A cold and wet Monday night in January saw members of Boltonian Lodge 3716, and many officers of the Bolton and Farnworth District Team, have their hearts warmed by seeing Brother Craig Charnock installed in the Chair of King Solomon by his good friend and Provincial Steward, WBro Lee Gridley.

WBro M T Holland PAGDC, Bro Craig Charnock, WBro Lee Gridley ProvGStwd


A faultless performance by WBro Gridley, enjoyed by everyone present, was then followed by the younger members of the lodge excellently presenting the working tools to the newly installed Master. This was made more impressive by the fact that Boltonian Lodge is blessed with members whose English is not their first language.


WBro M T Holland PAGDC and Bro Craig Charnock accompanied by younger brethren of the lodge

Bro Homer Tiangson - Working Tools of a Master Mason
Bro Jeffrey Casiano - Working Tools of a Fellowcraft Freemason
Bro Paul Nufable - Working Tools of an Entered Apprentice Freemason


This was followed by a stirring rendition of the Address to the Brethren by the Representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master for the evening, WBro M T Holland. PAGDC.

The ceremony was followed by a great atmospheric festive board, at which the Brethren present encountered a twist - everyone was to sing the Master's Song to the newly installed Master!


Festive Board about to begin



Installation at Old Boltonians Lodge No 5814


On Saturday 9th January 2016, Old Boltonians Lodge No 5814 Installed Bro W A Jay in the Chair of King Solomon.

WBro W A Jay (Senior) PProvDepGSwdB, who resided in the Junior Warden’s chair, took position as installing master so he could install his son in to the Chair of King Solomon.

A faultless and sincere ceremony was performed by WBro Jay and the members of Old Boltonians Lodge during the installation of Bro Jay. This was witnessed by over 120 Brethren including the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Norman Cope PSGD, as well as brethren from East & West Lancashire and further afield. WBro Cope congratulated Bro Jay on becoming Worshipful Master and also congratulated WBro Jay on the superb job he had done during the installation. WBro Jay was word perfect and conducted himself with the highest of standards, having the opportunity to install his own son.

After this fantastic ceremony, followed the festive board which was supported by all the brethren who attended the meeting. A fun filled evening was had by all, with lots of laughter and a superb atmosphere.


APGM WBro Norman Cope with Bro Jay, the newly installed Master


Old Boltonians and Guests at the Social Board



Lodge of Antiquity 146, Festival of St John

January 13 2016

A very vibrant and enjoyable evening was had by all. The Master Elect was installed into the chair of King Solomon by his proposer into Freemasonry, WBro Stan Bibby. The Social Board was enjoyed by everyone including members of the District Team and some twenty visitors.


WBro Norman Cope APGM, with Worshipful Master, Bro Darren J. Allardyce


WBro Cope with the WM and two Fellow Craft members from 146, Bro Adrian John Drummond-Hill, and Bro Mark Brody.





Meet WBro Peter Blackhurst PPro JGW, the Worshipful Master of Charity Centenary Lodge No. 3786 who meet at Farnworth.
Peter, as well as donating money for Charities, has recently been presented with an award by the Blood Transfusion Service for donating 100 pints of blood

Peter says; "I started to donate blood in 1965 when I was 21 and in 1982 I joined the Craft and have been giving blood ever since! You could say half my blood is Masonic Blood but as with my money donations it goes to worthy people and I don't know how many peoples life's I've help to save"

The young Lady at the side of Peter on the picture needed an urgent supply of Blood to keep her alive during a resent operation.





Grand Charity Cheque Presented to Bolton Hospice


Kirk Mulhearn, Stephanie Lascaille and Peter Jones

On Tuesday December 2nd Bolton District Deputy Chairman, WBro Peter Jones and District Charity Steward, WBro Kirk Mulhearn had great pleasure in presenting the Grand Charity Cheque for £3,343 to Bolton Hospice. This was accepted on behalf of the Hospice by Stephanie Lacaille, Community Fundraising Manager for the Hospice.

On the same evening the Hospice was holding a 'Thank you evening' for it's supporters which Peter and Kirk were pleased to attend, representing the ELMC who had previously provided a grant to the Hospice for bedroom furniture following refurbishments. They were then able to tour the Hospice to better appreciate the facilities and how funds raised are spent for the benefit of members of the Bolton community.

A buffet supper followed when Peter and Kirk were able to chat about Freemasonary and it's charitable activities to the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Carole Swarbrick and the Mayoress. The Mayor told them how much she had enjoyed the Festival Banquet at the Macron Stadium, at which she had been a guest of the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Sir David Trippier.



Bolton Masons at Provincial Grand Lodge
November 19th 2015


On Thursday 19th November 2015, we attended the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge at King George’s Hall, Blackburn. There was a record number in attendance this year, with a fantastic atmosphere in the hall. The PGM, RWBro Sir David Trippier opened the meeting and welcomed distinguished colleagues and guests from around the country. The PGM talked about the festival and how wonderful it was to have raised over £2.6 Million and he thanked everyone who contributed in support of this. The PGM also discussed the future of Freemasonry and a full report of his speech can be found here.'s%20Speech%20191115.pdf

Honours were then received by the following brethren of our District:

ProvJGD Martin Horan
New Trinity Lodge No.4595

ProvAGDC John Yates
Kitchener Lodge No.3788

ProvGStwd Lee Gridley
Boltonian Lodge No.3716

PProvJGW Terry Kakoulis
District Chairman

PProvJGW Ian M S Hunter

PProvJGW Peter Blackhurst PProvGSuptWks (29/11/2007)
Charity Centenary Lodge No.3786

PProvDepGDC Steven Greenhalgh PProvJGD (16/11/2006)
Corinthian Lodge No.221

PProvDepGDC John Hood PProvSGD (30/9/2008)
Supera Moras Lodge No.3326

PProvDepGDC Brian Jones PProvJGD (29/11/2007)
Charity Centenary Lodge No.3786

PProvDepGDC Robert Taylor PProvJGD (29/11/2007)
Earl Ellesmere Lodge No.678

PProvSGD Stuart Davenport PProvAGDC (13/11/2001)
St Peter's Deane Lodge No.6521

PProvSGD Robert Findlay PProvAGDC (21/11/2013)
Anchor and Hope Lodge No.37

PProvSGD Allan Potter PProvJGD (16/11/2006)
Old Boltonians Lodge No.5814

PProvJGD Derek Bennett
Lodge of Antiquity No.146

PProvJGD Dennis Brierley
Anchor and Hope Lodge No.37

PProvJGD Phillip Fogg
Goulburn Menturia Lodge No.3478

PProvJGD Mervyn Symonds
St John's Lodge No.348

PProvAGDC Jack Cooper
St Peter's Deane Lodge No.6521

PProvAGDC Eric Holliday
Kitchener Lodge No.3788

PProvAGDC Keith McNeil
St Peter's Deane Lodge No.6521

PProvAGDC Robert Tyler PProvGStB (20/11/2014)
Earl Ellesmere Lodge No.678

PProvAGDC Glenn Wood
Kitchener Lodge No.3788

PProvGStB Heathcliffe Christian
New Trinity Lodge No.4595

A fantastic social board followed the meeting and all the brethren in attendance had a wonderful day and experience.
Congratulations to all those who got honours this year






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