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Western Area Recruitment Meeting


Bolton & Bury District Golf Competition - 2016


Bolton District is on Facebook

Goulburn Menturia Lodge 3478 now has a website


Kitchener 3788 Installation

The Installation of WBro John Whitfield kicked off a busy period at Kitchener Lodge 3788. In the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Norman Cope,PAGD, District Chairman, Terry Kakoullis and Deputy District Chairman, Peter Jones, WBro Eric Holliday and his officers conducted a very efficient ceremony.

The evening was rounded off from newly installed WBro Whitfield recalling memories from his first time in the chair some 40 years ago in 1977. Amazingly he still had the summons from the event and also a picture of himself (see below) proving it.

Kitchener have 2 new candidates in the pipeline, a personal 50th celebration for WBro Roger Howarth and also their centenary celebration to look forward to in 2017. Busy times!








North West Cluster of the Federation of School Lodge Hosted Meeting

Friday the 16th September saw the regular meeting of Old Boltonians Lodge No. 5814 who meet at Bolton School. The evening was the hosted meeting of the North West Cluster of the Federation of School Lodges with the 2nd Degree Passing ceremony for the latest new initiate to the Lodge. Their Master Bro William A Jay conducted the evening and performed the ceremony very competently. WBro Alan Greenhalgh made a faultless presentation of the Tracing Board.

The Chairman of the Federation WBro Ronald Barham (Old Blackburnians Lodge 7933) presented his fellow visitors from Old Giggleswickians 8263, South Shore 4672 and Melita 6783

The Lodge makes an annual donation to the School Scholarship & Bursary fund, the Brethren were especially pleased to hear from a previous recipient on how their donation in 2013 had helped him.




Bi-Centenary Celebration at Charity Lodge 350

Thursday 15th September at Farnworth Masonic Hall saw the new masonic season get off to a bang with the much anticipated bi-centenary of Charity Lodge 350.

Together with easily over 80 Freemasons in an absolutely packed (and hot!) Lodge room, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Sir David Trippier, RD, JP, DL, together with a Provincial Delegation received a brief history of the Lodge, delightfully split between Speaker and Secretary. Afterwards an Oration was received by WBro Revd Canon Richard Hawkins.

The formalities of the meeting were ended with a hugely impressive £3500 donation by the Lodge to the East Lancashire Masonic Charity (ELMC), presented to the Provincial Grand Master by the Worshipful Master WBro J B Aspinall.

In familiar yet impressive form, the Lodge members and visitors were entertained by the Provincial Grand Master, Assistant Provincial Grand Master and the Worshipful Master at the Festive Board. Coupled with a fantastic meal and fellowship, this will be an evening that lasts long in the memory.








Trailer Training

The Bolton & Farnworth District Chairman WBro Terry Kakoullis, accompanied by WBro Bob Findlay and WBro Peter Jones attended a training session on the new East Lancashire Publicity trailer.
This was held on Saturday 10th September at Rossendale Masonic hall, Ashday Lea. All who attended were impressed by the standard of the publicity trailer which will be a great asset for the Province.
We were informed on all aspects of the setting up of the trailer and the potential to us by WBro John Farrington and WBro Dave McGurty and their team, all of whom have been involved from the concept to the production of this valuable publicity tool.
All we require now is to find venues and events to use it within the Bolton and Farnworth District.








Garden Party in Support of The Jennifer Charity


At the garden party organised by Anchor and Hope 37 member Tom Craine over the summer recess, a cheque for £100 was presented to the The Jennifer Charity generously raised from gate receipts and a raffle on the day.
Graham and James Edgington are the founders of The Jennifer Charity and their story was the catalyst to the set up of this unique charity. Following the death of Jennifer in 1985 Graham was left as a single parent of a 16 month old baby. Not only did he have the pressure of bringing up James alone, he had to find his own time to grieve and work a fulltime job.

Twenty-five years later James has extensively researched widowed fathers and was alarmed at the lack of of supportive organisations aimed at widowers in particular. There are exceptional bereavement charities and organisations helping single parents, often single mothers but nothing for men.

James decided that he wanted to set up this charity as a support mechanism for widowed fathers and of course importantly the children affected by these circumstances. Graham and James appeared in 'Britain's Got Talent 2010' and reached the live shows as singing due Father and Son which in itself was a great achievement for them and a great tribute to Jennifer.

James would like to say: "I feel now is the right time to raise awareness of Jennifer for those in need of support. Our aim is not to overwhelm but to simply provide what is needed at a certain moment. I want this to be a tribute to my mum hence the name: Jennifer. I hope that we can help people who sadly need this kind of support. The main message is to stay positive and respond to life day by day"

To provide a support network for widowed fathers and their children, offering financial and psychological support throughout a carefully selected network and programme. Full structured support will be offered from the early stages of bereavement, family development, financial assistance where applicable and introduction to independent support groups.

Family care units will be organised to offer local child care provision for working fathers and vocational breaks at selected family holiday locations within the United Kingdom.

Telephone, and one to one support will be offered to grieving fathers and their children to assist in coping with the loss of the loved one, direct assistance to maintain family communication lines and interaction with Governmental assistance where available.





Western Area Grand Officers Dinner


The Western Area Grand Officers dinner took place on Monday 7th June at Ashday Lea, hosted by the Assitant Provincial Grand Master, Norman Cope.

The night was organised by Steve Barton, Chairman of Bury District and was attended by Terry Kakoullis, Chairman of Bolton District and Grand Officers of the Western Area.

This will be an annual event, next to be held at Bolton Masonic Hall in 2017.

Norman Cope, John Griffin and Jeremy Aston


Phil Mountford and Peter Faulkner


Mike Gibbons, Steve Barton, John Whitfield and Derek Pilling



Norman Cope and John Griffin



Bolton Freemasons Parade to the Parish Church


On Sunday 12th June, and in honour of the Queen's 90th Birthday, Bolton District Freemasons paraded to the local Parish Church to receive a service after enjoying a wonderful Sunday Lunch at Bolton Masonic Hall.

The event was organised by The Hall Committee and primarily so by Chairman Wbro John Hood. A special note of thanks goes out to John and his team.

Many masons took the opportunity to wear their craft regalia, including the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, granted under special dispensation. Even the weather was kind enough to hold off for an hour!

Fronted by the Bolton Caledonia Pipe Band, the parade set off at 2.30pm to be in time for the church service at 3pm. Leading from the front was the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Norman Cope, accompanied by District Chairman, WBro Terry Kakoullis and Deputy District Chairman, WBro Peter Jones. Masons of all ranks turned out in support of this very special event.

After the service, a collection was taken for charity to support the Parish Church.

Supported by friends and family it was a unique afternoon enjoyed by all.

Lunch at Bolton Masonic Hall


Taking the lead - The Assistant Provincial Grand Master accompanied by District Chairman Terry Kakoullis and Deputy District Chairman Peter Jones


Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge parading to the Church


Master Masons parading to the Church

The wonderful ceiling of the Parish Church

Bolton Caledonia Pipe Band

Further pictures can be found on Facebook on the Bolton District Page:



Peter Jones Goes Absailing for the ABF

On Monday June 6th Deputy District Chairman for Bolton & Farnworth District Peter Jones abseiled off the 'Big One' in Blackpool in support of the ABF Soldiers' Charity.
Peter was naturally nervous, however watching fellow abseiler Rick Clement's courageous effort, he stepped over the edge to an uneventful and even peaceful descent.

"About Rick Clement: Rick Clement, severely wounded in an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2010 which resulted in both his legs being amputated is also taking on the challenge along with members of his former Regiment, the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, who were with him at the time he was wounded. Rick has shown that it’s possible to overcome even the most challenging of situations and will be raising money for our work as the Army’s National Charity by taking on the abseil."

I'm sure you will all join us in congratulating Peter and his efforts for sponsorship to support this very worthwhile cause.





If you would like to support Peter in his Fundraising for ABF you can donate at



50 years Celebration for WBro David Schofield

This month, New Trinity Lodge gathered to pay tribute to WBro David Schofield on the celebration of his 50 years in Free Masonry.  New Trinity as its name suggests is an amalgamation of three Lodges with David being a founder of one, Golden Jubilee.
In a celebration led by the APGM, WBro Norman Cope, assisted by the Provincial DC, WBro John Griffin and supported by another two past APGM’s, WBro David Dunn - the new APGP and a District Delegation, a full Lodge room listened to a precis of David’s masonic and personal history before WBro Cope presented David with his illuminated certificate and read a personal letter from the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier.
WBro Peter Jones, the Bolton District Deputy Chairman, presented David with a 50th anniversary pin on behalf of the District Team. 

The celebration was continued into the festive board where WBro Warwick Davenport proposed a toast to David who responded suitably thanking all those who had helped make the night a success






Installation Meeting at Goulburn Menturia Lodge 3478


For only its third time the amalgamated Goulburn Menturia 3478 Lodge carried out a ceremony of installation at Bolton Freemasons’ Hall, WBro Martin Gee installed his successor Bro John Davies into The Chair which was described by WBro Peter Faulkner, PAGDC and representative of the RW Sir David Trippier PGM as a most sincere ceremony. There were five visiting Masters of Bolton Lodges which always helps engender a spirit of comradeship across our Bolton Lodges.

Nearly all Brothers attended the Festive Board which has discernible elements from both Goulburn and Menturia festive boards designed to make all members "more at home”. WBro Terry Kakoullis, Bolton and Farnworth District Chairman, together with WBro Kirk Mulhearn, District Charity Chairman also took part in the evening’s festivities along with many other guests of lodge members.

WBro John Davies thanked everyone for making the Ceremony and Festive Board most memorable, he thanked WBro Martin Gee for all his efforts during the past year and hoped he would be able to count on his help during the forthcoming year. John then announced, with some pride and satisfaction, that the next ceremony would be to initiate his son Philip Davies into Masonry - no pressure there then John!!!






Bi Centenary Meeting of St Johns Lodge No 348


On Thursday 31st March 2016 St John’s Lodge No 348 held a celebration to commemorate the completion of 200 years of continuous working on 21st December 2015.

The event was held at Bolton Masonic Hall and was attended by The Right Worshipful Assistant Grand Master, Sir David Wootton, and Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier, RD, JP, DL, together with a Grand and Provincial Delegation.

The Lodge was opened in due form by the Worshipful Master, WBro Derek James Walsh, PSGD, PAPGM.

There was a report and WBro Andrew Procter, Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies as Provincial DC, was admitted and announced that The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier, RD, JP, DL. and a Provincial Delegation was without and demanded admission.

Sir David and the Delegation were duly admitted.

The Worshipful Master welcomed The Provincial Grand Master and offered him the Gavel which was politely refused.

Salutations were then given to RWBro Sir David Trippier, Provincial Grand Master, to which Sir David responded.

There was a further report and WBro John Griffin, AGDC as Grand DC, was admitted and announced that Right Worshipful Sir David Wootton, Assistant Grand Master, accompanied by WBro Anthony Rayner, AGSec and WBro The Rev David Halford, the Provincial Grand Chaplain was without and demanded admission.

Sir David Wootton was admitted.


The Worshipful Master then welcomed him to St John’s Lodge and offered him the Gavel which was again politely refused.

Salutations were then given to RWBro Sir David Wootton, Assistant Grand Master, to which he responded.



The Worshipful Master then called upon WBro Roy Woodcock, PProvDepGDC, to read a short history of St John’s Lodge, which was received with much acclaim.

The Provincial Grand Chaplain, WBro The Rev David Halford, delivered an Oration and explained the meaning of the word “Jubilee”

The Assistant Grand Secretary then read the Bi-Centenary Warrant, after which the Assistant Grand Master presented it to the Worshipful Master. The Assistant Grand Master then addressd the Brethren of the Lodge and invited them to wear their Bi-Centenary Jewels.

The Provincial Grand Master was presented with a cheque for £3480.00, which had been pledged for the RMBI 2015 Festival, by the Worshipful Master. The Provincial Grand Master addressed the Brethren and thanked the Worshipful Master and the brethren of St John’s Lodge for their donations.

He then announced that it was within his discretion to appoint or promote someone in Provincial Grand Lodge and was delighted to announce that the promotion on this occasion was to go to WBro Roy Woodcock who was to be promoted to the rank of PProvGSwdB. This was a great surprise and was received with applause by all present.

Following the Lodge meeting and at the Social Board all present received a personalised copy of the St John’s Lodge History 1815 – 2015.

There followed the usual Toasts after which the Assistant Grand Master, Sir David Wootton, responded to Toast No 5 and then proposed the health of the Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier.
Sir David responded to his toast.

WBro Norman Cope, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, proposed the Toast to the Lodge to which the Worshipful Master, Bro Derek Walsh, responded.

The Worshipful Master, WBro Derek Walsh, then responded on behalf of the Lodge at the conclusion of which he presented Engraved Crystal Tulip Vases to both Sir David Wootton and Sir David Trippier.

It was an excellent ceremony and first class social board, thoroughly enjoyed by all the Brethren of the Lodge and the guests of St John’s Lodge No 348, which will be long remembered as a very special occasion.




Goulburn Menturia Lodge 3478 has a Visitor

L - R: WBro Ian Batty, WBro Andy Green, Bro Adeshola Agunbiade, W.M Martin Gee and District Chairman Terry Kakoulis


Goulburn Menturia Lodge 3478, as one of the two East Lancashire Province’s Universities’ Scheme Lodges, was delighted to receive a visit from WBro Dr. Andy Green PProv SGD (Leicestershire and Rutland) who is UGLE’s Regional Co-ordinator for North West England and North Wales.

WBro Green was able to see a Past Masters’ ceremony to raise Bro Adeshola Agunbiade, who was initiated in this Lodge whilst an undergraduate at the University of Bolton.

At the Festive Board WBro Green updated the Brethren on the latest Universities Scheme’s news and future plans.
He also gave most useful advice and guidance to help Goulburn Menturia’s recruitment campaign with the University of Bolton and other students living in Bolton.
WBro Green extended his best wishes to the newly made Master Mason, Bro Agunbiade, on his future Masonic career now this milestone had been accomplished.




Gavel That Travels update

On Monday 14th March 2016 at Kitchener Lodge 3788, Brother Alan Ogden, Senior Warden at St John's Lodge 348 and 4 fellow lodge members claimed the Gavel That Travels from acting Worshipful Master John Yates.
The Gavel will now reside at St John's 348 until such time as 3 or more members of another Bolton lodge claims it. The Gavel is intended to promote inter lodge visiting amongst Bolton and Farnworth Lodges.
This particular meeting at Kitchener was highlighted by a wonderful talk by WBro John Whitfield on the ancient lodges of Bolton and some of the (these days hilarious) antics their brethren were reprimanded and fined for.




70th Anniversary Celebration for Maurice O'Brien

Tuesday 8th March was a cold and damp day with a particularly bright and sunny interlude when the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Derek Thornhill; the District Chairman, WBro Terry Kakoulis and other members of the District Team knocked on the door of Maurice O’Brien to deliver, in the company of members of Corinthian 221, the illuminated certificate, a personal letter from the Provincial Grand Master and a new Provincial Tie to mark the celebration of Maurice’s 70th anniversary in Masonry.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master presents the 70th Anniversary Certificate to Maurice O’Brien

Maurice was originally from Hull where he was born on 13th Oct 1916, after the family moved to Scarborough and he was educated at Scarborough High School for Boys. On leaving school, Maurice joined F W Woolworth and stayed with them all his working life.

War service was with the Royal Air Force as ground crew, firstly in the UK on Spitfires but mostly in North Africa on an Air Sea Rescue squadron.

Maurice married Ethel Heath immediately post war and they were happily married until Ethel’s sad death in 1992.

Maurice’s Masonic history starts in 1946 when he was initiated into his father’s lodge, Thames Estuary, in the Province of Essex and he remains a member there. Maurice’s first managerial role with Woolworth’s was in Crook in County Durham where he became a joining member of Crook lodge and was a member there for many years, even when after the family moved away from the area.

Further advancement with the company brought him to Bolton in 1958 where he joined Corinthian 3767. He was Master of the lodge in 1989 and in 1991 initiated me into Corinthian 3767, latterly, Corinthian 221.

Following his year as IPM, he carried out the role of Assistant Secretary for many years and despite the fact that he hasn't attended lodge meetings for some years now still shows a lively interest in the Craft.
Whilst his guests enjoyed a magnificent buffet lunch, Maurice regaled all with wonderful tales of his recollections of his early masonic days and a very detailed description of the Supermarine Walrus that he worked on during the war.

Maurice and a model of the Supermarine Walrus he worked on during WWII



The PGM, Sir David Trippier, Visits Goulburn Menturia Lodge No 3478




On Wednesday, 10th February 2016, the RW Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier, visited Goulburn Menturia Lodge No 3478 to witness the Ceremony – Charge after Initiation.

The lodge was opened by Bro Martin Gee, Worshipful Master of the lodge, and after the lodge business, Sir David Trippier, accompanied by a Provincial Deputation entered the lodge and salutations were given. Bro Gee, offered the Gavel to the PGM who gladly accepted.

The charge after initiation was then delivered to Bro Chris Scales, a member of Kitchener Lodge No 3788, who was newly initiated in to Kitchener Lodge. The ceremony was led by junior members of the “Corner Stone Club” and each Brother delivered a part of the charge, creating a “Circle of Brotherhood”. Ten Brethren, including Bro Martin Gee, delivered the charge in a wonderful and meaningful manner and this was done in the presence of the Provincial Grand Master and the 90 Brethren attending the meeting. Bro Scales was given the charge in a way that other brothers would not have experienced and everyone who took part did an excellent job and delivered the charge with the highest standards.

The Provincial Grand Master was delighted to see the charge delivered in such a manner and congratulated all in the delivery and conduct and said that this was one of the hardest things he had to learn many years ago and understood the effort the brethren had made in order to put this together.

After the meeting was closed, followed the festive board. The dining room was full of brethren, having a wonderful time and enjoying the company of all present. There were lots of conversations and laughter and after the toasts were proposed, the Provincial Grand Master responded. Sir David amused everyone with jokes and stories and also congratulated everyone who had given such great support to raising funds for the East Lancashire Festival for the RMBI. He hoped now that we would all turn our attention to fully support our own Charity, the ELMC.

Everyone present had a fabulous evening and the support given to the PGM, Lodge and the brethren who took part in the ceremony was something that isn’t seen very often and it was amazing to see the masonic hall full with a friendly atmosphere









Boltonian Lodge 3716 Installation
25th January 2016


A cold and wet Monday night in January saw members of Boltonian Lodge 3716, and many officers of the Bolton and Farnworth District Team, have their hearts warmed by seeing Brother Craig Charnock installed in the Chair of King Solomon by his good friend and Provincial Steward, WBro Lee Gridley.

WBro M T Holland PAGDC, Bro Craig Charnock, WBro Lee Gridley ProvGStwd


A faultless performance by WBro Gridley, enjoyed by everyone present, was then followed by the younger members of the lodge excellently presenting the working tools to the newly installed Master. This was made more impressive by the fact that Boltonian Lodge is blessed with members whose English is not their first language.


WBro M T Holland PAGDC and Bro Craig Charnock accompanied by younger brethren of the lodge

Bro Homer Tiangson - Working Tools of a Master Mason
Bro Jeffrey Casiano - Working Tools of a Fellowcraft Freemason
Bro Paul Nufable - Working Tools of an Entered Apprentice Freemason


This was followed by a stirring rendition of the Address to the Brethren by the Representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master for the evening, WBro M T Holland. PAGDC.

The ceremony was followed by a great atmospheric festive board, at which the Brethren present encountered a twist - everyone was to sing the Master's Song to the newly installed Master!


Festive Board about to begin



Installation at Old Boltonians Lodge No 5814


On Saturday 9th January 2016, Old Boltonians Lodge No 5814 Installed Bro W A Jay in the Chair of King Solomon.

WBro W A Jay (Senior) PProvDepGSwdB, who resided in the Junior Warden’s chair, took position as installing master so he could install his son in to the Chair of King Solomon.

A faultless and sincere ceremony was performed by WBro Jay and the members of Old Boltonians Lodge during the installation of Bro Jay. This was witnessed by over 120 Brethren including the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Norman Cope PSGD, as well as brethren from East & West Lancashire and further afield. WBro Cope congratulated Bro Jay on becoming Worshipful Master and also congratulated WBro Jay on the superb job he had done during the installation. WBro Jay was word perfect and conducted himself with the highest of standards, having the opportunity to install his own son.

After this fantastic ceremony, followed the festive board which was supported by all the brethren who attended the meeting. A fun filled evening was had by all, with lots of laughter and a superb atmosphere.


APGM WBro Norman Cope with Bro Jay, the newly installed Master


Old Boltonians and Guests at the Social Board



Lodge of Antiquity 146, Festival of St John

January 13 2016

A very vibrant and enjoyable evening was had by all. The Master Elect was installed into the chair of King Solomon by his proposer into Freemasonry, WBro Stan Bibby. The Social Board was enjoyed by everyone including members of the District Team and some twenty visitors.


WBro Norman Cope APGM, with Worshipful Master, Bro Darren J. Allardyce


WBro Cope with the WM and two Fellow Craft members from 146, Bro Adrian John Drummond-Hill, and Bro Mark Brody.





Meet WBro Peter Blackhurst PPro JGW, the Worshipful Master of Charity Centenary Lodge No. 3786 who meet at Farnworth.
Peter, as well as donating money for Charities, has recently been presented with an award by the Blood Transfusion Service for donating 100 pints of blood

Peter says; "I started to donate blood in 1965 when I was 21 and in 1982 I joined the Craft and have been giving blood ever since! You could say half my blood is Masonic Blood but as with my money donations it goes to worthy people and I don't know how many peoples life's I've help to save"

The young Lady at the side of Peter on the picture needed an urgent supply of Blood to keep her alive during a resent operation.





Grand Charity Cheque Presented to Bolton Hospice


Kirk Mulhearn, Stephanie Lascaille and Peter Jones

On Tuesday December 2nd Bolton District Deputy Chairman, WBro Peter Jones and District Charity Steward, WBro Kirk Mulhearn had great pleasure in presenting the Grand Charity Cheque for £3,343 to Bolton Hospice. This was accepted on behalf of the Hospice by Stephanie Lacaille, Community Fundraising Manager for the Hospice.

On the same evening the Hospice was holding a 'Thank you evening' for it's supporters which Peter and Kirk were pleased to attend, representing the ELMC who had previously provided a grant to the Hospice for bedroom furniture following refurbishments. They were then able to tour the Hospice to better appreciate the facilities and how funds raised are spent for the benefit of members of the Bolton community.

A buffet supper followed when Peter and Kirk were able to chat about Freemasonary and it's charitable activities to the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Carole Swarbrick and the Mayoress. The Mayor told them how much she had enjoyed the Festival Banquet at the Macron Stadium, at which she had been a guest of the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Sir David Trippier.



Bolton Masons at Provincial Grand Lodge
November 19th 2015


On Thursday 19th November 2015, we attended the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge at King George’s Hall, Blackburn. There was a record number in attendance this year, with a fantastic atmosphere in the hall. The PGM, RWBro Sir David Trippier opened the meeting and welcomed distinguished colleagues and guests from around the country. The PGM talked about the festival and how wonderful it was to have raised over £2.6 Million and he thanked everyone who contributed in support of this. The PGM also discussed the future of Freemasonry and a full report of his speech can be found here.'s%20Speech%20191115.pdf

Honours were then received by the following brethren of our District:

ProvJGD Martin Horan
New Trinity Lodge No.4595

ProvAGDC John Yates
Kitchener Lodge No.3788

ProvGStwd Lee Gridley
Boltonian Lodge No.3716

PProvJGW Terry Kakoulis
District Chairman

PProvJGW Ian M S Hunter

PProvJGW Peter Blackhurst PProvGSuptWks (29/11/2007)
Charity Centenary Lodge No.3786

PProvDepGDC Steven Greenhalgh PProvJGD (16/11/2006)
Corinthian Lodge No.221

PProvDepGDC John Hood PProvSGD (30/9/2008)
Supera Moras Lodge No.3326

PProvDepGDC Brian Jones PProvJGD (29/11/2007)
Charity Centenary Lodge No.3786

PProvDepGDC Robert Taylor PProvJGD (29/11/2007)
Earl Ellesmere Lodge No.678

PProvSGD Stuart Davenport PProvAGDC (13/11/2001)
St Peter's Deane Lodge No.6521

PProvSGD Robert Findlay PProvAGDC (21/11/2013)
Anchor and Hope Lodge No.37

PProvSGD Allan Potter PProvJGD (16/11/2006)
Old Boltonians Lodge No.5814

PProvJGD Derek Bennett
Lodge of Antiquity No.146

PProvJGD Dennis Brierley
Anchor and Hope Lodge No.37

PProvJGD Phillip Fogg
Goulburn Menturia Lodge No.3478

PProvJGD Mervyn Symonds
St John's Lodge No.348

PProvAGDC Jack Cooper
St Peter's Deane Lodge No.6521

PProvAGDC Eric Holliday
Kitchener Lodge No.3788

PProvAGDC Keith McNeil
St Peter's Deane Lodge No.6521

PProvAGDC Robert Tyler PProvGStB (20/11/2014)
Earl Ellesmere Lodge No.678

PProvAGDC Glenn Wood
Kitchener Lodge No.3788

PProvGStB Heathcliffe Christian
New Trinity Lodge No.4595

A fantastic social board followed the meeting and all the brethren in attendance had a wonderful day and experience.
Congratulations to all those who got honours this year






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