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Southern Area Charity Giving Evening

The Civic Mayor of Tameside, accompanied by WBro John Pearson APGM, surrounded by many of the grant recipients

On Friday 4th April 2016, the Freemasons of Audenshaw and Ashton & Mossley Districts came together to hold their ninth Annual Charity Giving Evening. WBro John Pearson, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Masonic Province of East Lancashire with special responsibility for these Districts was joined by his very special guest, the Worshipful Civic Mayor of Tameside, Councillor Vincent Ricci and also by WBro Peter Douthwaite, the District Chairman for Ashton & Mossley and WBro Gerry Hodson, the District Chairman for Audenshaw. In addition there were well over a hundred other people gathered for the evening, a substantial number of Freemasons being joined by a large number of recipients of Financial Grants, most of which were made by the individual Lodges and Chapters that make up the Southern Area.

WBro Pearson started the evening off by addressing the gathering. He said, “Freemasonry provides members with a unique combination of friendship, belonging and structure, with many masons saying they have made valuable lifelong friendships.

WBro John Pearson addressed the gathering at the start of the evening

We do look after each other. Last year assistance amounting to £15.5m was provided to over 5000 Freemasons and their dependants in distressed circumstances, across the length and breadth of the country. About £8m of that supported girls and boys at schools, colleges and universities -  and in hospices; £5m went for residential, nursing and dementia care and the balance for medical, dental or respite care. Applicants ranged in age from 6 months to 104 years old. On top of that national support we have our own East Lancashire Masonic Charity which does a similar job, but on a much more local scale.

However, our own Masonic Charities, whether National or Local, also look after the communities in which we live. We place great importance on Charitable Giving. Freemasons are the largest charitable givers after the National Lottery and are also among the very first to make emergency contributions to International Disaster Relief Funds. Charity is not our only reason for existence but it is certainly a most important part of Masonic life – and what a lot of fun we have doing it!

Our new national “Masonic Charitable Foundation” will award grants to registered charities in areas such as education for disadvantaged children and young people, health and disability, advanced medical and social research, hospices throughout England and Wales (you will hear this evening of our grant to Willow Wood Hospice), to air ambulances and rescue services (for example grants this year to all our local Mountain rescue teams who provided invaluable assistance to victims of flooding in Northern England) and to disaster relief appeals. That, by the way, is all in addition to the moneys given away by individual Lodges such as those you will hear of this evening.

WBro John Pearson greeting the Worshipful Civic Mayor of Tameside, Councillor Vincent Ricci

Our Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier, encourages all the Masons in East Lancashire to become even more involved in their communities. He recently said, “In a troubled world which we face today I believe what we need right now is more people to inspire others with confidence and fewer people to discourage any initiative in the right direction. We need more people to get into the thick of things and fewer to sit on the sidelines. We need more who are interested in lighting candles and fewer who blow them out.” Our Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent, has said that we need to work towards regaining our enviable reputation in society, to show how and why we are relevant and to concentrate on the positive aspects of Freemasonry, in particular our generous tradition of giving to a wide variety of causes. We have a huge amount to offer to men in our communities.”

WBro John Cavanagh, the Master of Ceremonies

Following on from John’s introduction, the stage was taken by WBro John Cavanagh who acted as Master of Ceremonies. In total, during the evening, the Freemasons of Audenshaw and Ashton & Mossley, through their Lodges and Chapters, gave away more than £34,000.00 to a series of good causes. During the course of the evening we were privileged to see forty local charities and good causes receive donations of between £100.00 and £3,150.00. It is not always the size of the donation that matters, sometimes a smaller amount is just what is needed. A young lady received a donation of £200.00 towards the cost of an educational adventure to Borneo, of course it did not pay for the whole visit but every little donation adds up.

Let us break down what was given. St Peter’s Church Lads and Girls Brigade received £1,000, £700.00 was given between 3 Scout units, and £300 between two Sea Cadet corps. Grants to medical charities are always popular and this year we gave a total of £6000 to nine medical charities, including the Teenage Cancer Trust, the Alzheimer’s Society, Macmillan Cancer Support (towards a Cancer Centre for Tameside Hospital) and almost £2000 to Diabetes UK (most of which came from John Cavanagh who walked the Berlin Wall to raise funds for them.)

The audience gave their rapt attention to the stories of the recipients of donations

However, it is the particular donations that are given to very local Charities that often have an impact well beyond their size. Yes, we gave away some big amounts, but the £3,150.00 that we gave to Willow Wood Hospice was following on in a long tradition of Masonic support, starting when the Hospice was first opened and the Freemasons paid for the Hydrotherapy pool. It is a tradition that we will continue to support. But on the night we heard from a range of local good causes such as the St John’s Church Band, the East Manchester Canal Boat Project for whom we provided a defibrillator, “Our Kids Eyes”, the Fire Fighter’s Charity, Tameside Mind who were given a grant to purchase tools for use in their allotment, Help Harry Walk, the Droylsden Prostate Cancer Support Group and the Tameside Hospital League of Friends. Finally, at the very end of the evening, the two District Chairmen, Peter Douthwaite and Gerry Hodson, presented Councillor Ricci, the Civic Mayor, with £500.00 for his Mayoral Charity.

WBros Gerry Hodson and WBro Peter Douthwaite present a cheque for £500 to Councillor Ricci towards the Mayor’s Charity

So let us just put it all in context. Last Friday we gave away a grand total of £34,688.00 to Charities and good causes, big and small, national and local. We have been holding this event for the last nine years now, and in that time we have given away a grand total of £429,438.00. Not far short of half a million pounds, given by a total of about 400 Freemasons spread across Audenshaw, Ashton and Mossley. As John Pearson said in his introduction, “I should emphasise that we do not ask for donations from non-masons, although they do support our events and so contribute indirectly.” I think that our record speaks for itself. Well done Brethren, all.

Some of those who received grants during the evening. You can find all of the pictures by following the link below
All of the photos taken on the evening can be found in a Photo Gallery at

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The Hirsute WBro Chris Bradley

WBro and Mrs Bradley, before the deed was done!

Chris Bradley is the Secretary of Lodge of Minerva No 300 which meets at Ashton. He is a member of other Lodges and Chapters both at Ashton and Audenshaw and Chris is very well known, especially because, over the last two years, he has let his hair grow unchecked. The reason for this course of action was so that he could raise money for charity. He already knew that his wife was one in a million, but the events of the last five years set out to prove how right he was.

Five years ago, Chris’ wife suffered a burst appendix, the cause being a tumour which had developed on that organ. As a result, she was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, or PMP for short. This cancer is so rare that it is thought to affect no more than one person in a million in the western world. Like many other forms of cancer there is no cure, just recourse to some quite harrowing surgery, lasting for up to 17 hours. There are only two hospitals in the country that treat this Cancer, and fortunately, one of them is the Christie in Manchester.

So Chris set out to raise money for the Christie Hospital by growing his hair and beard, and then having them cut off in public. The evil deed was carried out at the Southern Area’s Charity Giving Evening that took place on the 8th April. You can see photographs of Chris before and after in this article, and you’ll find a few more in-between photographs in a gallery attached to this piece. During the evening, Chris collected £91.57 in buckets by the entrance to the Banquet Suite at Ashton Masonic Hall. So the total that Chris has raised so far adds up to £666.57, which includes Friday’s Collection, £450.00 given by way of a Just Giving page and £125.00 in Cash donations to date. If you would like to help a brother in need, there is still time to make a donation by going to Chris Bradley's Page on





There are eight photographs in total associated with this story, they can be found in a Photo Gallery at

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Why Mentoring Matters

WBro Alan Kirwilliam PProvJGW, the Provincial Grand Mentor, who led the meeting

WBro Ray Charlton PProvDepGDC, District Mentor for Audenshaw and
WBro Peter Cole PProvDepGReg, the District Mentor for Ashton & Mossley, who assisted

On Monday 4th April 2016, the Provincial Grand Mentor, WBro Alan Kirwilliam PProvJGW, convened a meeting of Lodge Mentors for the Southern Area. In total, more than 30 Masons, most of whom were Lodge Mentors, gathered together to hear WBro Kirwilliam talk about the importance of Mentoring. Assisted by the District Mentors, WBro Peter Cole for Ashton & Mossley and WBro Ray Charlton for Audenshaw, he gave a spirited, informative and very interesting presentation of the reasons why our future depends on Mentoring.

Leading from the front, WBro Gerry Hodson PProvJGW and WBro Peter Douthwaite PProvGSwdB,
the Chairmen of Audenshaw and Ashton & Mossley Districts, took an active part in the discussion

If we look back to a time as recently as 1986, we would have seen 574 new Masons being initiated into the Province of East Lancashire, in 2013 that number had fallen to just 135. If we consider the issue of retention alongside that fall in the number of men who are joining the fraternity, our situation might well appear parlous. In recent years we have reached a position where  27% of new members leave before their third year of membership. In 1931 the Province of East Lancashire had about 17,000 members. You will hear a lot spoken about the bulge in membership after the end of World War II, and you will hear many people suggest that all that is happening with membership today is a sort of falling back to the level of membership before the War. Nothing could be further from the truth. At its peak, and that came in about 1971, there were some 23,000 members in East Lancs, but since then membership has fallen steadily to its current level of about 4,700, just about a quarter the size that it was before World War II. As the RW Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier, said at Provincial Grand Lodge in 2013, “We cannot stand still and simply let things happen.  Given the rapid pace of society today, doing nothing is not an option.”

Everyone working hard during the Workshop session

The strategy that is emanating from United Grand Lodge is to ensure that all initiates have a personal mentor. Clearly, in some circumstances this might well be their Proposer, but it does not have to be. It certainly does not have to be the Lodge Mentor, whose job is more that of managing the mentoring process than being a Mentor for every member, but again that does not stop him from being a personal mentor as well. Mentoring concentrates on the retention of members, and in our Province we have seen a good deal of success in this respect. Since 2012 the number of members that we have retained has increased from 91% to 96%. It isn’t a huge statistic, but it proves that we are on the right track. At the core of this is an understanding that we all have a responsibility to make sure that our Lodge is fit for purpose, so that our members simply won’t want to leave us. In this respect, it is possible to describe the focus of the mentoring as that of ensuring that our Lodge Brethren feel that they Belong, Understand and are Involved in their Freemasonry. This will be possible if we make sure that that what we do in our Lodge is fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. That doesn’t mean that we have to change what we do, we just have to be aware of those aims when planning our meetings.

WBro John Pearson PSGD, the APGM for Southern Area makes a point whilst working with his group in the Workshop

An important part of the Mentoring process as it has developed in the Province, has been the use series of Guide Books that have been developed for use by new Initiates. These Guide Books consist of three individual Guides to the First, Second and Third Degrees, together with a Personal Development Guide that can be used by the Personal Mentor to guide the progress of a new member through his first years in the Craft and a Mentor’s Handbook. Alan commented that the Personal Development Guide is the most important in many ways as it is the glue that sticks the individual bricks together. Sets of these Guides can be obtained from your District Mentor at a cost of £5.00 a set. They will, however, be provided free to all Lodge Mentors in Ashton, Mossley and Audenshaw on request since both Districts have decided to fully fund their use. They can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Provincial Mentor’s Website at the following address:

All of the photos taken on the evening can be found in a Photo Gallery at

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WBro Herbert Garside Hulme PProvGSwdB  
60 Years in Freemasonry

WBro Derek Thornhill PGSwdB, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and a full
Provincial delegation came to celebrate Bert Hulme’s 60th Anniversary

On Wednesday 17th February WBro Herbert Garside Hulme, who is known to just about everyone as Bert, celebrated his personal 60th Anniversary in the Craft. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Derek N Thornhill PGSwdB, accompanied by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Southern Area, WBro John Pearson PSGD and the District Chairman, WBro Peter Douthwaite PProvGSwdB, were present to mark this exceptional occasion. They were joined by Grand Officers, The District Team and a Provincial Delegation, all there to honour Bert Hulme. Bert was Initiated into Denton Lodge No 5234 on 25th January 1956, he became Worshipful Master of his Lodge in February 1984 and remained a full member until the Lodge was transformed in January 2012, since then he has continued to support his Mother Lodge in its new location as an Honorary Member. He became a Joining Member of Lodge of Fidelity No 430 in January 2011. He was Exalted into Chapter of Faith No 210 in November 2006. He was appointed to the Provincial Rank of PProvJGD in November 1991 and promoted to PProvGSwdB in May of 1999. However, to know more about the man, we will turn to WBro Ian Casson who has known Bert for many years, and who gave this testimonial to his friend Bert, and to their extensive friendship, on the night.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master was accompanied by WBro John Pearson PSGD, the
Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Southern Area seen here with members of the Lodge of Fidelity

A Testimonial by WBro Ian R Casson PAGDC

To start at the beginning, Herbert Garside Hulme was born on 21st July 1931, at Dukinfield in the County of Cheshire. The son of Harold and Alice Hulme, he was named after family members Private Herbert Garside, killed in action fighting with the Cheshire Regiment in 1917, and Sergeant Herbert Hulme who had served with the Machine Gun Corps. With that family history, Bert has long had an interest in the Cheshire and Manchester Regiments, and has made pilgrimages to Ypres, the Menin Gate, and the battlefields and the war graves of 1914-18.

WBro Derek Thornhill PGSwdB, Deputy Provincial Grand Master,
presents the Anniversary Certificate to WBro Bert Hulme

The Hulme family moved briefly to Ashton in 1934/5 where the young Bert started school at West End Primary. He suffered from asthma, however, and believing that the climate in Ashton was not conducive to his good health, in 1938 his parents moved a couple of miles, back to Dukinfield, believing that the improved Cheshire air would alleviate his condition! He then continued his education at the Moravian School, and having sadly failed his 11 Plus, moved on to Crescent Road Boys’ School until he left to begin work at the age of 14.

Bert’s first job was that of Junior Salesman at John Harrop House Furnishers, on Stamford Street, Ashton under Lyne. He tells me that he was really an errand boy while being taught the trade, but that was how most youngsters began their careers, and for any boy with a little talent and plenty of ambition, it offered a good foundation. Like most of his contemporaries, however, Bert was caught in the National Service net, and at the age of 18, he was conscripted into the Royal Air Force for 18 months. After basic training and more than a little “square bashing” he was posted to the RAF Police School at Pershore in Worcestershire, and on Passing Out was promoted to Corporal and posted to the “Central Flying School” at RAF South Cerney near Cirencester. However, on the night that Bert completed his first 12 months service, it was announced on the wireless, that owing to the Korean situation, the Queen had extended National Service to 2 years, so instead of just 6 months more, he then had another full year to serve.

Both the APGM, John Pearson, and the APGP for Southern Area,
WBro Eddie Barlow, were present to help Bert celebrate

On being demobbed, Bert returned to employment with Harrops Furnishers, but over a number of years was then able to sharpen his skills and widen his reputation, with a series of increasingly better positions, working in turn for J.O.Bolt and Sons, Kendal Milne and Co. on Deansgate, Manchester, and eventually his last retail position as Manager for Cooper Council in Hyde. 

It was around this time that Bert became interested in mountaineering, and must have kept very fit with most Sunday and holiday weekends spent over Kinder Scout, in Snowdonia, Nevis and Skye, with Summer breaks climbing in the Swiss Alps. Whilst at Kendal Milne & Co., and in between climbing mountains, Bert had also met Hazel, who was to become his wife, and they were married at Christ Church, Ashton-under-Lyne on 15th September 1962.

From being a furniture store manager, Bert then achieved what had been a long held ambition from the age of 15, when he became the Area Sales Representative for Vono Beds with leap in salary, a company car and expenses, and the prestige to go with it. A long time later and until he retired, Bert became a freelance Manufacturers’ Agent with a high reputation within our industry.  And I frequently met up with Bert on stands at the various furniture trade shows, where Hazel was often in support, serving tea and coffee to his customers.

In time, Hazel had presented Bert with a daughter, Gail, of whom they have both been justifiably very proud. An achiever at school, she has played for us here in the Brass Band at Christmas, and has just retired after a distinguished career in challenging CID roles in the police force.

Bert Hulme with the cake that was baked especially for him by his daughter Gail

As mentioned earlier, I had already met Bert in our travels around the north-west’s furniture stores, but it was here in the Lodge of Fidelity that we first became aware of our Masonic connection. Unknown to me, Bert had been introduced to Freemasonry by his uncle WBro EWJ Marsh, and had been initiated into Denton Lodge on 25th January 1956 as you are all by now aware. We both called upon and were friendly with Derek Lumb and had been individually invited to his Installation in the Master’s Chair of this Lodge in January 1974. Derek knew that I was looking for a Masonic home in the north-west, and the fun and frivolity which we enjoyed at Lodge of Fidelity that night, was something I had never experienced before. I was immediately invited to become a Joining Member which was a “no brainer” and I accepted immediately. 

Bert has been a great servant of Denton Lodge, as a Past Master filling many Offices over the years, and compiling a History of Denton Lodge in 2006.  He has also been a great servant of Ashton Masonic Club here at Albert House, serving on the committee for many years and as Club President in 2009/2010. Like many Lodges before, Denton Lodge was experiencing difficulties but was rescued and re-formed with a rather different format, a new membership structure, and relocation to Mossley. Some of the old members including Bert Hulme have retained the membership of their Mother Lodge, but have also joined elsewhere. We were very lucky to have had WBro Hulme become a Joining Member of the Lodge of Fidelity No.430 in January 2011, and while not wishing to progress again to the Chair of King Solomon, he has been very happy to serve as our Inner Guard for the past few years.

WBro Herbert Garside Hulme PProvGSwdB

In turn, therefore, he has become a regular and reliable servant of this Lodge, and we are   very fortunate to be able to host his Personal 60th Celebrations here this evening. As we celebrate this very special anniversary in Freemasonry, can I ask you all to stand and join me in this Toast to WBro Herbert Garside (BERT) Hulme.

All of the photos taken on the evening can be found in a Photo Gallery at

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Let’s Talk Masonry Conference, 2016

The PGM Opens The Conference

The time is 8-30am on Saturday the 19th March. The Education and Development Committee members are arriving at Salford Masonic Hall to prepare for the 8th “Let’s Talk Masonry Conference”. By 9-15 the delegates are completing their registration and, with their morning coffee in hand, set about meeting old and new friends.

The conference this year had the title “Freemasonry – The Past, The Present and The Future”. The Conference always attracts notable Masonic speakers of national and international standard, who share their knowledge and experience whilst interacting with their audience. Two were Past Masters of Quatuor Coronati Lodge of London. The world’s premier Lodge of Masonic Research.

The first speaker was WBro. John Acaster, also a Past Master of the Manchester Lodge of Masonic Research, who delivered his views of Masonry - The Past and, as with all the conference talks, finished with Q & A allowing everyone a chance to air their opinions.

The second speaker, WBro. Tony Baker, a retired consultant vascular and general surgeon from Bristol and also a PM of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, who delivered his brief on Masonry – The Present. Again followed by a Q & A session.

The third speaker, flying in from Dublin for the day, was WBro. Padraig (Paddy) Belton, a foreign affairs journalist, who expressed his views as to the future of Masonry in the same manner as the earlier speakers.

Following lunch, the delegate were divided into five groups and given a short set of questions based on the topics’ of the day, where they could communicate their views and suggestions. They elected a group representative who had the task of collating their ideas and would deliver their answers to the whole delegation as the day was nearing its closure.

WBro. Chris Powell, a musicologist, supervised 13 colleges in the University of Cambridge before moving to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, chaired the Summing-up and Open Q & A Session where the delegates had the opportunity to address questions to all three plenary speakers taking part in an open discussion.

There were many interesting questions asked and suggestions as to how Freemasonry could change to suit the needs of its present members without losing its traditions in the process.

As the day came to an end, and on completion of a short questionnaire asking for their views of the day, each was given a copy of the main speakers lecture.
Next year will be the 9th Conference with the date to be notified.
Watch for the date! It’s too good to miss

Link to the Education & Development Committee Web Site HERE



Three Shires Lodge No 9397

WBro Edmund Kenworthy is presented with his illuminated Certificate by
WBro John Pearson APGM whilst the Worshipful Master, and his son Ian, look on

The Regular Meeting of Three Shires Lodge No 9397 that took place on Wednesday 16th December 2015 was all about WBro Edmund Kenworthy, or Eddie as he is known by all of his many friends. 

The meeting started when WBro John Pearson, PSGD, APGM entered the Lodge Room, accompanied by a District Delegation under the direction of WBro Cowan ProvDepGDC. The Worshipful Master then welcomed our Assistant Provincial Grand Master and offered him the gavel, and was no doubt ever so grateful when, on this occasion, he accepted it and took the chair.

Of course, the main business of this meeting was to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in Freemasonry of WBro.Edmund Kenworthy PPGSwdB. Eddie was duly placed in the centre of the Lodge room, facing the WBro in the Chair, and the secretary, his son Ian, read the minutes of his initiation meeting into King George V Lodge No.3529. WBro Ian Kenworthy then went on to deliver a tribute to his father which was warmly received.

WBro Pearson then addressed those Brethren present, describing some of the things that occurred back in 1965, even before England won the World Cup, and completed the Tribute to WBro Kenworthy by describing his Masonic History. He then concluded by presenting a letter from the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master as well as an illuminated certificate to WBro Kenworthy. However, the meeting was rightly about Eddie, and I shall now pass you over to his son, Ian, who will tell you about his Dad.

Most of the visiting brethren at 3 Shires Lodge, including the Assistant Provincial Grand Master and the Provincial Delegation

Edmund Kenworthy

Eddie was educated at Shoreham-by-Sea and Audenshaw Grammar Schools until he was 16 years old. He then took an apprenticeship as a draughtsman at Northern Aircraft based in Ashton-under-Lyne. That was in 1942, during World War 2, and as this was a reserved occupation he was exempt from National Service.

When the war finished he was given the option of moving back to Coventry with the company, but he was settled in this area so they arranged a transfer to a local company, Hall & Kay, to complete his apprenticeship. The main clients of this new Company were cotton mills throughout Lancashire and overseas, so quite a bit of change.

He later moved to Daniel Adamson, designing the Lancashire Boiler that were used in all the Lancashire cotton mills. That was followed by a whole career in Engineering, doing everything from Richmond Sausages to working on the Mersey Tunnels.

Then he tried his hand at Sales, with a local company, Glover Engineering in Mossley who built and installed the cable chair lift at the Great Orme in Llandudno. The latter years of his working life were spent as a newsagent in Mossley until retirement at the age of 60 in 1986.

 He is a member of Albion Church and met his wife Jean at Sunday school when they were both members of the youth club!  They married in July 1947 and have 2 sons and 2 daughters, 14 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Sadly, Jean died in October 2015 after a long spell of ill health.

Before becoming a Freemason Eddie was an active member of Ashton Round Table raising funds to help the local community and those in need. He waited for many years to become a Freemason as many of the brethren who knew him died before they could propose him, indeed, at one time he was suspected of being a jinx!

The members of 3 Shires Lodge with the Assistant Provincial Grand Master and their principal Guests

Eddie was, finally, initiated into King George V Lodge no 3529 on 23rd November 1965. As was often the case in those long ago days, he was not Installed as Master until 26th October 1976. He joined Three Shires Lodge on 16th October 1991 and was installed as Master on 20th April 2011. (Editor. I was a little perplexed to discover that Eddie was invited to be a founder of Three Shires Lodge, but was not old enough at the consecration! I asked Ian about this, pointing out that Eddie, at that time, was 64 years old, but Ian assured me that when it was consecrated the minimum age for joining the Lodge was 65 years! Don’t times change.)

His first Provincial Rank came on 16th October 1991 when he was appointed as PProvJGD, he was later promoted to the rank of PProvGSuptWks on 10th May 1994 and to PProvGSwdB on 13th May 2003.

In the Royal Arch Eddie was exalted into Chapter of Faith No 210 on 23rd September 1968, he joined Prince Alfred Chapter on 16th April 1985 and was a Founder Member of Three Shires Chapter on 17th November 1993. He was appointed as PProvAGSoj on 11th April 1990, promoted as PProvDepGReg on 17th March 1998 and as PProvGSwdB on 22nd February 2012.    
Eddie, and his son Ian, enjoy their Freemasonry together, as well in their mother Lodge, King George V (which unfortunately closed some time ago) as in those other Lodges and Chapters that they are in today. In KGV Ian was Eddie’s first initiate following his installation, and Eddie was proud to conduct both the Passing and Raising of his son. For many years Eddie was the Lodge District Representative, and was on the Management Committee at Albert House where he was involved in organising the Children’s Christmas Parties and New Year Dinners. In Three Shires Lodge Father and Son followed each other through the chair. They were founders of Three Shires Chapter and Eddie actually installed Ian into the 1st Principals chair 3 years ago.

Outside the Craft, Eddie’s interests include watching football, by way of Sky Sports nowadays, though he used to take his boys to a match every week when they were youngsters. He enjoys holidays and has been all around the world both on tours and numerous cruises.

(Editor’s Note: My thanks go to the Secretary of 3 Shires Lodge – WBro Ian Kenworthy, for the text of this article, and to the Deputy District Chairman – WBro Steve Boyle for the use of his photographs. Text and Photographs are copyright to them.)



Installation Meeting at ADLIM Lodge No 8341

On Thursday 28th January 2016, WBro Peter Brodie was Installed as the 44th Worshipful Master of the Ashton & District Lodge of Installed Masters, or ADLIM as it is better known. Our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro John Pearson, is particularly keen to see this Lodge, which until quite recently was struggling to survive, flourish. Indeed, the Installation meeting also saw the influx of a large number of newly joining members, which has already quadrupled the size of this very special Lodge. ADLIM will, from now on, be based at Mossley Masonic Hall, but it will travel around the three Masonic Halls that make up the Southern Area on a regular basis during its three meetings a year. Membership of the Lodge is very reasonable and is open to all Past Masters of Lodges in any part of the Southern Area. It is the intention of the Lodge to put on first class ceremonials and high quality lectures and demonstrations. There are already another 5 potential members waiting to join what is sure to become one of the most prestigious Lodges in the Area. Our congratulations go to Peter and to all the Officers of the Lodge, with all our best wishes for the coming year. Our congratulations also go to WBro John Pearson for he became an Honorary Member of ADLIM on the same night. We look forward to recording the future progress of this important Lodge in the Southern Area and wish the Lodge and its members all success in the future.



Duke of Athol Lodge No 210
Installation of WBro Steven Boyle

WBro John Pearson, the APGM for Southern Area, together with WBro Peter Douthwaite,
the District Chairman for Ashton & Mossley District, Officers of Grand Lodge,
the District Delegation and all the other attendees at the meeting

Duke of Athol Lodge has now successfully converted itself into a daytime Lodge meeting four times a year at Ashton Masonic Hall. If the meeting on December 9th was anything to go by, it really ought to be able to use its new status to attract many new brethren to this estimable old Lodge which first met in 1795. Some forty masons came together to celebrate Bro Steven Boyle taking the Chair of the Lodge for the third time. The entire team of District Officers attended the meeting to support our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro John Pearson, along with some of the Southern Area’s Acting Provincial Officers. Considering that this was a Proclamation Meeting, and thus somewhat shorter than a full Installation, it was still an excellent ceremony, and demonstrated quite clearly how this sort of ceremony can be carried out with aplomb.

At the Social Board, WBro John Pearson responded on behalf of both United Grand Lodge and the Province of East Lancashire. He started by thanking all of those who had joined him this day for what had been a warm welcome, an excellent lunch and a wonderful meeting. He went on to thank the District Team, who had come out in force on this occasion, and also WBro David H Thompson “who is so much better known to all of us as the Second Provincial Grand Principal in the Royal Arch, but who is just as welcome among us in a Craft Meeting like this.” He also thanked WBro Eric Evanson whose contribution to the meeting had been so enjoyable.

WBro John Pearson, together with WBro Steven Boyle, the WM of Duke of Athol Lodge, and the brethren of the Lodge

WBro Pearson commented on the Festival Dinner which had been held at the Macron Stadium in Bolton, in the presence of the Pro Grand Master, Peter Geoffrey Lowndes. Everyone who had been able to attend the Festival Dinner had enjoyed the excellent entertainment and splendid Dinner which had proved to be a “fitting climax to an excellent festival.”

WBro Pearson then went on to talk about the Southern Area’s annual visit to United Grand Lodge which we will be repeating in June 2016. Most of our brethren travel down on the day of the Quarterly Communications of United Grand Lodge. Brethren leave Manchester at about 8.15 am which gives plenty of time to attend Grand Lodge, something that every Freemason ought to attend whenever possible. The visit is well worth it for the pomp and ceremony involved. Afterwards we take lunch in a Private Dining Room in the Grand Connaught Rooms which are just next door. In the last few years we have been fortunate to be joined no only by our own Provincial Grand Master, but also by the Deputy Grand Master and even the Pro Grand Master. The day then finishes with a conducted tour of Grand Lodge, most often conducted by WBro John Vazquez, a man with a wealth of knowledge about Grand Lodge. More details of the visit will be forthcoming in the New Year.

WBro John Pearson, the APGM for Southern Area, together with WBro Peter Douthwaite,
the District Chairman for Ashton & Mossley District, toast WBro Steven Boyle at the Social Board

WBro Pearson concluded by mentioning the Charity Giving Evening which will take place in April. It will be an opportunity for us to garner some good publicity. This year the event will take place at Ashton Masonic Hall and we are hoping to gain some good publicity from the event. We want to improve upon last year’s rather disappointing turnout and we hope that Lodges and Chapters will assist us by holding back their donations and presenting them at the Charity Giving Evening, we hope that this will then encourage more of the recipients to actually attend the event. To this end we have prepared a leaflet which Lodges and Chapters are encouraged to send out to those who will be receiving donations, and we are also encouraging the recipients to bring publicity materials with them to sell their causes to all the brethren who will surely be in attendance.

John ended by reminding everyone that, “the main thing is to enjoy our Freemasonry. As long as we are having fun we stand a better chance of attracting new members. I sincerely hope that it works for Duke of Athol Lodge.” And I have no doubt at all that we all agree with that sentiment.

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WBro Peter Douthwaite, the District Chairman of Ashton & Mossley District, together with all of the Officers of the District, wish every reader of our News Page the very best and warmest Season’s Greetings. We hope that you enjoy reading our District News and we hope that you will have a wondrous Christmas and New Year together with those you love. We all look forward to working with you in the New Year for the benefit of our whole Masonic Fraternity and the good and welfare of all our fellow citizens. Merry Christmas.



Southern Area Carol Service – 6th December 2015

Southern Area’s annual Masonic Carol Service took place this year at St Peter’s Church in Ashton under Lyne on Sunday 6th December 2015. The Service, which this year was hosted by Ashton & Mossley District, was very well attended. A congregation of at least 116 Masons, along with their wives and families enjoyed a traditional, if slightly truncated, service of lessons and carols. The service began and ended with the parading of a group of Lodge banners representing both active and past Lodges from Ashton, Audenshaw and Mossley. It is wonderful to see these old banners being paraded, as they must have been, so many times in the past.

The main participants in the service were, (Clockwise from Top Left) Niall Perry (Fairfield Lodge), Peter Lee (Soloist),
Christopher Bradley (Lodge of Minerva), Fred Nicholson (Three Shires Chapter), Rev’s Roger Farnworth, Donald Roberts (Fairfield Lodge)

The service consisted of old favourite Carols, starting with “Once in Royal David’s City” and “Hark the Herald Angels”. The Lessons, which were read by members of Lodge of Minerva, Three Shires Chapter and Fairfield Lodge took us through the familiar story of the birth of the Christ Child. In addition, we were treated to two Carols sung by Mr Peter Lee, who is an ex Mason himself, as well as a member of the Parish of the Good Shepherd, to which St Peter’s belongs. Finally, the address from the Revd Roger Farnworth, reminded us that we must not jump to conclusions about our fellow citizens, no matter their background, a most appropriate homily at this time of year, in this company and in our current society.


A fine collection of Lodge Banners, representing both current and closed Lodges were paraded

The excellent service, enjoyed by all, was followed by Dinner at the Broadoak Hotel in Ashton.

A congregation of some 116 Masons and their wives and families joined in the singing of traditional carols

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