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e-mail signature blocks

Many email clients such as Microsoft Outlook have a "Signatures" feature built-in which can be set up to enter some predefined content when you compose a message. An example is shown to the right here. This can be displayed automatically at the bottom of your e-mails or can be added as an option.

The Signature block for Provincial and District Officers serves multiple purposes:

  • Ensures your contact details, Rank and office / position are clearly displayed (you may wish to delete your ranks and prefix when emailing outside Freemasonry as there they can be poorly understood).
  • Contains a professional appearing ‘corporate’ logo image.
  • Allows advertising of our website and forthcoming events etc.
  • Contains an email disclaimer and confidentiality clause.


If you wish to use a Signature block then instructions for their use can be viewed here.

Current ideas for signature blocks can be downloaded as MS Word Documents and copied and pasted into your e-mail program as required:



For information regarding the work of the Communications Committee please contact the Chairman, John Duckworth HERE