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From Burnley and Pendle - 28th October 2010

Freemasonry in Colne Public Library

An exhibition entitled "Freemasonry in Colne" is presently being held at Colne Public Library. It comprises photographs and commentary, in tableau form, detailing the strong links and association that Freemasonry has with the local community. In the case of Colne, this is very extensive, as Royal Lancashire Lodge celebrates 250 years of continuous working within the town. Many notable figures, who are writ large in Colne's history, were Masters of the Lodge, while the influence of Colne Masonry has spread all over the North West region.

The exhibition shows some of the ancient artifacts which are still in possession of the Lodge, such as the "Forfitts" book, while other parts detail events such as the "Murder of the Master", a tragedy which ocurred during the Chartist Riots. The various locations where the Lodge was held, prior to the move to the present Masonic Hall, are shown, many of them still standing in the town. Charity is also touched on and the entire exhibition has been thoughtfully constructed to offer the widest possible appeal. Anyone with an interest in local history, persons who may like to know more about Freemasonry and, of course, Masons themselves will all find valuable information, clearly and positively presented.



Those responsible for this fine piece of work include WBro Robert E. Heap and Mrs Margaret Heap, who supplied the material. Mrs Bradley provided photographs of stills from the locally made film "Lancashire Pride" and pictures of the Lodge room locations. The information boards were printed by Positive Solutions of Nelson and Pendle Council financed the whole project. Our thanks to all.
The exhibition runs to the end of December and is available online at:- CLICK HERE


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