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About freemasonry

Your Questions Answered

Are you totally open?
We are!

  • our ceremonies have been published in books and are freely available in libraries
  • our meeting places are known and often used for other purposes by the public such as blood donor sessions
  • members are free to speak openly about freemasonry
  • information can be found on the internet


Can anyone attend a Masonic meting then?

  • like many other organisations our meetings are private and open only to members


What happens at a lodge meeting?
The meeting is in two segments:

  • First :
  • Administrative procedures
  • Second:
  • Ceremonies for :
    • Admitting new members
    • The installation of the master
    • In addition we have lectures relating to freemasonry
  • There are three ceremonies for admitting a new member, each in two parts
Part one

a symbolic 'play' about the principles and lessons of freemasonry


Part two A lecture on the candidate's duties
  the lodge meeting is usually followed by a social gathering, known as the 'social board'
  sometimes social boards are open to non-masons in order to help them understand more about freemasonry and appreciate and experience the happiness and enjoyment members obtain


Don't you wear funny aprons?
We do wear aprons these symbolise the origins of freemasonry as operative stone masons who also wore aprons

  • Aprons are part of the regalia worn which also serves to indicate the experience of a person in the organisation



Officer of United Grand Lodge

The public are welcome to view the regalia at masonic halls on open days

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